The Best Marlin 795 Stocks (2023 UPDATE) Read Before Buying

Best Marlin 795 Stock
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Getting the best rifle stock is a challenge—there are many different gunstock options in the market, and not everyone can afford purchasing and then replacing an incompatible buy. Thankfully, our experts have tested the best Marlin 795 stocks so you can be spared from the trouble of doing trial and error.


Pro Varmint Marlin795

Pro Varmint Marlin795


Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Rimfire Hunter Marlin795

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Marlin795

1. Pro Varmint Marlin795

If you want a gun that suits your hunting venture, then we recommend the Boyds Pro. Its beauty lies in its being lightweight—you would not have to worry about any added rifle weight. 

The compact nature of Pro Varmint also ensures accurate targets. Moreover, this product has a recoil pad that reduces recoil to a minimum. It also fits perfectly into any Marlin 795 rifle.

This hardwood gunstock has everything to suit your style, which includes dark brown, black, and other textured finishes. It also has a smooth feel and portable size that makes aiming easy.

Pro Varmint Marlin795



2. Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Rimfire Hunter Marlin795

This product is an excellent choice if you are looking for a stock with reduced recoil. It comes with a comforting and efficient recoil pad that won’t make an old man stagger after firing a shot, and it works fine with a lot of Marlin 795 rifles.

This hardwood gunstock is also perfect for you if you like your gun to look classic, with a touch of the old school. Boyds Hardwood comes in apple, forest camo, and stained nutmeg finish, to give you more options.

The hardwood is made from top quality material to ensure long-lasting usage. Its stable build can bring back the beauty of your old rifle.

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Marlin795



Buying Guide

buying guide


Accuracy with shots is one of the essential reasons for acquiring a rifle, especially if it’s for hunting. Amazingly, this is one of the specialties of Marlins stocks. 

Upgrading your marlin stock will not only give you accuracy but increased stability too. A new stock helps tighten your groupings for a better-targeted shot and less recoil. This is very beneficial if you are a hunter or need to increase your targeting skills.

(While most of it still depends on individual skills, it also helps to get the little things right, such as in the case of the 300 Blackout and the 350 Legend.)

Less Recoil

No one would love to deal with a recoil frequently. So, one of the best attributes of a rifle stock is to reduce recoil drastically. 

Also, most stocks have buttpads that are thick enough to withstand shock. With that, they can absorb shock and, at the same time, protect the user from bruises or backward reflexes.

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Pull Length

The pull length comes to play if you have the adjustable kind. If you have an overly long length, having an adjustable stock allows you to adjust it to fit and make carrying easy.


The design is an essential consideration when buying your gunstock. Rifles are designed to have long or short action length, so do gunstocks. 

Unlike other gunstocks in the market, Marlin 795 stocks come in designs suitable for short and long rifles.

Also, they are designed to fit both right and left-hand guns. If your rifle is designed right hand, you can always get the best Marlin 795 stock that’s suitable. 


The same goes for left-hand guns. Although using the wrong side of gunstock may also work, the rifle will not work correctly. 


Since your rifle goes with you while hunting or gaming, a carry-friendly rifle stock should be among your considerations, and this is an edge that Marlin 795 stocks have over other brands. They come in pull lengths that are either adjustable or fixed, foldable, adjustable, or collapsible.


One of the outstanding features of the Marlin 795 stocks is their performance. And as a buyer, this should be your primary concern. 

Thankfully, all Marlin 795 stocks give the shooter absolute control and handling for a steady shot. 

The manufacturer made the product so easy to use by even the average gunman. 

They have the best tolerance to harsh weather [1] that helps you to shoot better and give you the best-barreled action. Plus, it fits perfectly for the best performance—not to mention, having a rifle that fits means everything. 


Their ability to also help you see at a range on the field is incredible!


Most rifle stocks come in either wood, laminates, or composite synthetics, and the wooden stocks are usually built from walnuts, birch, or other problematic words. 

Our experts advise that the wooden stock be dried gently for months to avoid splitting and to preserve its color. However, this is nothing to worry about when using Marlin stocks. Their 795 stock is unaffected by weather, whether it is the wood, synthetic or composite stock.

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And the #1 Marlin 795 Stock is...

Having reviewed the best Marlin 795 stocks, our top pick is Pro Varmint Marlin795. 

It has won the approval of our team with its outstanding features and compatibility with all Marlin 795 rifles. This product fits perfectly and increases the field target range to give you the best shooting performance. It’s like having both your pride and confidence all in one stock! 

Most importantly, we love the fact that Marlin offers such an excellent product at an affordable cost.

Pro Varmint Marlin795

Our #1 Recommendation

Pro Varmint Marlin795

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