5 Best Foregrip Bipods (2023) Backed By Results

Best Foregrip Bipod
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As avid hunters and tactical shooters, it’s relatively normal for us to ensure our weapons’ efficiency. To avoid splattered groupings, you may consider a foregrip bipod. 

But having too many choices could be a hassle. Fortunately, our team scoured the market to find the best forward grip bipod for your AR-15 rifles.


Grip Pod Vertical Foregrip w/ Steel Reinforced Legs and a Cam Lever


FAB Defense 2nd Gen Bipod-Foregrip with Built-in Tactical Light Up

FAB Defense 2nd Gen Bipod-Foregrip with Built-in Tactical Light Up


GG&G Extreme Duty Swivel Standard Bipod

GG&G Extreme Duty Swivel Standard Bipod

1. Grip Pod Vertical Foregrip w/ Steel Reinforced Legs and a Cam Lever

The Grip Pod Vertical Foregrip w/ Steel Reinforced Legs and a Cam Lever is one of the best foregrip bipods for your firearm/rifle. It provides new and improved ergonomics and style that overthrows older versions.

It is constructed with durable polymer materials and comes with steel reinforced legs/feet. This new and enhanced grip model also comes with a cam level mount and a quick attach and detach feature. 

This vertical forward grip bipod also provides high-end accessories allowing shooters to transition between various shooting positions quicker and more efficiently. It also fits any firearm/rifle with Mil-Standard Picatinny Rail like AR-15, M4/M16, and 308 AR-type rifles.

This bipod grip also provides a secure cam lock design while keeping a low profile. Hence, the product will not snag, securing a better fit.



2. FAB Defense 2nd Gen Bipod-Foregrip with Built-in Tactical Light Up

The FAB Defense 2nd Gen Bipod-Foregrip with Built-in Tactical Light Up is another top pick forward grip bipod on the market today. This is also a highly recommended and versatile bipod grip designed to adapt to any shooting style you opt to use.

This model is also built for quick shooting transitions. Shooters can easily change position from close range to long-range shooting. 

This foregrip bipod also comes with an integrated all-in-one system, saving extra rail space. This grip also provides a wide-angle leg opening that could enhance your combat positioning and give you better stability options when taking a shot.

With this bipod grip model, shooters can shoot faster, farther, and longer. 

This bipod also offers a leg height that is highly independent and adjustable. You can quickly transform this into a durable bipod with just a push of a single button, allowing a relatively light pivot for optimal precision.

This particular model also comes with a dual quick release wing nut and even provides an SPL-C tactical light cover.



3. GG&G Extreme Duty Swivel Standard Bipod

The GG&G Extreme Duty Swivel Standard Bipod is also one of the best foregrip bipods that are specifically designed and manufactured for tactical and military requirements.

It perfectly fits the AR15 and M16 and is durable enough to withstand extreme environmental conditions. It is constructed from air-craft grade 6061 T6 aluminum alloy while still maintaining a light weight. 

Even when this model’s legs are deployed, it could fully maintain its battle capability. It also provides fully adjustable legs that could stand up to 7” to 9.5” in height.

Its legs also come with grip-tight footpads and secured thumbnut adjustments. This bipod model also features an enhanced swiveling capability, a stronger pivot mechanism, and improved adjustability in rough terrains. 

All aluminum parts of this rifle bipod are type III hard coat anodized per mil-spec and feature a non-reflective matte black combat finish. They are also all bead blasted. This bipod also sports a quick-release feature equipped with a MIL-STD-1913 rail adapter.

What’s great about it is that this adapter does not require any tools for installation. This model is also compatible and attachable to any rifle with a 6 o’clock under barrel MIL-STD-1913, Picatinny, or Weaver-type rails.



4. FAB Defense Gen-II Vertical Integrated Bipod Foregrip w/ 1in Flashlight Adapter

The FAB Defense Gen-II Vertical Integrated Bipod Foregrip w/ 1in Flashlight Adapter is another top pick foregrip bipod on the market today.

It features a non-slip and sweat, ventilated design, and secured dual quick-release wingnuts. It also has a tail cap thumb-activated push-button operation that allows for easy signal operation. 

With a single back button, this forward bipod can already be fully deployed. It also features durable legs made from 6061-T6 alloy, steel, and reinforced polymer composite that is hard coat anodized and offers up to five independent adjustment settings. 

This bipod also comes with an adjustable leg length/height, perfect for uneven terrains. And in just one push of a button, you can easily transform this forward grip into a fully functional bipod.

It can also hold any one-inch tail cap activated tactical light and is completely compatible with all firearms/rifles with an underside 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny rail mounting system.

FAB Defense Gen-II Vertical Integrated Bipod Foregrip w/ 1in Flashlight Adapter



5. FAB Defense T-POD G2 Rotating Tactical Foregrip & Bipod

The FAB Defense T-POD G2 Rotating Tactical Foregrip is also one of the best foregrip bipods on our list. This bipod product is specifically designed for precision shooting in the form of a vertical foregrip for target switching or moving target tracking. 

If you are a marksman who typically operates in urban settings, this bipod is an ideal choice for you. You can quickly and more efficiently transition from close quarter battle or CQB to precision shooting.

This bipod also comes with a quick-release mounting system which is constructed with steel, aviation-grade aluminum, and Mil-Spec reinforced polymer, ensuring long-lasting longevity.

Plus, this model also provides an independent leg adjustment with five different length and height settings.

These settings can accommodate various shooting and tactical positions best for any dynamic terrain scenarios. It also comes with a unique double release button that steadily eliminates any accidental deployment of the bipod.

