10 Best Gun Cleaning Patches (2024 UPDATED) Our Top Picks

Best Gun Cleaning Patches
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Cleaning your gun is just as important as using it. A well-maintained gun ensures accurate shots and better functionality.

Our team will unveil the best gun cleaning patches you can use to maintain your firearm and keep it in optimum condition.


Otis - Cleaning Patches


Brownells - Mil-Spec Gun Cleaning Patches


Hoppe's 9 Gun Cleaning Patches

1. Otis - Cleaning Patches

Why We Picked It: 

Otis is one of the best gun cleaning patches you can use in any caliber firearm. It features three different types of patches that are 100% made of cotton. You can also reuse this gun cleaning patch up to six times. 

Small caliber patches can clean firearms ranging from  .17 to .22 caliber rim-fire. Panoply patches work best for rifles .30 caliber and up, handguns 9mm and up, and shotguns. Also, all caliber gun patches can clean a .22 caliber up to a 12./10 gauge, and it offers 360-degree cleaning as it comes with a slotted tip.




2. Brownells - Mil-Spec Gun Cleaning Patches

Why We Picked It: 

Brownells offers gun cleaning patches that are made of 100% cotton with unbleached panels. The sizes of these patches are 2 ½ x 2 ½ cm and 11/4 x 11/4 cm.

Brownells are made of square gun cleaning patches with napped side holds that are best for distributing solvent and oils. These products are best for those who are looking for hunting or shooting expeditions.



3. Hoppe's 9 Gun Cleaning Patches

Why We Picked It: 

Hoppe’s 9 gun cleaning patches are well known for uniformly woven and highly absorbent patches that provide heavy bore cleaning. These cotton patches come pre-cut and work perfectly with .38-.45 caliber/.410-20-gauge.

It is one of the best gun cleaning patches because it can help you remove the debris from your barrel.



4. Brownells - 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches

Why We Picked It: 

Another great product you may consider is the 100% cotton flannel gun patches that fit any hunting or shooting expedition.

They are available in different sizes like round and square, unlike other cleaning patches, which only come in one shape. These caliber cleaning patches will suit your needs, especially if you want to scrub a dirty bore.



5. Thompson Center Pre – Saturated Cleaning Patches

Why We Picked It: 

The Thompson Center Pre-Saturated Cleaning patches offer double napped cotton patches that are saturated in T-17 bore cleaner.

These gun cleaning patches perform well with 45 to 58 calibers.

It can also help you in making your muzzleloader load easier.



6. Brownells - Round Cotton Flannel Bulk Patches

Why We Picked It: 

Brownells’ – Round Cotton Flannel Bulk Patches is another great cleaning patch. These are made from 100% cotton flannel patches that absorb oils and solvents in the bore. These products perform best in pistols and rifles with .223-.224, .172, and 20 caliber-specific firearms

It cleans the crud and residue inside your barrel and enhances the performance of your gun. Also, it does not tear apart like other synthetic patches and comes pre-cut for your convenience.



7. TCS Cleaning Patches

Why We Picked It: 

The TCS Cleaning patches are also 100% made of round cotton flannel. It is one of the cleaning patches that offer different sizes and, it corresponds to specific TCS Cleaning Jags.

The 22 Caliber-7mm Patches are for .22, .243 , .25, .270 and .284 calibers. The 30-45 Caliber Patches work best for .30, .338, .40, .44, and .45 Caliber. Lastly, the 28 Ga-10 Ga Patches functions for 28, 20, and 12 Gauge and 50 Caliber Muzzleloaders.



8. Pro-Shot Patches

Why We Picked It: 

These pro-shot gun cleaning patches fit .30 caliber firearms. Each package contains 1.5 inch round and flannel cotton patches that can completely clean and absorb residues. 

Pro-shot patches are suggested for owners looking for an effective gun cleaning patch because it has a double-napped property to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.



9. Southern Bloomer Universal Cleaning Patches

Why We Picked It: 

These square patches are one of the best gun cleaning patches you can ever buy. Each package has 1000 square patches per pack that are made purely from cotton. 

It is also a great cleaning patch that is virtually lint-free. A good patch with this quality has an edge compared to other patches. Expect no lint left in the bore or chamber, so gun owners like you will be spared the hassle of taking lint out.



10. Outers Bulk Patches

Why We Picked It: 

Outers Bulk Patches is best for gun owners looking for gun cleaning patches that can keep their barrels clean and shiny.

These cotton cleaning patches ensure durability and absorbency to make your gun clean. Also, these are measured perfectly to fit numerous bore sizes.



Your Ultimate Buying Guide

buying guide

One of the golden rules for the safe handling of guns is to ensure that the barrel is free from any obstructions before loading and shooting your firearm. [1] This is one of the main reasons why you must always keep your firearm clean and free from any kind of dirt that may serve as an obstruction and a hindrance for your firearm to function at its best. 

