5 Best Folding Stocks for AR-15 (2024) Don’t Miss Out

Best Folding Stock For AR 15
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In the ultra-customizable world of the AR-15, a folding stock makes your rifle more compact for storage and portability. Too often we have installed a folding stock only to find the fit is too loose and the stock rattles on the end of the receiver extension. In our list of the best folding stock for AR-15, you will find options that are secure, sturdy, and durable, and hopefully find the one that fits your needs just right.


Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock


Hogue OverMold Collapsible Buttstock


B5 Systems Bravo Stock

1. Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock

Having spent a considerable amount of time with the Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock on one of my favorite rifles, its high-quality construction and thoughtful design lives up to the Daniel Defense name. The extension and collapse is smooth and secure. The precision forming for mil-spec makes this stock the easiest to install of all the stocks we review on this list. Plus, it effectively eliminates the play that I’ve experienced from stocks that don’t fit as well enhancing stability and shooting accuracy. Finished with soft-touch rubber overmolding, it strikes an impressive balance between durability and comfort.

At 7” long, 5.5” height, 1.75” thick, and weighing just 0.50 lb, the Daniel Defense buttstock is compact and lightweight but doesn’t compromise on stability or function. Despite its relatively thin profile, the buttstock does not compromise on providing a solid cheek weld, further enhancing shooting stability and comfort. Many shooters will not appreciate the thinner profile, but this balance is particularly appealing for those looking to pare down the size and weight of PDW or SBR setups without the instability often associated with lighter stocks.

Daniel Defense provides two interchangeable buttpads with the stock (a thicker convex shape at 0.8” and a thinner concave shape at 0.5”) allowing for customization. Finally, texture grips and limited rotation QD swivel attachment points on both sides for ambidextrous sling connection further underscore the buttstock’s versatility and user-friendly design.



2. Hogue OverMold Collapsible Buttstock

Out of the box, the quality construction of Hogue’s OverMold stock is noticeable especially for such an affordable option. The combination of OverMolded® rubber and reinforced polymer provides both durability and comfort while its skeletonized reinforced polymer construction makes it both lightweight and sturdy.

Installing it on my rifle was straightforward, although the rubber lining inside the stock makes for an extremely tight fit on the buffer tube requiring some effort to install and adjust initially. It’s clear with this design choice that Hogue will accept nothing less than complete elimination of all play and slop.

I was initially skeptical of its “beard-safe” design but found that the comfortable and grippy cheek surface provided a pleasant cheek weld and caused no beard hairs to be harmed in the making of this review. Some users find the overmold grip to be on the fatter side and the texture a bit sticky, but I found these attributes to contribute positively to a secure grip, especially in dynamic shooting conditions. The hybrid butt pad did an excellent job of cushioning recoil.

Finally, this stock boasts 3 QD sockets providing the most flexibility for sling options. Plus, Hogue offers a large variety of color options, although it’s worth noting that the Red Lava color appears to be more of wood grain in person.



3. B5 Systems Bravo Stock

I recently installed the B5 Bravo Stock on a minimalist where I wanted a collapsible buttstock that was sturdy yet comfortable. Since the Bravo Stock promised to excel in ergonomics, I gave it a go. Made in the USA from MIL-SPEC materials and finishes, it feels solid and durable. Despite its sturdy build, it is relatively lightweight at 9.3 oz. It is slightly heavier than some alternatives, which is a consideration for those prioritizing lightweight setups.

In addition to strength, it is evident that B5 prioritized comfort and ergonomics in its design. The angle of the buttstock was initially a concern for me, as it differs from the squared ends I typically favor. Despite my initial hesitation, I found the Bravo stock provided exceptional cheek-to-stock contact for a secure and comfortable cheek weld. The angled rear of the stock actually facilitates quick shoulder transitions, a critical feature for dynamic shooting environments, enhancing stability and control. The stock’s sure grip latch and the cushioned buttpad contribute to a comfortable shooting experience, even during extended sessions. The curved angle might not suit everyone’s shooting posture or preference but it works for my shooting style.

Installation was straightforward with no specialized tools but the fit is extremely tight so it may require a bit more effort to install. The snug fit was worth the extra effort in installation because this buttstock is stable and I experienced no wobble or play. Adjustability is smooth and secure, allowing for easy length modifications to accommodate different shooting positions and scenarios.

The steel anti-rotational QD sling mount is intelligently designed to prevent the sling from twisting— a minor but significant detail that enhances user experience. The inclusion of color-matched steel hardware adds to its appeal.



4. MAXIM Combat Carbine Stock

I’ve spent a fair amount of time using the Maxim Combat Carbine Stock in various conditions and it has proven to be a durable, duty-built stock providing solid attachment, quick deployment, and easy adjustability.

Right out of the box, the Maxim CCS makes a solid impression. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into its design and construction. The quality is outstanding. The stock feels sturdy, and its aesthetics are sharp—a blend of functionality and form that any rifle enthusiast would appreciate. Its compatibility with standard buffers, springs, and AR15 platforms makes it a versatile choice for many users.

Installation was straightforward and took me less than 10 minutes, a convenience that can’t be overstated. Once installed, the most noticeable difference with the Maxim Combat Carbine is the absence of the large gaps between the buffer tube and buttplate that are commonly found with other stocks.

