3 Best AR Grips for Precision Shooting in 2024 – Full Guide

best ar grip for precision shooting
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Our team has just put together a precision upper for a new rifle to test out. While frequently overlooked, the best AR grip for precision shooting is a critical AR accessory if you know the importance of hits and misses. For better grip control, we’ve got some of our top favorites in this review. Let’s dive in.


Anarchy Outdoors – AR-15 Penguin Precision Rifle Grip


Ergo Grips – AR-15/AR-10 Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip Suregrip


Sierra Precision – AR-15 SPR Handgrip

1. Anarchy Outdoors - AR-15 Penguin Precision Rifle Grip

Anarchy Outdoors offers Penguin Precision Rifle Grip, which provides precision shooters with a grip that allows for fast and repeatable action on the gun for great consistency. It also ensures direct alignment of the trigger finger and includes a thumb rest that enhances comfort and reduces fatigue for long hours of shooting. These grips are made from Nylon 12, weigh 4 ounces each, and are made in the USA by military veterans.



2. Ergo Grips - AR-15/AR-10 Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip Suregrip®

If you are after comfort and a sure-hold grip, AR-15 Ergo Grip-Suregrip should interest you. Also made in the USA, and with black coloring, this grip employs a fingered-groove design so you can gain a firm grasp of your weapon. You also benefit from added palm swells on the grip’s side to further enhance your control and accuracy. Plus, the surface is a Suregrip non-slip textured surface. Plus, it could help with recoil absorption. And then, the main body is a super strong yet lightweight polymer construction.



3. Sierra Precision - AR-15 SPR Handgrip

This grip repositions the hand for a comfortable grasp and improved trigger finger location for enhanced grip & comfort for accurate shooting. Its hand filling design with thumb rest and palm swell provides enhanced gripping endurance. Its matte surface gives good, non-slip purchase. It offers a black, glass-filled polypropylene, matt finish that fits AR-15, AR-10, and AR-25 rifles. Unfortunately, this is for right-hand only.



Advantages of Adding Grips

AR 15 Grip
An improper pistol grip will tweak a shooter’s stance, throw off their sights and wreak havoc on their trigger control, but with the use of a proper grip, you can quickly solve these issues. So, here are the advantages of adding grips to your pistols.

1. Better Grip Pressure for Precision Shooting

Suppose you hold the gun too loosely, a ‘limp-wrist’ malfunction that may affect your shooting stance. This occurs when you do not provide enough resistance for the slide to cycle. With a handgrip, you can control your grip pressure which could be beneficial for your initial shot.

2. Good Recoil Management

This fact will remain true: when the pistol fires, there is recoil. And most often than not, recoil affects accuracy, so every shooter aims to manage their rifle’s recoil. With the use of a proper pistol grip, with good grip pressure, recoil management is attainable.

3. Better Sight Alignment for Accurate Shots

A good grip technique is also a core facet of proper sight alignment. If you are to join any shooting competitions, or even in hunting or participating in long-range shooting, sight alignment is essential. With hand grips, you can achieve better sight alignment.

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Key Considerations

Pricing - AR Grip for Precision Shooting

Unlike other rifle upgrades, most grips and foregrip bipods will not break your bank. Most AR grips are durable because they are usually made from reinforced fiberglass or polymers. They are also virtually indestructible under most conditions, so you can concentrate mostly on choosing something you are comfortable with, fits your budget, and matches your needs.

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It would be best to consider the grip’s material and texture in choosing the best handgrip for your AR. It would help if you decided whether you prefer a recoil-resistant rubberized grip, a more stable hard grip, or aggressive or smooth texturing finish. Most AR grips are sturdy and designed to withstand pressure, so this should not be a problem. It’s a matter of preference.

Precision Shooting AR Grip Installation

Some grips come with a mounting screw from the manufacturer and are designed to install without a washer, while some AR-15 grips available in the market you can buy are both modular and easy to install.

Some grips may have installation problems as the manufacturer doesn’t ship the grip with mounting hardware, so you need to ensure that the hand grips you’ll choose will offer an easy installation process.

AR Grip installation


Your grip’s angle is arguably the most crucial factor to consider as far as function is concerned. Traditionally, AR-15s have used greater-angled foregrips, though there’s been a huge shift towards less-angled (more-vertical) pistol grips and featureless AR-15 grips. This change in grip angle results from a more squared-off stance now being recommended when firing an AR-15, compared to a bladed stance that was suggested previously. The steeper grip is more ergonomic for modern shooting techniques.

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Durability of AR Grips for Precision Shooting

This could be an eternal debate, but we take a stand on this claim: You don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money on an AR-15 pistol grip, but we’d strongly recommend avoiding the cheapest available grips because most of the time, you get what you pay for. A $5 grip is likely to feel flimsy, uncomfortable, and be less durable, so you need to consider quality over price value.


AR Grip Ergonomic

Comfort and ergonomics are huge when selecting a pistol grip for any AR-15 pistol or rifle, so you should always look for a grip that not only matches your intended use but one that feels right to you.

You need to consider hand size and orientation, finger-to trigger positioning, build material, finish, texturing, grip angles, pam swells and finger grooves. For better functionality, you may also install a free float quad rail on your AR

And the #1 AR Grip for Precision Shooting Is ...

After testing all models on the range, we think the best AR grip for precision shooting trophy should go to Anarchy Outdoors. It provides precision shooters with a comfortable grip that allows for fast, repeatable action on the gun for great consistency. It also ensures direct alignment of the trigger finger and includes a thumb rest that enhances comfort and reduces fatigue.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Anarchy Outdoors

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