FAB Defense T-POD G2 Rotating Tactical Foregrip & Bipod



Buying Guide

buying guide


Foregrip pods are essential in standard, precision, or tactical shooting. It is critical for the shooter’s mobility, shot place, and the weapon’s overall effectiveness. However, having such incredible features will never be enough if the bipod lacks versatility. 

A forward grip must be compatible with almost all necessary AR rifles/firearms to be used on any occasion when needed. Therefore, our team suggests looking for a bipod that could be useful for a handful of firearms you own so you can somehow save more money for other gun deals and accessories. You may also check out some AR-15 angled foregrips


If there’s one thing you must consider, it should be that the construction material should be one of the most considered parameters in choosing forward grip pods. Materials often determine the lifespan and staying power of these pods. Based on our research, AR-15 foregrip pods are generally constructed from high-grade polymers and aircraft-grade aluminum or metal.   

Polymers can also be extremely flexible and pliable, a valuable property not provided by mineral materials, such as clay and limestone, and only to a limited extent by metals. [1] These types of materials ensure extreme durability even when used under harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, our team recommends getting bipods made from these types of materials.


Performance is also one essential critical feature that needs to be considered before purchasing pods. Bipods could only help you achieve accurate shots when it provides a flawless shooting performance when used in the range or any platform. The foregrip bipod’s performance should also be one thing you need to consider before buying. 

Its performance will determine how useful it is to your shooting sprees and become your hunting and shooting partner. We suggest finding bipods with a high-quality performance at an affordable price tag. If you only look better, you’ll definitely find one.



The shooting efficiency of the bipod grip is also another factor that needs to be considered before purchasing a bipod. Typically, bipods provide beneficial features such as swiveling effects and adjustability of legs. They also have sturdy construction to ensure their efficiency when used in shooting or hunting escapades. 

Thus, it is obviously more beneficial to look for bipods that are efficient. To check the product’s efficiency, you may opt to read online reviews from real customers. Another one is you can ask around your friends or the shooting community for a more reliable first-hand experience. 


The length and even weight of the bipod’s legs is also a critical factor in determining the performance and efficiency of the bipod grip. Generally, the height of the leg determines the comfort of the shooter’s position when target locking. Hence, many companies created bipods with various leg lengths. 

Some manufacturers offer adjustable and extendable bipod feet without compromising the product’s weight. Our team discovered that these bipods offer better features than those bipods with fixed leg lengths, as versatility in leg length and height is also something beneficial.

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Fold Direction

Another thing to consider is the fold direction of the rifle bipod.

Generally, bipods feature three main folding directions. There are vertical grips, folding towards the shooter and folding away from the shooter. 

Our research concluded that vertical grips are somewhat the most popular type of folding direction. However, this doesn’t mean that the other folding options are not as usable.

Most people opt to choose vertical grip bipods because it has better grip capabilities and stability than the other two options.


Fixed or Tilt? 

Most people find it hard to choose between fixed or tilt bipod grips. For better understanding, fixed bipod grips are generally more rigid than tilt bipod grips. They do not typically allow for the weapon or firearm to move from side to side. At the same time, tilt bipod grips offer a focal point on an axis placed at the center of the barrel, which allows the shooter to tilt the firearm/rifle from side to side. 

Fixed bipod grips also feature flat feet and straight legs. In contrast, the title bipod grips are somewhat adjustable, giving it more mobility while in a fixed shooting position. Most people also find the tilt bipod grips a better choice because they can shoot multiple targets. 


The price range for the pods may also affect your decision when purchasing AR-15 forward grip pods. If you are on a tight budget, finding the most affordable bipod grip price range might seem to be the best choice. 

However, our team suggests taking your time researching the products carefully to ensure that you will find something that could be worth your every dime. You can visit the companies’ official websites to check out the specs and other reviews about the products, too. The bottom line is, when the price is right, the quality should not be sacrificed.

Should You Purchase a Bipod Foregrip?


If you are a tactical, active, or precision shooter, we suggest that you purchase a bipod foregrip to achieve a forward rest and reduce motion in the shooting platform. The bipod grip will also provide you stability while reducing the fatigue on your arms. They could also increase your accuracy at an affordable price.

Typically, they are something that are most commonly used on AR-15 rifles, machine guns, or any other long-barrelled weapons or AR-15 rifles. These products can help you with practical shooting techniques. Plus, they could also provide a stable spot and support your hand grip. 

They will also apply rearward pressure and allow your weapons or AR-15 rifles to be firmly seated in the shoulder. Therefore, the combination of your bipod and your weapon’s performance will provide you better and more accurate shots.


Technically speaking, a foregrip can only be considered as something legal when attached to long-barrelled firearms. There are also certain lengths of barrels where an AR-15 foregrip can be attached. However, some states may or may not allow adding a vertical grip pod to a pistol grip.

Based on our research, the tactical grip pod reduces recoil the most, and it also allows better hip fire control. Although according to some shooters, the light grip is also effective in reducing recoil. It even helps stable guns such as the UMP9 and Vector fir, giving them laser-like precision and accuracy even without a flash hider or compensator.

And the #1 Rifle Foregrip Bipod is...

At the end of our extensive research, the best rifle foregrip bipod our team chose is the Grip Pod Vertical Foregrip w/ Steel Reinforced Legs and a Cam Lever. This bipod features innovative ergonomics and is constructed with durable polymer materials and steel reinforced legs/feet. It also comes with a cam level mount, and a quick attach and detach feature.

This vertical foregrip bipod also allows shooters to transition between various firing positions easily and efficiently. It also fits any firearm/rifle with Mil-Standard Picatinny rails. Furthermore, this bipod grip offers a secure cam lock style securing a better fit.

Our #1 Recommendation

Grip Pod Vertical Foregrip w/ Steel Reinforced Legs and a Cam Lever

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