3 Best AR-15 Featureless Grips (2024) Backed By Results

Best AR-15 Featureless Grip
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The AR-15 has arguably become the favorite modern sporting rifle for most American shooting enthusiasts today. However, due to the restrictions in using this rifle in some states, everyone is compelled to convert their AR-15 rifles into featureless weapons. 

Thus, our team of experts made this comprehensive guide to help you find the best AR-15 featureless grip. So let’s dive right in.


Strike Industries Megafin


Strike Industries Simple

1. Strike Industries Megafin

Why We Picked It:

We chose this AR-15 featureless grip because of the definitive comfort when we first tried it in the shooting range. In addition, the non-pistol style grip is not slippery, making our hands clasp it ideally and more securely. Since the grip gave us comfort and a snug fit, it became easier for us to respond and shoot better, more accurately, and faster.

This rifle grip also features a built-in finger bump to provide correct trigger finger placement and leverage. This way, we were able to counter quickly and shoot more confidently. This featureless grip is also constructed with a durable reinforced polymer material. As a result, it didn’t require a permanent modification to our receivers.


Who Should Use It:

According to the manufacturer, these long grips were designed to cater to shooting sportsmen in general. However, we recommend this grip to beginners because of the comfort it provides. Law enforcement officers and other civilians could also use this. 


The Strike Industries Megafin AR-15 featureless grip is a non-pistol-style grip uniquely designed for your featureless AR-15 build. It is specially built with a grip texture ensuring security during combat or maneuvers.  It also comes with an ergonomic contour that perfectly clasps your palm, providing superior comfort.



2. Strike Industries Simple

Why We Picked It:

Like the Strike Industries Megafin featureless grip, this simple and affordable grip provides comfort for your palms. It also comes with a textured grip that ensures better security and fit during maneuvers. 

Our team also liked how this featureless rifle grip provided an ergonomic angle, which provided us a more comfortable grip wrap and hand positioning when out in the shooting range. This particularly matches the contour of the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip.

Who Should Use It:

These long AR-15 featureless grips intend to give comfort to shooting sportsmen. We think beginners, civilians, and law enforcement officers can benefit from the comfort they provide. 


This is another SI featureless grip on our list. The Strike Industries Simple non-pistol grip also features a textured grip to provide more security and well-fit during maneuvers. It also comes with an ergonomic downward angle that provides comfortable hand positioning. This non-pistol grip is a simple and affordable component for your featureless AR-15 builds that could easily replace a prohibited protruding grip.




Why We Picked It:

Our team picked the VISM AR Featureless Grip Mod 2 for featuring ambidextrous thumb shelves on either side.  It also comes with dual thumb rest shelves with clearance cuts that perfectly work with most Ambi-safety levers. Our team finds its prominent features, such as its Ambi-safety level and ambidextrous design, useful. In addition, we liked how it is comfortable on our palms even when used with either a left or a right hand.

This pistol grip also comes with a rear blade positioned behind the grip’s main body to prevent your thumb and index finger from wrapping around it. The rear blade is also offset to the left side providing more room with the right-hand palm to grip the rear back strap. Furthermore, it featured a storage compartment with a door and a mounting bolt and tool for easy installation using its existing grip screw.

Who Should Use It:

Beginners, the authorities, and hunters may use this textured grip. 


The VISM AR featureless grip is an AR pistol grip that features an ambidextrous thumb rest shelf. It provides a more secure grip and better control for your thumb and index finger above the visible grip. Its thumb rest shelf also features clearance cuts that work with most Ambi-safety levers. It is also made with black, a very strong polymer material for durability, and comes with a textured grip.



Why Use A Featureless Grip?

Amidst the complaints of most shooters and gun owners, the regulations for using a restricted assault rifle had never budged. States such as California, New York, Illinois, and others have strictly implemented a law against classic assault rifle features. Rifles, pistols, shotguns, and other semi-automatic centerfire firearms are considered assault weapons. Learn the difference between rimfire and centerfire here

In California, a semi-auto centerfire must have at least a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon, forward pistol grip, thumbhole stock, flare launcher, or a flash suppressor.  

Fortunately, there have been creative workarounds and solutions allowing responsible gun owners to make their AR-15 weapons or any rifle legal and compliant with this type of law. However, you must always check your local laws and regulations before purchasing any standard hunting rifle stock with a regular pistol grip within your state.

