5 Best Angled Foregrips for AR-15 (2024) Read This First

Best Angled Foregrip For AR 15
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You can have the best shooting experience if you are holding the gun close to the bore. This is true but can only happen if you have the best angled foregrip for AR-15 installed. Forget about recoil pain on your shoulder as you start to shoot with the best brands below.


Magpul AFG2 Angled Foregrip


Magpul Industries M-LOK Angled Fore Grip


BCMGunfighter KAG MLOK Angled Grip

1. Magpul AFG2 Angled Foregrip

Why We Picked It: 

The main reason why we look for an angled foregrip is to reduce the pullback pressure felt by the shooter. 

You can easily mount this particularly angled foregrip on a Picatinny rail without any need for any other accessories. 

It has a textured grip for wet conditions or instances wherein the user has sweat hands. 

The polymer foregrip is also an added feature. 

If you are used to a thumb-forward grip, this is a good choice since this has a steeper angle, unlike the regular ones.



2. Magpul Industries M-LOK Angled Fore Grip

Why We Picked It: 

It has an angled fore grip with a straightforward design yet is very functional. 

This upgrade to the older versions kept its tough finish, especially with the polymer(1) materials.

The pistol grip is designed with a reference point to position your hands at the bore’s centerline. 

Lessening the recoil will allow you to have a firmer grip and control over your AR 15 rifle. 

These are not only compatible with M-Lok slots, but it also works with Picatinny rails and Keymod.




3. Bravo BCMGunfighter KAG MLOK Angled Grip

Why We Picked It:   

This angled foregrip from Bravo Company uses a signature technology that relieves the tension from the shooter’s wrist due to a stronger grip on the AR 15. 

Rather than feeling the pullback each time you fire your rifle, it reduces it since the grip is now in the right position.

Accuracy-wise, this handguard provides enhancement on that area as the user shoots angles. 

Since these are small objects, then it is also not heavy.



4. Bravo BCMGunfighter KAG KeyMod Angled Grip

Why We Picked It: 

This is another compact foregrips from Bravo company, but most shooters appreciate this compact that has a shape like a comma. 

It’s also textured, and it fits the weapon pretty well. It is a small device, but you can grasp it without any problem. 

This foregrip helps manage more force each time there is some shooting action.

Pullbacks are sometimes uncontrollable, especially for powerful rifles.

Accuracy is increased if not kept stable with the help of this foregrip.



5. Fortis Shift KeyMod Short Angled Grip

Why We Picked It:    

The first thing you will notice on this hand stop is its anodized finish. It is sturdy, and it can surely withstand a jerk back each time a shooter takes a shot. 

The inside is of Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum. 

It fits the body of the barrel very well, giving the rifle enhanced accuracy when shooting. 

Having a firm grip on the front end in an awesome gun like the AR 15 will give you better hold on it.



Your Guide to Buying

buying guide


Like any other product, the price of the handguard will be a significant factor in your decision. 

However, a quality foregrip typically has higher prices because of the materials used when created. Do not rush on cheap foregrips, too, because they might be of poor quality. 


The standard materials used for a foregrip are alloy, steel, and aluminum for sturdy output. Some include polymer handguards, while others use soft-touch rubber to secure grip despite solid kickback.

Look into the details of the quality it features because it will significantly affect the performance of the tactical foregrip you are buying. 

Mounting System

A vertical handguard should not be hard to mount on the body of your weapon. Either the foregrip is attached on the rear or in front, the mounting system should be simple to attach and detach. 

Many products require gear to mount it, tighten or loosen, while others incorporate it with a locking system that secures the fit. 

Length & Weight

The angled foregrip will technically add a few ounces to a rifle but gives a huge improvement to the controllability of the rifle. Many available grip plugs are not heavy, but some have extra features such as bipods. 

These are just enhancements, and the final choice will always be depending on personal preference.

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The misconception of many is that if the foregrip is small, it will not be causing any inconvenience when shooting. 

The foregrip is there for a purpose, but the design gives the user a secure grip, but it will not give you the feeling that you are holding something.


AR 15 weapons are active weapons, and the pullbacks are strong. It requires a strong angled foregrip to match its strength. Constant use of substandard products will cause it to break. 

The same will happen with weather and rust. Make sure you pick something that has good quality and an excellent finish.


An angled foregrip is supposed to be a grip plug that would help you shoot more accurately. The installation is more complicated than putting the bullets in. 

The whole purpose of you getting a foregrip to make your experience more convenient is flushed down the drain.

Weapon Compatibility

Compatibility is imperative. A vertical foregrip can sometimes only be working for a specific barrel, which will be seen as a limitation. Search for a manufacturer that creates products that work as AR pistol grips on most weapons.

It should make you feel like it is just an extension of your hand.

And Our # 1 Angled Foregrip Is…

Our choice is Magpul AFG2 Angled ForegripWhat really got our attention is the polymer foregrip which makes the handguard ergonomically fit. Nowadays, what is important is the firm grip that will allow the user those comfortable grips, naturally. We look at this best foregrip highly as the design is to withstand pullbacks. 

The foregrip will not add a thought to the user because it provides the perfect grip. It fits like a glove. Compatibility-wise, this foregrip works with any system. Lastly, the price of this versatile foregrip is more than reasonable.


Our #1 Recommendation

Magpul AFG2 Angled Foregrip.

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