44 Mag vs 10mm – Which Is Better Than The Other?

10mm vs 44 Mag - Big Pistol Rounds
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People carry various small rounds for regular defense situations. Unfortunately, these rounds would likely be useless against attacks from beasts like a bear or armored attackers.

Here, our experts present two of the most powerful and reliable pistol ammos: the 10×25mm and the 44 magnum.

Best for Personal Defense – 10 mm (10×25mm)

10 mm (10×25mm)

  • The 10mm ammo carries enough power to kill a charging beast. It is affordable and has good carry option value. Its smaller recoil allows for combat operation efficiency.

Best for Hunting – 44 magnum (10.9×33mmR)

44 magnum (10.9×33mmR)

  • This is the bigger round, which also has higher ballistics. It is highly powerful, and its stopping power is strong enough to take down a charging bear.

closer look at the features

Features Comparison

10mm auto vs 44 is a common topic of discussion among users of the Magnum handgun and 10mm auto chambered guns like Glock 20 and Glock 29. The auto round is a semi-automatic pistol cartridge that was designed by Jeff Cooper, a US Marine.

Compared with the Remington Magnum ammo, the 10×25mm is smaller ammo that can be fired with regular semi-auto pistols, unlike the magnum rounds that are designed for revolvers. It could have done well in tests such as 10mm vs. 45 acp, 357 vs. 10mm, and 40 vs 10mm ammo.

The Remington Magnum ammo, also called 10.9×33mmR, has a rimmed straight case and is designed for large pistols.

Our professionals have provided an in-depth analysis of the 10mm auto vs 10.9×33mmR controversy using the following distinction factors:

Velocity: 44 magnum vs 10 mm

Fired from a Glock pistol, the 10mm auto round was measured traveling at the speed of 1,200 feet per second. Coupling with a bullet weight ranging anywhere between 10g and 15g, the velocity is enough to inflict damage in a fight.

The 10.9×33mmR bullet fired from a magnum revolver was recorded moving at the velocity clocking 1,320 feet per second. This is one with a fairly superior velocity [1] and could lead to a higher killing power in the round.

(We also compared the 30-30 and 308 from Winchester in this regard.)

Winner: 10.9×33mmR

Power & Energy

The 10 mm auto was measured to have delivered muzzle energy of 550 ft lb. This is the reason that the 10mm auto round is commonly used by security outfits like the FBI.

The 10.9×33mmR muzzle energy only measures at 900 ft lb. This round delivers almost twice the muzzle energy of the 10mm auto. It should be noted that the higher the muzzle energy of a round, the higher its stopping power. With the Remington, a charging bear stands no chance.

Winner: 10.9×33mmR

Power & Energy


The bullet velocity determines the ballistics information of a cartridge. The 10.9×33mmR ammo has a relatively faster traveling bullet. This factor has given it better ballistics over the 10×25mm.

On the 45 vs 10mm, the 10 mm has higher ballistics than the 45 acp ammo. This makes it one round that should be rated above average when it comes to ballistics information and power.

Winner: 44 Remington Magnum

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Judging by their respective velocity and barrel energy, it is expected that the 10.9×33mmR ammo delivers more recoil than the 10×25mm.

However, the test reveals that the 10.9×33mmR delivers approximately fifty percent more recoil than the 10×25mm ammo. The 10.9×33mmR measured 18.5 ft lb of recoil energy, while the 10×25mm ammo only measured 10.2 ft lb.

(You can also learn about the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 224 Valkyrie here.)

Winner: 10×25mm

10mm recoil

Cost of 44 remington and 10 mm

The 10×25mm is a famous service cartridge, and it is being adopted by many, especially for personal defense. It is quite more affordable than 44 Remington.

The 44 Remington ammo box of the same bullet type is approximately fifty percent more expensive than its 10×25mm counterpart. (How about the 38 Super and the 9mm?)

Winner: 10×25mm

Carrying Options

The 10×25mm ammo has a quality of being able to be loaded in both concealed carry guns and open carry guns, especially semi-automatic pistols. Examples of guns to fire the 10×25mm are Glock 20, SIG Sauer P220, Ruger SR1911, and STI Tactical DS 2011.

The 44 Magnum rounds have poor concealment value. It can only be used in open carry. Usually, it is fired by big revolvers.

When making a 10mm vs 357 ammo carrying option comparison, the 10×25mm would not work in a concealed carry as much as the 357 would.

Winner: 10×25mm

10mm carry


The difference between the Mossberg 500 and 590 is that the Mossberg 500 has longer stock and shorter magazine tube, while the Mossberg 590 has a shorter stock but longer magazine tube.

10 mm or 44 mag - we choose...

With superior recoil and lower cost, our experts recommended the 10×25mm ammo over the competition. With the perk of multiple carry options, the 10×25mm ammo is one cartridge that you can rely upon for personal defense.

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