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Complete Guide to Buying

buying guide


With limited exceptions, California prohibits anyone from possessing an assault rifle/weapon unless they lawfully possessed the firearm prior to the date it was defined as an assault weapon and registered the firearm with the California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) within the timeframes established by state law. [1

In some states mentioned earlier, using an assault weapon with a flash hider, folding stock, buffer tube cover, or a normal AR-15 pistol grip is strictly prohibited. Any rifle with a detachable magazine, recoil pad, fixed stock, or compatible shotgun stocks is also prohibited.  Therefore, it is always a must for gun owners to buy the best AR featureless grips for their AR-15 builds. This way, your AR-15 rifles may be converted into featureless rifles and become compliant with the state laws.


The best AR grip must encompass durability. For a basic grip for your AR-15 builds, we always suggest getting the same quality material for your rifles. Aside from making your rifle legal, it must also fit your featureless rifle and rifle usage like a shark fin grip. Some grips like the MMG-AR grip even come with an existing grip screw, and its side panels feature rounded edges. 

Other featureless grips like shark fin grips are made with high-quality molded polymer grip materials and thin polymer hole caps. Featureless grips are essential components for your AR-15 rifle lower builds. So, worrying about their durability should never hinder your shooting escapades.


The overall ergonomic design of the best AR-15 featureless grips should also be considered. However, you shouldn’t focus solely on its look and design but also the comfort and feel it should provide you when using it.  

It is imperative to have a secure fit and comfortable pistol-style grasp when using these pistol grips. These could become an important factor in affecting the reliability, accuracy, and overall performance of your AR-15 rifles in the shooting range. 

We also encourage you to check your hand size when buying a featureless pistol grip. 

The best featureless grip must always have a perfect fit with your palm size for a better grip. It would be difficult to maneuver a featureless pistol grip too large or too small for your hands. Having an ambidextrous grip is also a must, especially if you are a left-handed shooter.

Price Point 

Admittedly, this category affects most buyers immensely. Most buyers on a tight budget tend to overlook the essential characteristics of the featureless pistol grip because they only focus on the price tag of the pistol grips. However, we always suggest that buyers should avoid clouding their judgments with this kind of mindset.

Like grip fins/grip wraps, there are tons of available options in the market today that offer a great deal at an affordable price. It is always best to look for the features of these grips first rather than focusing on their prices. Always consider purchasing featureless grips with dependable and long-lasting featureless pistol grip like shark fin grips. 

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Sure, the aesthetics of your featureless grips are as important as the other factors mentioned earlier. However, having a grip that is pleasing to the eyes while providing comfort and a secure fit would always be an excellent choice for you. 

In this modern era, various companies manufacture grips that don’t only provide relief and stability. They also focus on developing a better design that would fit everyone’s style. 

Some grips even feature a rubber pad and a slant and curved grip for better comfort. In contrast, others mimic a grip angle that creates a grip attachment point for a shotgun-style stock or a bird’s head grip. Some also offer thumb rests that prevent your thumb from rubbing against the stock latch plate of your rifle.


Always remember your main goal in having a grip aside from making your weapons compliant with laws. These grips should always provide you the utmost functionality they could offer.

Using these grips, you should attain a comfortable feel when holding an entirely functional rifle as if you are holding a pistol.   

It is better to hop from one shop to another to try holding these grips if you have time. Experiencing the grips firsthand is essentially better than just relying on reviews and video tutorials.


However, you may also ask some reliable people or friends regarding these grips. This way, you’ll save more time and effort in choosing what you should and should not buy to have a relatively solid shooting stance.


The best featureless grips are always about the “perfect feel.” Most featureless grips feature a rubberized finish that could contour your hand better. However, other companies offer a harder plastic finish that provides a more solid feel. Some grips also provide bumpy and aggressive texturing feels.

The texture is essential for the best featureless grips. It typically provides security, strength, and stability for your hands. Avoid uncomfortable texturing such as bumpy ones, as it could make it more difficult for you to stay on your target when shooting. We suggest that you research the perfect texture and finish for your featureless grips to avoid any uncomfortable position.

And the #1 Featureless Grip for AR-15 Stock is...

After testing, our team chose the Strike Industries Megafin as our top choice for best featureless grip. It is special-built with a texture ensuring a secure hold and ergonomic contour that perfectly fits your palm, providing superior comfort.


Our #1 Recommendation

Strike Industries Megafin

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