The slight increase in weight over some alternatives is a fair trade-off for the durability and stability this stock provides. It’s rugged, well-engineered fit is one of the main reasons I favor this stock. It maintains a full-length cheek weld, ensuring a comfortable and stable shooting experience. Users with larger hands have reported difficulty in moving the safety selector when the stock is fully collapsed.

Finally, built-in sling mounts enhance utility for tactical applications, although the ambi stock release works on only one side.



5. Magpul MOE® SL-K® Carbine Stock

The affordable Magpul MOE SL-K Carbine Stock is purpose-built for compact PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) style weapons. This slim profile stock is an ideal option for those seeking a compact, lightweight, and maneuverable stock that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. Even at a budget-friendly price, its quality construction—characteristic of Magpul-is apparent. The compact rubber butt pad with a rolled toe facilitates easy shouldering and a sure grip even during quick transitions and offers adjustability for different shooting positions and user preferences.

Installation is straightforward resulting in a snug, secure fit with no perceptible wobble, providing a stable platform. Magpul’s innovation is apparent with the ambidextrous release latch, which minimizes rattle on the receiver extension without the need for additional locks, levers, or springs.

For those of us who prioritize adaptability in the field, the inclusion of a 1.25″ footman’s loop and compatibility with the M-LOK QD Sling Mount for push-button style QD sling swivels provides versatile sling mounting options.



Guide to Buying

buying guide

Price Range 

All budget shoppers always consider the price range to be the first factor in deciding whether the product is worth purchasing or not. While it’s true that it is also essential to know the folding stocks’ features, you must also learn how to weigh all things. 

Are all the materials used and its special features enough reason for the stocks’ expensive price range? Remember, a lot more things than just the price tag or affordability itself needs to be considered. 

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Material & Construction 

Our experts recommend considering all the material and construction of the folding stocks before purchasing them for your AR-15. Our team always suggests looking for stocks constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum or steel because they always ensure durability and longevity.

Besides steel, polymers can also be highly flexible and pliable, a valuable property not provided by mineral materials. [1] Therefore, a polymer is also an ideal choice for stock adapters. It can resist all kinds of damages even during extreme weather conditions. 

Easy Installation 

It is also recommended to buy all-steel AR-15 folding stock adapters that are easy to install in your AR-15, like FoldAR for pistols. Our team suggests purchasing stocks with “drop-in” folding stock adapters. They make it easier to attach it to your AR-15 without any tools or gunsmithing experience or affecting the AR-15 rifle’s buffer integrity.

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If you intend to use the folding stock adapters for a long time, it is best to consider their durability and longevity.

Frequently, all materials and construction determine the durability of the best AR-15 folding stock adapter.

Therefore, it is always advised to buy the best AR-15 folding stock adapter forged with durable materials such as aluminum, steel, and polymer.



All folding stock adapters have intended usage for your AR-15s. Besides making your rifles easier to store, giving them portability and customization abilities, they also give the shooters comfort. Hence, our team always suggests buying a stock adapter that offers a comfortable feel. Look for butt pads that are comfortable for shooters and helpful in preventing slippage when used while firing. We’d also like you to take a look into adding angled foregrips or foregrip bipods for both precision and comfort. 


It would be best if shooters also considered researching details of the best AR-15 folding stock adapter we have on the market today. Compatibility is crucial for any adapter, so you ensure that your stocks are compatible with your AR-15 rifle before purchasing. Remember, not all mil-spec version stock adapters may be compatible with some carbine buffer tubes or AR-style fixed bolt action rifle chassis. This way, the chances of buying AR-15 stocks that aren’t compatible would be close to none.

What are the Advantages of Adding An AR-15 Folding Stock?



One of the advantages of adding an AR-15 folding stock adapter is portability. When your rifles have been accessorized with a stock, it could transform your all weapon/firearm into something easier to transport and carry. You won’t have to rely on a gun rack when carrying it into your vehicle.

Easy Storage

In case you own even just one AR-15 rifle, you might already know that storing your weapon/firearm is quite challenging. You’ll have to look for one place with a larger space to store it. However, through AR-15 folding stock adapters, it would become a way lot easier to store your rifles.    

Since your weapon becomes collapsible, you won’t have to look for a way larger space. Your accessories such as ammo and other gunsmithing tools can be stored along with your AR-15 rifle, too. 


Another thing that’s advantageous of having a folding stock is its customization ability. Your AR-15 rifle’s size must match your body measurement for a way better comfort when using it.  

Through the folding stock adapters for AR-15, you can now customize your rifle according to the best measurement suited for your body. You may use an Ar-15 regardless of whether the AR-15 folding stock adapters are pulled out, folded, and attached to the usual measurement.

What’s Our #1 Choice for the Best AR-15 Folding Stock?

Based on comprehensive research, our top choice for an AR-15 folding stock is the Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock. This all-around great option became our top choice because it features high-quality construction and thoughtful design that lives up to the Daniel Defense name. 

The extension and collapse is smooth and secure. The precision forming for mil-spec makes this stock the easiest to install of all the stocks we review on this list. Plus, it effectively eliminates the play that I’ve experienced from stocks that don’t fit as well enhancing stability and shooting accuracy. Finished with soft-touch rubber overmolding, it strikes an impressive balance between durability and comfort.

Our #1 Recommendation

Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock

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