6 Best Adjustable Gas Blocks (2024 UPDATED) Ultimate Guide

Best Adjustable Gas Block
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Blowbacks and recoil are expected when shooting a rifle; however, choosing the best adjustable gas block for your AR-10 or AR-15 build can help. But how do you choose the best gas block for your rifle? What features should you look for?

Allow us to help you with our team’s roundup for the best adjustable gas blocks on the market today.


Seekins Precision


Strike Industries

1. Seekins Precision

Why We Picked It:

We first noticed the simplicity of this piece. We liked that you can easily use the gas adjustment screw. Seekins Precision is field adjustable. 

This is made of steel, and it has a brass friction screw that ensures the seal is tight even if there is no thread locker. You can easily adjust gas flow and fine-tune the extraction or the ejection of your ammo used. 

Who Should Use It: 

Practical shooters, hunters, or even those in the military will enjoy using Seekins Precision. This allows control of the gas chambers to make sure the firearm fires accordingly.



We recommend replacing factory parts with Seekins Precision because of its functionality. It is designed with an easy adjustment screw to adjust gas flow and limit recoil based on the shooter’s preference.



2. Strike Industries

Why We Picked It:

We are impressed with the straightforward concept of this gas block. You can just clamp it on your weapon of choice, and you can feel the block-reducing blow-back since it manages gas flow properly. 

It has six preset settings that allow the user to adjust easily. Strike Industries created this from metal injection molding (MIM), and it is fully compatible with Mil-Spec barrels with gas block stops.

Who Should Use It: 

We recommend this gas block to anyone who uses different types of ammo. It is the best fit for hunters and those who practice shooting and plinking.


If you are looking for an adjustable gas block that you can attach easily, this clamp gas block is an ideal pick. It has gas settings that can easily control hot gas flow. This is a tough product made of metal injection molding.



3. Superlative Arms

Why We Picked It:

The name of this brand seemed to fit after we tried it out because it does have superior qualities. They use a process where the gas block is bleeding the gas out from the front rather than restricting it. 

This process resulted in the block using reduced pressure, which is only enough for the bolt carrier to function. The carbon (1) build-up is non-evident as erosion or seizing of the screw is already resolved in advance with this process. 

Who Should Use It: 

This is beneficial to those who do competition shooting. It lessens recoil and allows the user to shoot with less shoulder pressure.


If you require a gas block with a secure safety mechanism, this is a good choice. Instead of too much gas pressing at the rear end, it is released, minimizing recoil substantially.



4. SLR Rifleworks

Why We Picked It:

Our confidence is high with SLR Rifleworks after we tried this adjustable gas block. It offers 15 different positions for adjustability. This is to make sure that regardless of the firearm you have, it would still fit perfectly. 

It has a straightforward metering system that does not include springs or balls. This is durable, made of carbon steel materials with a melonite finish. 

Who Should Use It: 

We suggest that this adjustable gas block be used by anyone who wants to have great control over how little or more gas their rifle uses.


This is a high-quality gas block that works with every type of firearm it is attached to. SLR has a simple metering system that does not include any springs or balls to seal the gas in.



Why We Picked It:

Shield Arms advertised that they are innovative and dependable, and we believe they are after checking their gas block. This is compatible with free-float tubes. 

It has a dual-set screw mounting design with adjustable settings and a low profile, not requiring a roll pin. Installation can be done with Allen wrenches.  

Who Should Use It: 

These adjustable gas blocks are for beginners or regular shooters because of the simple functionality of this gas block.


This will be a good pick if you are looking for a low-profile gas block with a dual-set screw mounting design. Installation requires no special tools.



6. Aero Precision

Why We Picked It:

Aero precision provides hassle-free functionality compared to other gas blocks. This setting controls the flow level for the direct impingement settings. 

This gas block focuses on the remaining gas to ensure recoil is highly minimized, especially on suppressed firearms or those guns built for competition shooting. It uses low-mass bolt carriers that contribute to recoil reduction.

Who Should Use It: 

This may be ideal for competition shooters who need less felt recoil.


These products from Aero Precision highly suppress recoil for the benefit of the user. It locks the gas key to the specific setting to ensure you are getting your preferred gas distribution.



Your Guide to Buying

buying guide


Like any important part of a gun, having the right-sized product is necessary to make it work properly. Gas blocks have various choices: you have regular or standard for an adjustable block, which is at .750 and .875 for special snowflake barrels, and there are also heavy bull barrels at .936 and pencil barrels at .625.  

