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Truglo Red Dot Sights
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When it comes to precision shooting and rapid target acquisition, we consider red dot sights as our best buddies. Since most optics are now more cheaper to produce, it’s high time you get your own. In this Truglo red dot review, check out if there are affordable red dot sights that come with rugged construction and reliable performance.

A Truglo red dot sight is an affordable entry-level sight that uses a 5 MOA illuminated dot reticle for precision aiming. It measures 3.8’’ and has a 30mm body constructed of lightweight CNC-machined aluminum, making it durable and tough. It’s water-resistant, shock-resistant, and fog-proof.

It offers multi-reticle colors: green and red. Its multi-coated lenses can deliver optimal brightness and clear images. It is coated with anti-reflective materials to reduce glare and increase light transmission for better clarity.

Truglo is a fixed sight with 1x magnification. It is powered by a 3-volt CR2032 battery. It features rheostat to control its 11 brightness settings. It comes with an integrated weaver-style mounting system.

Truglo sights offer unlimited eye relief for fast target acquisition and a wide field of view. It’s good for your handguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, paintball guns, crossbows, and shotguns.

5 Popular Models

1. TRUGLO TRU-TEC Micro Red Dot Sight

This ultra-lightweight red dot sight uses a 3 MOA dot for precision aiming. It weighs 0.5 pounds only and measures 5’’x4’’x4’’.

The aircraft-grade aluminum construction makes it rugged, durable, and resistant to water, fog, and abuse.

Its multi-coated lens increases light transmission and reduces stray light. It features digital push-button controls with 10 illumination settings. It has an auto-off feature after 4 hours from the last button used to preserve battery life.

TRUGLO TRU-TEC Micro Red Dot Sight



2. TRUGLO 30mm Dual-Color Dot Sight

Truglo 30mm red dot sight offers a dual color reticle illumination (red-green dot) and uses a 5 MOA for fast target acquisition. It’s a rugged construction designed to be compact and portable.

The special anti-reflection interior coating prevents stray light inside the sight. Its multi-coated optics facilitates optimal brightness and clarity.

It features an adjustable rheostat for brightness control. The integrated weaver-style mounting system makes for easy and fast installation.

TRUGLO 30mm Dual-Color Dot Sight



3. TRUGLO Traditional 30mm Red-Dot Sight

For close- and medium-range shooting, Traditional red dot sight is a great option. It’s designed to be lightweight and compact. It uses a rheostat controlled 5 MOA red dot reticle for precision aiming.

The flip-up lens caps come with a lanyard system to prevent losing them. The lenses are multi-coated for optimal light transmittance. It features a wide field of vision. It’s a good option for any shooting purposes at a very affordable price.

TRUGLO Traditional 30mm Red-Dot Sight



4. TRUGLO TRU-TEC 30mm Tactical Red Dot Sight

This 30mm red dot sight features a 2 MOA reticle to acquire targets rapidly. It’s lightweight and durable as it’s constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s resistant to water, impact, and fog.

For a wide field of view and enhanced clarity of image, the objective lens is multi-coated. It has 12 illumination settings with digital push-buttons controls.

It has a quick detach lever to mount it easily on standard Picatinny or weaver-style rails. It has an integrated lanyard system to prevent loss of the windage and elevation caps.

TRUGLO TRU-TEC 30mm Tactical Red Dot Sight



5. TRUGLO TRU-TEC Compact 20mm Tactical Red Dot Sight

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum material, this red dot is tough and compact. It weighs 0.75 pounds and measures 5’’x4’’x4’’. The optics are multi-coated to let in more light and therefore enhance image clarity. It features a 2 MOA red dot for precision shooting.

The digital push-button controls allow you to adjust its multiple illumination settings easily. It has a quick-touch power, so you can tap anywhere on the optic to turn it on. With its auto-off feature, the battery life can be preserved.

TRUGLO TRU-TEC Compact 20mm Tactical Red Dot Sight




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Before purchasing your red dot, make sure to examine the quality of the materials and machination. Like most budget-friendly sights in the market, Truglo red dot sights are well-constructed, and they offer acceptable durability and toughness. They use red-green dots, which are ideal for precision firing and rapid acquisition of your aim.

They can hold zero but should not be used for high powered weapons, and larger rounds as they may not withstand heavy recoil well. Even then, our reviews show that many gun owners like these products.

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Ease of Use

We conducted a review of Truglo red dot sights to determine if they are intuitive and time-efficient to use. Indeed, they are. They achieved fairly high customer satisfaction in terms of adjustability and ease of use. 

You can easily install one of Truglo’s sights on your rifle, shotgun, or handgun. The optic caps are easy to open. Like most red dot sights, they can be used for hunting, sporting, camping, and range shooting. [1]

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Truglo red dot sights are designed to be lightweight, compact, and compatible with a variety of firearms. In our review, one of the amazing features of these products is simplicity.

They use a single battery and lens cover that you can open quite easily. You can choose smaller red dot sizes for range and precision firing or larger dot sizes for fast target acquisition.

TRUGLO design


Like many other red dot products, Truglo red dots feature a limited lifetime warranty depending on the specific product. You need to see the product details to know the exact length of the warranty.

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Based on our reviews, a Truglo red dot sight or scope is on the top of the list when it comes to budget-friendly accessories. If you need to save money but still consider quality and reliability, the price of anyTruglo items is your best deal. Even if Truglo isn’t as tough or as accurate as other top expensive brands, Truglo products are good enough for any shooting purposes.

Is A Truglo Red Dot Worth It?

Yes, a Truglo red dot is worth every dollar spent. For a cheap red dot with good quality and satisfactory performance, a Truglo red dot sight is your best go-to-option. Our reviews found that the average customer rating of Truglo is between 4 and 5 stars relative to other cheaper brands of sight and scope.

Truglo offers a dual-color dot reticle for precise aiming and fast acquisition of targets. It can hold zero and handles recoil well up to a certain extent. It’s well-suited to be used on an air or rimfire rifle and other firearms platforms.

TRUGLO TRU-TEC Micro Red Dot Sight

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