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7 Best SKS Stocks (2022 UPDATED) Results Just In

Best SKS Stocks

The semi-automatic carbine rifle, SKS, is a simple yet precise and straightforward firearm from the Soviet Union. A mass-produced stock SKS rifle lacks firmness and durability. But how do you choose the best SKS stocks? Are there replacement stocks suitable for receiver-mounted scopes?

We want you to pick an excellent SKS stock for your rifle. That is why our team came up with this roundup for you to choose from.








Why We Picked It:

We picked this replacement stock because of their claim for durability, and they delivered. They made SKS rifle stocks from fiberglass-filled polymer. The shape for any dimension does not change, and that makes it versatile too. 

This modern semi-automatic rifle stock is designed to fit right away without the need for alterations or fitting. It is adjustable with zero-drop and has a high cheek rest. This is a highly compatible stock any SKS rifle owner would love to have.

Who Should Use It: 

These are highly recommended SKS stocks to occasional or practice shooters who want to replace their traditional rifle stock.



Choate is a popular choice because of its durability and functionality. This stock is a fiberglass-filled polymer and is very easy to install without the fitting required.




Why We Picked It:

Many SKS rifle owners opt to upgrade to ATI SKS stock because of durability, which we confirm. This is made from DuPont glass-reinforced polymer and is one of the aftermarket synthetic stocks — light but tough. This SKS strikeforce adjustable stock is scratch-proof and also weather resistant. 

This is compatible with all SKS models, and it uses the Trak Lock system to make sure that the gas tube does not move. It works efficiently with parts that are securely locked in. 

Who Should Use It: 

This can be the best fit for hunters and target shooters. It has a sturdy build that can withstand outdoor activities.


This is a durable product that is weather-proof and scratch-proof. It is compatible with all SKS rifle models. This is also very durable as this is from DuPont glass-reinforced polymer.




Why We Picked It:

We chose this product because of its adjustability. PRO Mag is a collapsible stock unit with various adjustments for easy holding. They also ensured precision with aiming and shooting since it has separate settings for length of pull and cheek risers. . 

This has a SAW pistol grip which features a locking storage compartment. This is also ergonomically designed where the front and back straps are textured and grooved to minimize fatigue. 

Who Should Use It: 

This is a highly recommended SKS stock to individuals who want to customize their SKS guns and do not have budget concerns. These are for all types of shooters.


If you are looking for adjustability and functionality along with precision, this is the stock SKS owners should have. It has a collapsible stock. It has an ergonomic design to eliminate or at least reduce stress.




Why We Picked It:

We liked Advanced Tech’s Thumbhole Stock which has the classic Dragunov Russian look, though these are contemporary replacement stocks. These are made from DuPont’s glass-reinforced polymer. This ensures they provide durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant stock like any Advanced Technology SKS Strikeforce Stock in the market. 

It has a visible thumbhole grip that gives the user the chance to hold the firearm firmly while absorbing kickback. Advanced Technology Strikeforce stock also has an adjustable cheek rest to give your head a good position when aiming.

Who Should Use It: 

This stock is great for hunters and competitive shooters who need the adjustable cheek rest. 


These fixed stocks are durable products made from DuPont’s glass-reinforced polymer. It is also lightweight and weather-proof. ATI Stocks ensured that the classic Dragunov Russian feel is kept in this piece and mixed with American vibes.



5. Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock

Why We Picked It:

This product from Magpul is an entry-level lightweight stock that has an A-frame design. It is durable and ergonomic, with a fixed carbine stock, a slim profile, and an improved cheek weld. 

It has a polymer build to make it last longer. Anyone can install this Mil-Spec quality stock. Installation was simplified, not needing special tools. 

Who Should Use It: 

We find this beneficial to outdoor shooters, hunters, and target shooters because of its durability and weight.


The slim profile of Magpul MOE is designed with Mil-Spec quality. It is one of the sturdy types in the market with an ergonomic design. It is lightweight, with an A-frame design.



6. Tapco SKS Intrafuse w/ Bayonet

Why We Picked It:

We like this product by TAPCO because it is affordable and packed with features. It is one of the Adjustable SKS Intrafuse Stock, with easy accessibility and high compatibility with any SKS model. 

It is a folding stock with a six-position stock length that allows the user to move the pull according to their preference. This is a collapsible stock for easy storage. This also has a Picatinny rail with a bipod and vertical grip, with an upper handguard rail.

Who Should Use It: 

We recommend this stock to all shooters on a tight budget but want top-quality stocks with a vertical pistol grip. 


This is your best pick if you are on a budget but still hoping to get full stock features. It is versatile, and it allows the user to have easy accessibility. It is compatible with any SKS model. It also has a Picatinny rail for scopes and mounts.




Why We Picked It:

This is one of ATI’s adjustable Strikeforce stock, which is designed with a military buffer tube. It is still securely made with DuPont extreme reinforced polymer, ensuring optimal gun stocks strength. 

These stocks are compatible with any receiver-mounted scope. This is a good SKS stock since it has no snag points and is non-slip. These are also built with thin scorpion recoil pads. You can even install sling mounts for easy carry.

