5 Best 10/22 Triggers (2024 UPDATED) Don’t Miss

Best 10 22 Trigger
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You can have an expensive gun, the experience to brag, and high-precision shooting skills to dominate the shooting range. However, the slightest chance of making a mistake could shake your shooting accuracy without an excellent trigger. 

To help you avoid this unfortunate situation, our team scoured the marketplace to find the best 10/22 trigger.


Timney - Drop-in Trigger Assembly


Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 TG2000

1. Timney - Drop-in Trigger Assembly

Why We Picked It:

One exceptional feature about this 10/22 trigger upgrade is its extended magazine release. It has a pull weight of 2lbs, which makes the trigger pull very handy and accurate. The auto bolt release that enhances the performance of the gun piece is also worthy of being praised. 

Durability also shows on this drop-in trigger assembly as these are mostly steel and used EDM and CNC milling machines. The body of Timney 10/22 drop is made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Not a lot of manufacturers use this material because of high cost. The craftsmanship is also exceptional. 

Who Should Use It

Competition shooters will be the best to benefit from this 10/22 Trigger kit. It has the smoothest pull which should improve your accuracy. This 10/22 rifle is sturdy but light to use which makes it perfect for action-packed activities. 


This is the best kit to pick if you are looking for trigger breaks that are lightweight—also, a user-friendly device and the best drop-in trigger for charger pistols.



2. Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 TG2000

Why We Picked It:

This is a popular choice by most Ruger users because of its smooth break, which you can even adjust based on your preference. Another feature is the trigger shoe, intended for shooters who have bigger fingers. 

You will find more upgrades on Ruger triggers on the market from Volquartsen compared to Ruger themselves. The Ruger trigger Volquartsen features a lighter pull because of the wobble-free housing, plus this also has an oversized sear and hammer, making the pull even smoother.

Who Should Use It

Competition shooters will be happy with this upgrade since this has an extended mag release and is very easy to use. These are also fit for hunters. 


A Volquartsen 10/22 trigger is CNC machined with EDM cut parts and is compatible with a 10/22 rifle. The Volquartsen 10/22 trigger guard 2000 is perfect for shooters who are searching for accuracy and smoothness.



3. Timney Calvin Elite Trigger Shoe Kits

Why We Picked It:

The Timney Trigger Shoe Kit is a worthy upgrade to your OEM trigger if you want a smoother shooting experience moving forward. The kit includes a trigger and a heat-treated stainless steel hammer and sear. 

These 10/22 triggers are at 1.5-2 pounds and are housed inside anodized 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. The mag release is also extended, and you do not have to worry about removing the entire trigger group since there will always be an option with Timney.

Who Should Use It

Competitive shooters who need smoother triggers will appreciate this Ruger 10/22 trigger kit and hunters and those who are doing target practice.


If you are looking for a replacement for your OEM trigger that helps with accuracy and is easy to install, this is the best 10/22 triggers you can use.



4. Timney Triggers Curved Drop-in Single-stage Trigger

Why We Picked It:

This is obviously a far cry from the stock trigger of a Ruger, and it has an easy drop-in installation. A perfect upgrade for your Ruger 10/22 rifle, which also features an extended magazine release known to be present in a Timney trigger upgrade. 

It is highly durable as it is housed in aluminum alloy. There is no need to worry about the trigger group, and installation does not require a trigger job since installation is very simple.

Who Should Use It

Hunters will love the smooth ability of this single-stage trigger. This also works with practical and competitive shooters.


This is a quality Ruger 10/22 trigger that has a pull weight of 2.75 lb. The magazine release is very functional and can be released using one hand.



5. Ruger BX-Trigger

Why We Picked It:

Does the 10/22 BX Trigger best deserve a spot on this list? Yes, as there are so many satisfied buyers for this piece. There isn’t much pre-travel, and this is made from space-age polymer [1], the reason why it is lightweight. 

Compared to a stock trigger, the Ruger BX trigger has a crisp pull, improving the shooter’s accuracy while speeding up on follow-up shots. This Ruger BX trigger is also very simple to install on a rifle.

Who Should Use It

There are no exceptions on who can use the Ruger BX trigger because it has all the features of the best budget trigger with high-quality standards.


The BX trigger is a reliable quality 10/22 trigger which is housed in polymer plastic. Although this may seem like a setback for others, this is only a minor detail compared to its multiple features. 

Auto bolt release, smooth trigger pull, extended magazine release, and simple drop-in trigger assembly are only a few of what you can get from it.



Factors To Consider


Short Reset

You would want to upgrade your Ruger 10/22 trigger because of the reset capability. If your rifle is not automatic, then you would have to reset your trigger after firing it. When getting a trigger, the best thing to consider is a short reset for faster follow-up shots. 