Weapon Caliber

The caliber of your firearm matters when looking for the best gun cleaning patches, so you should always consider your firearm’s caliber size and barrel shape. This is to avoid excess gun cleaning rags that may fall off sooner or later. Others cut the patches on their own to ensure that it fits their barrels well.  


One of the important factors to consider when looking for the best cleaning patch is its price. One of the best cleaning patches loved by most people is a bit pricey but worth it. However, cheaper patches are always a smart alternative.  

Size & Thickness

You should consider the size and thickness of the cleaning patches when buying since it will determine the number of oils or solvents they can hold. Highly absorbent cleaning patches are thicker to ensure that no residues remain in your firearms. This can make your guns perform better.


Patches made with cotton have a high chance to absorb more powders, oils, and solvents. The absorbency matters because it determines how well the cleaning patches can polish your gun. In this case, synthetic patches can help ensure absorbency as it provides you with the best choice when used with a cleaning solution.

Slotted Tips

Another way to clean your gun down to the bore is by using a slotted tip. It is one of the essential materials you should have in your gun cleaning kit. You will need these slotted tips for inserting cleaning patches to run down in the barrel.

Round or Square?

It has no big difference if you will use a round or square gun cleaning cloth because what you need is to ensure that it fits the bore exactly. Round cleaning patches are easier to use and can make the cleaning process faster. On the other hand, a square shape patch can help to clean a wide-range surface area. 

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Caliber cleaning patches with synthetic material can help lessen your cleaning time because of their high absorbency level. Aside from that, it does not leave lint all over your gun. It also holds cleaning solutions and lubricating oil when applied. Overall, synthetic material can perform a great job when it comes to bore cleaning. 


Cotton patches provide heavy cleaning for your gun. They are highly absorbent and perfect for removing carbon, powders, and other residues. These work well with all calibers and even in between shots with muzzleloaders. 

Knit Cotton

Knit cotton patches are soft and made of 100% cotton. These patches can help clean your weapon fast without any hassle at all. It is somehow costly compared to other best gun cleaning wipes, but it is virtually lint-free and holds oils and solvent without leaving threads behind. 

Flannel Cotton

These are highly absorbent and 100% cotton flannel patches that can help remove carbon fouling and other residues inside your gun’s barrels. These cleaning patches do not unravel compared to other types. Aside from that, it is also budget-friendly, can help save you some time as it performs with high quality, and will surely help you achieve that pro-shot.


Wool patches are available in the market, but they are not that efficient for some gun owners because they leave lint and scratches on a gun’s barrel. Wools are not as good when compared to other gun cleaning patches like cotton.

Important Things to Remember

Important Things to Remember

Materials to Use 

Gun Cleaning Kit

A gun owner should have a kit with different gun cleaning supplies. This can help maintain your gun in good condition. You can check the bore snake cleaning kit as it has the high-quality equipment you need in firearm cleaning.  

Patch Holder

These are necessary to hold patches tightly when you are saturating the bores during the cleaning process. Shooters love how convenient these patchers are since you can use them with various calibers and gauges. Do note that it should hold the cleaning patches safely to the gun barrel.

Gun Cleaning Rod

A cleaning rod is one of the things you should never forget. You can avail of it in different sizes, shapes, and components. It is advisable to purchase a bronze case so that the barrel of your gun would not be damaged.

Washing Machine

Some people prefer traditionally drying their cleaning patches. Others use washing machines to remove dirt in their gun cleaning cloths. However, always take the necessary precautions to ensure that the water will not damage them.

Material/s Not To Use 

See-Through Patches

These patches are one of the alternative gun cleaning patches you can use. However, it is not a good choice if you are a fan of applying solvent to your guns. This might waste your money because these patches tear apart quite easily.


Yes, a gun cleaning patch is important because it can help you remove unwanted residues on the barrel of your gun [2]. Gun cleaning patches can also ensure your accuracy when shooting and help you avoid gun mishaps.

Yes, there are caliber cleaning patch alternatives that you can use. These include rags or towels, which you can easily buy from stores. Some gun owners do this to save their time and money. However, you have to be careful when using other materials as these can leave threads in your barrel.

What’s Our Choice For The Best Gun Cleaning Patch?

Based on extensive research, our team chose Otis – Cleaning Patch as the best gun cleaning patch in the market. It is a universal cleaning patch that can remove residues such as powder, oil, carbon fouling, and solvent in the barrel of your gun. These patches prove to be the best when you are already tired of using the slotted tips. 

Moreover, this is the most reviewed gun cleaning patch with exceptional ratings. It offers 100% strong and absorbent patches that can surely maintain a good cleaning job. This patch can give high-quality performance and truly provides value for money.


Our #1 Recommendation

Otis - Cleaning Patches

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