Who Should Use It: 

This is a good product to use during hunting and competition shooting. 


This ATI stock is another quality product from ATI Strikeforce. It has no snag points, and these are non-slip as well. This is made of  DuPont extreme reinforced polymer, which makes it durable and long-lasting.



Your Guide to Buying

buying guide


Like everything else, pricing would depend on the materials and features used on these products. Durability is the basis, and the more effort these manufacturers put into their rifle stock, the higher the price. Some replacements are cheaper. However, these are still made with better materials compared to factory stocks. 


The finish of the stock is the reinforcement of the materials used. It prevents damaging factors like dirt and moisture from seeping in. Synthetic stocks are durable, but without a good finish, scratches will ruin their appearance too. 

Also, an added advantage to a good finish is the additional gripping strength. A great stock should have a good grip, which can provide a stable platform that enhances accuracy. 


The common replacement stocks are tactical composite stocks which are lighter than factory stock. Not all products are the same, so it would be better if you choose something that has the right weight for you. Shooters who are constantly on the move would prefer lighter stocks, while others who do target shooting prefer added weight for stability.

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Left Hand or Right Hand?

This feature solely depends on the user itself. Whichever is more convenient for you should be your choice, and fortunately, some stocks are ambidextrous. 

Ease of Installation

The best SKS stock would be something that you can install easily. It is the most common cause of distaste for a user, when the SKS replacement stock is very complicated to handle. They should include special tools needed for installation upon purchase. If not, these should be easily accessible. 

Stock Style

Stock styles depend on the user’s preference regardless of the arguments of the so-called experts in the field of shooting. Decision-making would still fall under the user’s shoulder when deciding among the choices listed below. 

  • Original Issue Military
  • MOD.54 Winchester-Original Issue Style
  • British Express Rifle Classic
  • Gary Goudy Classic Rifle Stock
  • G & H High Comb Classic
  • G & H Classic-Open Sight
  • Oberndorf Classic
  • Rollover Sporter
  • Mannlicher Rifle Stocks
  • .22 Cal Stocks
  • Freischütz Classic
  • Poor Man’s Kimber
  • British StalkerThumbhole Sporter


Pistol Grip

Pistol grip aftermarket SKS stock is designed to give the user better handling and control of their weapon.

Adjustable Buttstock

This design allows you to adjust based on your body type. This is where your shooting condition will depend as well. 



These synthetic stocks are made from plastic or polymer and are the popular choice for SKS stocks. These aftermarket stocks often have a fiberglass (1) or carbon fiber finish. It is easy to reproduce polymer because of its inexpensive price. 


Older rifles have this material, but it is no longer a common choice nowadays. However, this is a good material against recoil but is no longer an option for new SKS stocks because wood stocks are heavier, not what SKS modern stock should be.


They merged the benefits you get from a wooden stock and SKS synthetic stock to replace worn-out stock. But because of the high cost of production, these are not commonly made.


Upgrades come from quality materials that are also lightweight stocks. Depending on how their manufacturers construct them, these are reinforced with different types of coating. The best SKS stock would have the most reliable materials with the best finish available. 

Added Features

When replacing your original stock, your initial intention is mainly to have an advanced technology stock compatible with SKS models. However, there are features included in these products, which makes them even higher quality SKS stocks. 

Below are the features that you may find included:

  • Adjustable
  • Bedding in the forend
  • Collapsible buttstock
  • Checkering on stock near the trigger for grip
  • Engravings
  • Left-handed cheek pieces
  • Picatinny rails
  • Thumbhole
  • Raised cheek rest
  • Storage compartments

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

As always, we look at totality and not just a specific feature. An SKS carbine is a special firearm that deserves to have parts that enhance its capabilities. We look at functionality, price, compatibility, and all other areas before adding a gun stock to the list. 

Weapon Compatibility

SKS rifles are still very popular these days, and we highly respect this simple yet reliable weapon. We searched for SKS stocks that fit the SKS rifle perfectly. We look for those pieces that do not have any functionality issues once attached. 

Product Quality 

The materials’ make and consistency are what our final basis is, and a stock made from high-quality materials allows the rifle to work perfectly. After testing potential products, we look at other buyers’ views and opinions to ensure that our choice matches the majority.


Yes, SKS stocks are legal to use in the US since these are semi-automatics that house ten rounds. However, it is illegal to import these firearms.

Yes, an SKS stock will fit an AR 15 rifle because you can modify an AR-15 any way you want. There will be a need for modification to the stock, and the user should be ready to have a buttstock that does not have a pistol grip.

What's Our Choice For The Best SKS Stocks?

Our choice for the best SKS stocks is CHOATE SKS DRAGUNOV STOCK ADJ. Though it is common to see durable materials used when looking for SKS stocks, we appreciate this product’s fiberglass-filled polymer build. It offered comfort and durability at the same time. Its compatibility with SKS guns is also an added point. 

Our team also had the chance to try its recoil and muzzle lift resistance, which satisfied us. It translated to enhanced accuracy and precision since kickback is not felt much. The gas tube cover also remained unscathed. With all these features, our decision is now firm.


Our #1 Recommendation


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