9 Tactical Rails And Accessories For You To Try in 2023

9 Tactical Rails And Accessories For You To Try
Alfred Mendoza

A tactical rail is a toothed metal used to attach accessories to firearms and other weapons. The tooth design helps the accessories mounted on the blaster to be stable.

The rails have gone through a series of improvements since their inception. Some improvements include the change from the old spring locking system to a solid plastic tooth for simplicity.

An accessory, on the one hand, is any device mounted on a weapon to improve the convenience and ease of usage. The accessory, however, isn’t essential to the basic functioning of a blaster; instead, it only enhances it.

Examples Of Rails And Accessories

If you’re a gun owner in the USA or aspiring to be one, there are several accessories that you may consider acquiring.

They’ll make your experience with firearms more memorable and fun.

However, always make sure to only purchase these rails and accessories from reputable stores, such as Get Your Guns America.




Different rail systems can be used to mount different accessories on your gun. The tactical rails allow for convenient and comfortable usage of the guns to enhance your experience.

Some of the popular rail systems used include: 

Picatinny Rail System

The Picatinny rail is one of the top tactical rails as it’s been tried and tested. It was named after the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey and used as the primary mounting platform for rifles and other large blasters. It was first used to mount scopes, but it has been improved to allow mounting of foregrips and lighting devices. Its popularity has also seen it replace iron sights. 

KeyMod Rail System

The KeyMod rail system was released to the public as a universal way of standardizing the mounting system. The system derives its name from the keyhole features that allow the attachment of accessories without the need for special adapters.

This system is also open-source, which means that any manufacturer can produce it. Because there’s no need for an adapter, the system is more comfortable and lighter to handle. This makes it popular among some gun handlers. 

M-Lok Rail System

The Modular Lock, or M-Lok, is a free-license rail system. This means that a manufacturer can only make products using the original M-Lok standards after acquiring the license. Just like KeyMod, it’s lightweight and allows for easy mounting of accessories. One unique feature of the M-Lok is that you can attach the accessories without detaching the rail.



It’s essential to get the right accessory to accompany the rail system. The accessories make weapon usage more effortless and more fun. 

Some of the major accessories that any gun handler should consider having are: 

Telescopic Sight

A gun scope helps a user magnify the target and have a better aim. Whether you’re going hunting or practicing long-range shooting, a scope could better your experience. Some have night vision features that allow you to use your rifle even in darkness. 

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The foregrip or a vertical pistol grip is mounted on the end of a long barrel firearm. It’s designed to improve the stability of the firearm during shooting. This is important for beginners as the ‘off-hand’ supports the gun, reducing the recoil effect. It also helps maintain the aim during point shooting by preventing muzzle rise.


The shoulder stock helps enhance the user shooting by preventing recoil and muzzle rise. It’s placed at the back end of a firearm and is positioned against the shoulder during an action. It then transmits the recoils effect to the user body, keeping the gun steady when shooting. There are several types of stocks, including fixed and foldable ones


Bipods are usually mounted on the bayonet lug or close to the handguard. They’re used to offer support when using machine guns or rifles by preventing excess front motion when shooting.  They also act as a gun rest when not in use and allow a handler to quickly get into action, without the need to set up the gun again. 


Laser Sight

Laser sight allows a user to aim for the target by projecting a beam of light towards it. Unlike a telescoping sight that allows you to magnify and see the target better, a laser beam helps you acquire a target point without seeing through it. Any handler who wants to improve their shooting accuracy should consider acquiring one.


Handguards are essential in situations where speed or bust shooting is required. A handguard could be a simple cloth strap at the front end of a firearm or a fixed grip on the barrel. This allows for stability when shooting. Other accessories, such as laser lights and slings, can be mounted on a fixed handguard. The handguard is usually interchangeable.


Whether you’re looking for an action-filled session or just a simple training session with your firearm, you need a good accessory. The right accessory will help improve your accuracy and gun handling experience. 

However, you should be aware of any gun control measures and regulations in your state before purchasing a gun or accessories as they may be illegal. You should also be careful when using guns as they could be dangerous when mishandled.

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