Best Buffer for 10.5 AR Pistol (2023 UPDATED) Top 5 Picks

Best Buffer for 10.5 AR Pistol
Alfred Mendoza

Often, most shooters focus on the barrel or trigger of their AR-15 for accuracy. But if truth be told, the easiest way to enhance reliability and longevity is to get the right buffer and spring combination in your gun, and it is a critical piece to keep the whole system running smoothly. If you’re looking for the best buffer for 10.5 AR pistol, check out our list and the buying guide as a bonus.


Colt Carbine H2 Heavy Buffer


Brownells 308 AR Buffer


Primary Weapons AR 308 Enhanced Buffer Carbine Black

1. Colt Carbine H2 Heavy Buffer

Aside from being used in 10.5 AR pistols, this buffer also fits AR-15/M16 Government Carbine and .223 buffer tubes, and with standard AR-15/M16 carbine buffer springs.

The buffer’s increased weight allows more reliable rifle functions with shorter gas systems, reduces bolt bounce in full-auto fire, and softens recoil.




2. Brownells 308 AR Buffer

This 10.5 AR pistol buffer is marginally heavier than the absolute lightest AR-15 buffers.

Its added weight smoothes out the action and delivers slightly less felt recoil on just about any rifle.

It offers standard aluminum construction, a plastic end cap, and a brushed finish to protect your buffer tube if the buffer bottoms out.



3. Primary Weapons AR 308 Enhanced Buffer Carbine Black

This buffer weighs 4.4 oz and has a unique fluted design with minimum contact points that easily remove debris in a 10.5 AR pistol.

Its surface finish profile is also enhanced with a chemically bonded lubrication coating treatment that allows for smoother cycling.



4. Heavy Buffers 308 AR CAR-10 Buffer

This buffer allows the use of any AR15 collapsing stock on Magpul, LMT, VLTOR, and Ace on your 10.5 AR pistol, SR25, LMT, LWRC, POF, or DPMS-pattern .308 rifle.

And there is no gunsmithing or modifications are required for this is strictly a ‘Drop-In’ part.



5. Luth-AR-LLC AR-308 Carbine Buffer

This buffer fits standard AR-15 rifles with .308 caliber applications and won’t add any extra weight to your 10.5 AR pistol as it has a length of 2.485 inches and weighs 3.8 oz or 0.25 lbs only.

It also includes a buttstock extension tube, standard buttstock spring, and a buffer body assembly.



Buying Guide

buying guide

Buffer Material

Most of the market’s buffer tubes are made from high-quality materials like aluminum, Mil-Spec steel, and Stainless Steel. However, aluminum like 7075-T6, are among the popular choices because they are resistant to all kinds of damage and are also good at absorbing the shock associated with recoil and corrosion resistance.

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Buffers have two main sizes – the rifle length and carbine length. However, please do note that these two sizes are not interchangeable. In general, Carbine length buffers are the ideal choice for most collapsible stocks with carbine buffer tubes that use either Mil-spec buffer tubes or aluminum steels.

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Spring Quality

Most rifle and carbine springs have precisely the same diameter but differ in spring lengths.

Standard carbine springs typically measure about 10.5 inches and have 37 to 39 coils.

To reduce your rifles’ noise when used in firing, choose a spring with a smoother surface or an exceptional finish to increase lubricity.

Buffer Weight

Buffers have various weight options that allow your rifle to extract and eject the spent casing, full cycle, and load a new round in the chamber. Heavier buffers move longer, slow down quicker and smoothen out the recoil of your AR rifles. It is essential to note that using too heavy buffers can cause the gun to short stroke. Keep this in mind when you’re looking for the best buffer for 10.5 AR pistol.

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Most standard buffer tubes are easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about not having gunsmithing skills at all. You only need the right tools and enough time to install a buffer tube properly. You may also opt for a video tutorial usually found on YouTube or an installation guide so you can follow along for easy installation.

Buffer Pricing

Ensure that even if you are on a tight budget, the quality is better than a typical cheap buffer tube.

Remember, going through the hassle of buying another set of cheap buffer tubes after it breaks down after a few uses are more painful than saving up for an expensive but with higher-quality one.



In some cases, people confuse the interchangeability of the AR-15 and AR-10 buffer tubes. Please be aware that an AR-15 buffer tube may not function correctly in an AR-10 rifle and vice versa, unlike the buttstock, hammer, or pistol grip, which are most likely compatible with either an AR-15 or AR-10.

So, What’s the Best Buffer for a 10.5 AR Pistol?

Our choice for the best buffer for 10.5 AR Pistol is the Colt Carbine H2 Heavy Buffer because it has a reliable weight that allows flexible rifle functions with shorter gas systems. It also decreases the bolt bounce in full-auto fire. We are also impressed with its solid construction and easy installation.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Colt Carbine H2 Heavy Buffer

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