Gas Blocking System Style

Adjustable Gas Blocks

A select adjustable gas block allows you to compensate for whatever is missing when you change ammo and prevent over-gassing.

Low Profile Gas Blocks

This is for a free-floating rail system, to allow customization and enhanced accuracy. 

Lightweight Gas Blocks

These are for those who are already deep into customization. This helps with the overall weight of the gun. 

Standard Gas Blocks 

These are the usual factory configured, usually fixed gas blocks where the gas setting is consistent.

Attachment Type


Set screws are more stable since your gas block will not be moving once you dimple and put the screws in. However, this will alter the aesthetics of your gas tube. 


Clamp screws, on the other hand, will not require any changes on the barrel, but it can appropriately spread the pressure on the barrel without the needed alteration. 

Gas Tuning

Gas tuning differs, depending on your firearm. Each gas tube type has a different size; therefore, tuning it requires different tools as well. What works for one does not necessarily mean it’s compatible with another. You have to ensure you have proper tools in tuning an adjustable gas block to see, hear and feel clear and smooth flowing gas within it. 

Barrel Size Compatibility

A mismatched barrel and adjustable gas block is an accident waiting to happen. You may be able to find something to seal it, such as bolts and screws, but the activity inside the barrel will cause it to move eventually. It will soon loosen and can cause malfunctions.

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Material & Durability

A quality gas block, whether a fixed gas block or adjustable gas block, requires sturdy and reliable materials. Titanium can be lightweight and durable, but it does not conduct heat as fast as steel. This quality can be helpful during high-pressure rounds. 

Safety & Reliability

Most adjustable gas blocks are sold with the necessary tools such as cross pin, set screws, bolt locks, and others. Regardless of the design of the adjustable gas block, you will be compromising its safety and reliability without the necessary parts. 

Ease of Installation

Adjustable gas blocks are normally quite easy to install with an Allen wrench or any tool with a similar shape. There are instances wherein manufacturers choose to include parts like the gas block roll pin. However, other adjustable blocks do not include required parts or even instructions to the buyers. 


Additional weight would be a disadvantage to the user, especially if they are on the move while using it, such as during hunting or competition shooting. Normally, the added weight comes from the materials used. Whether you install a rifle’s gas system that has noticeable extra weight or the opposite depends on your preference.  

Brand & Price

The best adjustable gas blocks are necessary upgrades to control the gas flow. Prices will depend on how the products are designed and the materials used to ensure that your gas system does not optimize carbon build-up. Confident manufacturers support their products with a warranty because they are sure about it.

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

For us, the best adjustable gas blocks are straightforward, designed to be compatible with the gas system of the weapon it will be attached to. It needs to release excess gas based on the pistol length gas systems without complex steps required. We always search for ease of use and consistency before anything else.

Weapon Compatibility

As mentioned, compatibility is one of the factors we first look at because each of these adjustable gas blocks has its bolt carrier group to seal them. We choose products that function well with the firearms they are for. 

Product Quality 

The conventional adjustable blocks are already functional. Only, these are not triggering the optimal gas setting since they are factory parts with limitations. We look for adjustable gas blocks that look good on the outside yet are still completely functional. Lastly, we back up our choices with high buyer satisfaction.


Yes, adjustable gas blocks are worth purchasing because they provide smoother gas flow and lighter recoil. This means that the shooter’s accuracy will be enhanced because it reduces excessive pressure, as well as recoil.

Yes, the military uses adjustable gas blocks with weapons, especially with the gas system length appropriate for M4 or FN FAL. They need this adjustment to fine-tune their weapon brought about by the smooth flowing of gas.

Yes, suppressors need adjustable gas blocks to avoid over-gassing. This will also prevent you from wearing the bolt locks too soon.

Our Choice For The Best Adjustable Gas Block is...

Our top choice for the best adjustable gas block is Seekins Precision. It wasn’t difficult to come to this conclusion because of its features — it seals in the gas pressure tightly with its locking adjustment feature that leads to the rear. 

The gas flowing rearwards means more recoil, and this is what Seekins managed to overcome. You’ll experience less recoil, even after shooting successively, resulting in better and more accurate shots. Their design also allows the user to tune the tubes that make the mechanism run smoothly. These are durable, easy to install, and look ruggedly good, too.


Our #1 Recommendation

Seekins Precision

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