7mm VS 30-06 — Which Is Better Than The Other?

7mm VS 30-06
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The task of purchasing a robust and high-performance bullet is challenging. For newbies, the job is even made more difficult due to the availability of several options, and many users might purchase the wrong one.

In this 7mm vs 30-06 cartridge comparison, our team of experts will be looking at two of the most popular hunting cartridges and conclude which is a better choice.

Best for Ballistics (7mm Rem Mag)

7mm Rem Mag

  • 7mm Rem Mag has a high Ballistics Coefficient that makes it super resistant to wind drift and wind drag. The high BC and velocity results in better stopping power.

Best for Recoil (30-06 Sprg)

30-06 Sprg

  • The 30-06 Sprg round has a low recoil that makes pulling the trigger less severe on the hand. Also, it makes loading quicker, which is beneficial for long shooting rounds.

looking at the features

Features Comparison

7mm vs 30-06 Specs

7mm is a 7.2mm (about 0.284) diameter cartridge with a case length of 2.5 inches. Compared to the 30-06, the 30 caliber round is 7.62mm (roughly 0.308) in diameter and 2.494 inches long, based on its case.

The neck diameter and base diameter of the 7mm are 0.315 inches and 0.512, respectively, compared to the 30-06 that are 0.340 inches and 0.471 inches. The case capacity also differs. The 7mm has a higher case capacity of 82gr, while the 30-06 is 68gr.

The 7mm can come between 137 – 175 grains in terms of bullet weight, while 30-06 comes in multiple values between 110 and 220 grains. Furthermore, the 7mm has a max pressure of 61,000 PSI, compared to 60,200 PSI of the 30-06. 



The recoil of a bullet impacts the shot. The less recoil a cartridge has, the easier the pulling of the trigger will be. For longer shooting rounds, a cartridge with less recoil is vital.

Both cartridges are manageable in terms of recoil energy generated and felt. 

Though the 7mm Rem Mag generated a few more recoil energy than the 30-06, the difference can be overlooked, especially for experienced shooters. For beginners, the 30-06 is a better option.

Winner: 30-06 Sprg


When we talk about Ballistics, we mainly refer to the Ballistic Coefficient. The higher the BC, the more resistant the bullet will be to wind drag and wind drift, and the better the shooting range.

The 7mm Rem Mag has a higher average Ballistic Coefficient than 30-06 Sprg. (What about the 10mm and the 44 Mag?)

Winner: 7mm Rem Mag

Average Velocity of 30-06 Sprg & 7mm Rem Mag

Our team of experts did some shooting rounds with both cartridges, and discovered that the 7mm Rem Mag rounds had a significant, consistent higher muzzle velocity than the 30-06. The 7mm Rem Mag recorded more than 400 FPS over 500 yards than 30-06 Sprg.

Winner: 7mm Rem Mag

Average Supersonic Limit

When fired, the 7mm Rem Mag remained supersonic in speed for up to 1300 yards, making it excellent for long-range shooting. The 30-06 remained supersonic up to 1000 yards.

Winner: 7mm Rem Mag


The trajectory of a bullet impacts its accuracy, bullet drop, and factory load. The less trajectory a bullet has, the less time a bullet stays in air.

At over 400 yards, and based on the same bullet weight, the 7mm Rem Mag has a flatter trajectory than the 30-06 Sprg. It also has a slightly better momentum [1].

Winner: 7mm Rem Mag

7mm trajectory


A cartridge’s accuracy is a tremendous factor that shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it comes to this 30-06 vs 7mm comparison.

The 7mm Rem Mag recorded more long-range, accurate shots than the 30-06 during some shooting rounds our experts conducted. This is not surprising since the 7mm Rem Mag has a better BC, muzzle velocity, and greater supersonic limit.

Winner: 7mm Rem Mag

Price of 30-06 Sprg and 7mm Rem Mag

The price difference between the two cartridges is slightly negligible. Ballistics and performance aside, the 7mm Rem Mag costs a few dollars more because it’s not as heavily used as the 30-06 Sprg, resulting in less availability.

Winner: 30-06 Sprg


Both cartridges have rounds with high velocity and BCs that are excellent for hunting medium to a large-sized game since both have a supersonic limit past 500 yards. They are also great for long-range shooting competitions, although the 7mm has a slight edge here.

Winner: 7mm Rem Mag


The 7mm is not bigger than 30-06 based on the bullet diameter. However, looking at the case volume, the 7mm is higher than the 30-06, which results in higher velocity and range.

7mm Rem Mag or 30-06? we choose...

Based on the comparison of the 7mm Rem Mag vs 30-06 article in a few factors, our team of experts has picked the 7mm Rem Mag as the better choice. It has a higher muzzle velocity, better recoil, better BC, and a flatter trajectory, which results in more long-range, accurate shots.

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