Stock triggers usually have the grit that affects the flow of your shots. The upgrade of your trigger will enhance the trigger pull to make it smoother and without grits. You can even find a Ruger 10/22 trigger with a short reset and a smooth pull since these two usually come hand in hand.

Installing Complexity

If you are not up to complex situations, then you may want to pick a 22 drop-in trigger or a complete replacement assembly and avoid the hassle of finding out where each part would go. Or you can opt to find someone who does a trigger job who can take care of your trigger group. 

Ease of Use

Complexity is never a choice of anyone, much more to a gun user. That would be inviting disaster over. An upgrade to your rifle trigger should also mean a more simple maneuver and adjustability. Some come with one-hand features on bolt release and magazines. 

Trigger Pull Weight

The pull weight of a stock trigger pull ranges from 3-3.5 lbs which may not help because of the slight heaviness in your hand. Upgrades on trigger pull allow you to get something around 2 lbs or could be less, which improves accuracy while letting shooters reset faster.

No Wiggling or Side Movement

Wiggling or any side movements are never a good indication on any part of your rifle. It is preferable to have a fully adjustable trigger, but you have to make sure it has a proper fit or standardized bolts and nuts for the trigger.  

Replacing the Ruger factory trigger by removing the two pins and putting in the new one should fit like a glove. 


Billet Aluminum

Sturdiness is required for a 10/22 trigger upgrade since the recoil needs to be considered each time the rifle is fired. Aluminum is much stronger than any other form of the trigger but would also mean a higher price. However, if you are aiming for quality products, the price will not be a problem.


Steel is a common material used when it comes to guns and ammunition. These are sturdy and durable, not as much as alloy, but can provide the needed support against wear and recoil. 

Factory Plastic

Some weapons come with triggers and parts that are made of factory plastic. This is not very common for Ruger 10/22 triggers, but some enhancers also reinforce these to last for a period. 

However, if you are still using these types of triggers, upgrading to either steel or alloy would be advisable to ensure your safety and performance.

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This all depends on the materials your Ruger 10/22 triggers are made of. The best Ruger 10/22 trigger can either be steel or aluminum. The latter may be more durable, but steel is also reinforced by alloy to increase durability. 

The next thing to look at would be your budget because you can certainly find a match grade depending on your preference and pocket capability. 


The cost of your rifle trigger upgrade depends on the features and materials used since the accuracy and performance also depend. Most reputed gun manufacturers do not hold back on materials because they know that their buyers wouldn’t mind high prices if they are getting quality products.

However, you can also find lower standard materials that are performing great because of designs, so you better check on that.

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

If you plan to upgrade your trigger from factory standard, do not only rely on a certain part. Our team looks at features and compares how much difference a certain trigger upgrade provides. We tested and compared if the same performance was shown from the trigger before we made our decisions. 

Weapon Compatibility

Since we are dealing with Ruger 10/22 triggers, all of these featured on the list are compatible with the rifle mentioned. Compatibility is not so much of an issue. Gunsmiths can customize and match grade any parts to provide the trigger best fitted for your rifle. A trigger is one of the customizable parts of a Ruger that they can expertly do.

Product Quality

Most often than not, the reputation of the manufacturers would be the basis of buyers. Also, these companies would offer warranties, especially if they have confidence in the products that they sell. 

An area we take time to check on is the buyers’ satisfaction rate and see if there is something positive or negative that they have to say about the weight, pull, springs, or anything about the purchase they made.


Yes, it is worth upgrading your 10/22 triggers, especially if they are still factory-issued triggers with creeps and weigh over 3 lbs. However, if the price you are buying costs almost the same as a Ruger rifle, you may have to stop and think first.

Yes, the trigger kits make Ruger 10/22 more accurate because the pull weight, for one, is lessened. You wouldn’t have to exert much effort on your pull anymore, and the reset will be much faster, and you can fire a lot faster.

Our # 1 Choice for Ruger 10/22 Trigger is…

Our choice for the best Ruger 10/22 Trigger is Timney – Drop-in Trigger Assembly because the features of this new trigger replacement for 10/22 offers much more compared to competitors in the market. This Ruger 10/22 drop-in trigger has a convenient weight for a charger pistol with minimal pre-travel.

It is still our best trigger for a Ruger despite the non-adjustable pull because we know that the stability of the gun when fired relies on that feature. The pull weight remains impressive with this trigger assembly, as well as the bolt lock and the magazine release.


Our #1 Recommendation

Timney - Drop-in Trigger Assembly

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