3 Best A2 Stocks (2024 UPDATED) Don’t Miss Out

Best A2 Stock
Alfred Mendoza

Aesthetics is not the only reason you upgrade your A2 stocks, but for convenience and ease of carrying. Your cheek, arms, and shoulders connect with them, so finding the best stock is necessary to complete that feel.

If you are upgrading for that reason but don’t know what to look for, our team checked some brands to help you make that informed decision.


Cavalry AR-15 Fixed Stock


Hera Arms HRS Light Fixed A2 Buttstock

1. Cavalry AR-15 Fixed Stock

Why We Picked It:

This mil-spec buttstock is made of durable and sturdy polymer for long-lasting quality.



2. Hera Arms HRS Light Fixed A2 Buttstock

Why We Picked It:

Durability is the first reason why we included Hera Arms on the list. This is made of reinforced polymer for sturdiness. The butt pad is made of rubber to provide comfort. The next reason is it’s lightweight but still solid. 

Additionally, the design of this stock has considered the possibilities of being mounted. Therefore, it was created with multiple mounting options.

Who Should Use It: 

Military and all other law-abiding citizens will enjoy using this product from Hera Arms. 


This would be a good option for individuals in search of a lightweight buttstock with a solid foundation. You can mount it in any position you want since it has multiple mounting sections as well.



3. Leapers, Inc. - UTG Model 4 Fixed Stock Assembly

Why We Picked It:

This buttstock assembly offers a complete set of .308 style buffer (1) assembly. It contains an A2 extension tube, stock spacer, screw, and recoil spring. We checked all items, and these are made of impact-resistant advanced polymers. These are compatible with most A2-type guns.

Who Should Use It: 

These are good stock replacements for any shooter trying to rebuild his firearm.


This is a good fit for those who are looking for a complete set of buttstock replacements. It allows the user to save money since they already included all necessary parts in the assembly.



Your Guide to Buying

buying guide

Material & Durability

Checking on materials is necessary as you wouldn’t want your replacement to last only a few days of use. Consider finding manufacturers doing in-house manufacturing to avoid physical issues or damage due to shipping and handling. You may also want to check out our recommended SKS stocks

Design & Ergonomics

This is an important factor to consider, especially if you use your weapon for a long period. Aesthetics are important but not as crucial to having a buttstock replacement that provides comfort and convenience when used. 

Interchangeability & Purpose

It is common to have fixed product replacements once it is attached. It is important to consider the adjustability of the product before making a purchase. It is very crucial if you plan to customize it. 

Shooting Comfort

This is correlated with how design and size are made because comfort relies greatly on that when you use it. You need to make sure that it fits perfectly to avoid inaccurate shots because of loose or dangling parts. 

Size & Weight

The size of the product matters, especially when it comes to comfort and accuracy. Search for the right fit to avoid malfunctions. Added weight can also be an inconvenience, especially if you have to bring your gun to distant locations.

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Not all products are the same, so you may want to search for something that offers storage for batteries, especially those with slopes. 


Prices normally depend on the quality of materials, but sometimes this is because they are imported from other countries. Try considering in-housed products. 

Sling Attachment

These are also not offered by all, but this is for added comfort and convenience. So, you may want to check something that has ports and areas to attach it with. 

Adjustable or Fixed

It would depend on your use. If you want to customize your weapon, then opt for the adjustable one. If not, then pick the more stable, fixed stock.

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

Our team looks at overall capability and not just a single part that excels among the rest. We gave time to observe, which has the easiest process. Then we compared it with all other products we chose before giving our verdict.

Weapon Compatibility

We understand the importance of compatibility, and this is not just about fitting right. We see to it that there is comfort and there is convenience when it is used. 

Product Quality 

Quality-wise, we base it on the result of the test we do. We checked the compatibility of these stocks to all other weapons. We tested them, and then we compared their prices. Lastly, we compare our notes with other people who already bought them and see if we have the same observations.

What's Our Choice For The Best Stock For A2?

Our choice for the best stock for A2 is the Cavalry AR-15 Fixed Stock. We looked at how the manufacturers considered the size of their product before deciding on placing it in the market. Alteration costs more, and creating this stock exactly as how the original ones are measured is very handy.

Also, knowing that these are mil-spec standards is an assurance that you will benefit from its features. It is tough, sturdy, and very easy to install. And to top it all, it has a very sleek design.

Our #1 Recommendation

Cavalry AR-15 Fixed Stock

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