.350 Legend vs .300 Blackout – In-Depth Comparison

350 legend vs 300 blackout
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With marginal cartridge specs, the .350 Legend vs .300 Blackout topic always gets a head-on collision in the shooting community. Being a few years older than the 350 Legend, the 300 Blackout captured the eyes of most hunters. But as soon as the 350 Legend was introduced, hunting enthusiasts started digging on the new centerfire rifle cartridge.

After its debut, Winchester claimed that .350 Legend was the fastest straight wall cartridge ever released to overthrow .300 Blackout ammunition in the market. They also claim that .350 has lesser recoil than .450 Bushmaster and .243 Win.

Specification Chart

350 Legend

  • Bullet Size: 2.26 inches
  • Bullet Diameter: .357 inches
  • Shell Case Length: 1.71 inches
  • Shell Case Type: Rebated rim, straight-walled
  • Energy (per 200 yards): 859 ft⋅lbf
  • Velocity (per 200 yards): 1,466 ft/s
  • Muzzle Energy: 1,762 ft⋅lbf
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,290 fps

300 AAC Blackout

  • Bullet Size: 2.26 inches
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.308 inches
  • Shell Case Length: 1.368 inches
  • Shell Case Type: Rimless, bottleneck
  • Energy (per 200 yards): 824 ft⋅lbf
  • Velocity (per 200 yards): 1872 ft/s
  • Muzzle Energy: 1,360 ft⋅lbf
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,215 fps


In this category, the 300 Blackout bags a trophy for being the more affordable ammo against the 350 Legend. The 300 Blackout still costs cheaper for a dollar or two per box. If you are reloading, the cost may be about the same except that the 350 legend requires a little more gun powder. Although for ammo availability-wise, the 350 Legend could beat 300 BLK, still, the 300 Blackout is more cost-effective.

350 Legend & 300 AAC Blackout Trajectory

Having a flatter trajectory is an advantage when it comes to long-range shooting games. For varmint hunters, competitors, and gun owners practicing at a distance, supersonic 300 BLKs are big medicine. But when compared to the 350 Legend, the 300 Blackout gets walked over. The 350 Legend can perform up to 240 yards while the 300 Blackout fails to reach a useful 200 yards range. In this category, the 350 Legend takes another win.

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350 legend trajectory

Long Distance Shooting

When it comes to long-distance shooting, we find the 300 Blackout acceptable for hunting deer within 150 yards. Its performance is comparable to the 350 Legend Winchester but is more accurate and with better projectile options for terminal ballistics on a big game. In comparison, the effective range of a 350 Legend is somewhat shorter than 300 Blackout, although they both work best at around 100 yards or closer. It’s safe to claim that the 300 Blackout gets its first win against the 350 Legend.

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Loading Type - 300 Blackout or Legend 350?

The 300 Blackout gets its another win against 350 Legend because it can carry multiple loads in different magazines. With a 10-year headstart on 350 Legend, there are more options for the 300 Blackout, more barrels, magazines, rifles, pistols, and other accessories dedicated to 300 Blackout instead of 350 Legend. You may also want to check out our recommended 300 BLK suppressors for short barrel rifles

Bullet Weights

350 legend bullet weight

The 350 Legend offers bullet weights ranging from 145 to 265 gr and the ability to practice cheaply with low recoil and high velocity. While the 300 AAC Blackout loads usually weigh between 180- and 220-grains.

This added weight makes them naturally slower than a 110-grain bullet fired through the same barrel. With this, the 350 Legend snatches another win against 300 BLK.

Blackout 300 vs 350 Bullet Energy

Although the 300 Blackout ammo is more powerful, more efficient, and more lethal when fired out of short-barreled rifles than 5.56 ammo, it falls behind the bullet energy of the 350 Legend being the heavier bullet. In 350 Legend vs 300 Blackout bullet energy, the 350 Legend gets another win.

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350 Legend Pros & Cons



300 AAC Blackout Pros & Cons



300 Blackout or 350 Legend? Our Choice is...

In choosing between the 350 Legend vs 300 AAC Blackout – our choice is the 350 Legend because it has a better trajectory, more bullet energy, and works better in long-range shooting. Although buying 300 Blackout is also a great decision because it is more affordable, the 350 Legend is easier to find even during ammo shortages.

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350 Legend

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