Glock 43 vs Kahr CM9 – Comparison Guide

glock 43 vs kahr cm9
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If you’re looking for 9mm, you might want to check out Glock 43 vs Kahr CM9, two of the most reliable handguns available in the market today. They share several similar features, such as the trigger, capacity, and sights. We’ve known some people who would gladly go for Glocks anytime, but in our opinion, the Kahr pistols also deserve a good look. Let’s find out if we’re right in this review.

The key differences between Glock 43 and Kahr CM9 include the more extended slide, barrel, and overall length of Glock 43 and its slightly heavier weight. The Glock 43’s dimension, including its 6.06 inches slide compared to the 5.42 inches of the Kahr CM9, makes the latter more suitable for pocket carry. This, in addition to Kahr CM9 being the slightly lighter gun.

Besides the specs, we noticed that the take-down system of the Glock 43 is much simpler and more comfortable compared to the Kahr CM9. If you’re after customization, your aftermarket options would be more substantial for the Glock too.

Specification Chart

Glock 43

  • Brand: Glock
  • Height: 4.25 inches
  • Weight: 17.99 oz
  • Length: 6.26 inches
  • Trigger: Striker-fired Double-Action Only
  • Barrel: 3.41 inches
  • Calibers: 9mm Luger
  • Capacities: 6+1 rounds

Kahr CM9

  • Brand: Kahr
  • Height: 4 inches
  • Weight: 15.9 oz
  • Length: 5.42 inches
  • Trigger: Double-Action Only
  • Barrel: 3.1 inches
  • Calibers: 9mm Luger
  • Capacities: 6+1 rounds

In-Depth Comparison

Glock 43 & Kahr CM9 Pricing

Kahr intentionally designed CM9 with cost-saving features like the use of conventional rather than polygonal rifling. As a result, you can save about a hundred bucks if you’ll go with this gun rather than getting a Glock 43. It’s either getting more features from the Glock or saving more from the Kahr. Regardless, both are great if you’re seeking function and value.

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Design & Ergonomics

The built-in beavertail grip of Glock 43 and its extended slide translates to less felt muscle flip and felt recoil. It also features a reversible mag release button.

However, even though it fills most hands due to its size, Kahr CM9 has more aggressive texturing. The checkered pattern on the rear and front grip straps make it easily controllable when firing hot 9mm ammo.

khar CM9 design

Size & Weight - Glock 43 or Kahr CM9?

Glock 43 has a 6.26 inches overall length, 4.25 inches height, and 1.06 inches width, while Kahr CM9 is 5.42 inches long, 4 inches tall, and 0.9 inches slim. Thus, Glock 43 makes the more massive gun.

However, Glock 43’s specs and extra slide length offer advantages in grip, muzzle flip, and balance. Still, if you want a gun for everyday pocket carry or deep concealment, Kahr CM9 might be the better option.

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The two pistols utilize a 6+1 ammo and offer mags with a pinky extension. But for some handgun owners, it might be better if they can be as competitive as the capacity of other similar-sized guns like Sig.

According to some users, Kahr CM9 seems to be more ammo-sensitive. Thus, although we could have called this one a draw, we’ll choose Glock 43. Additionally, Kahr might work better on more expensive ammo. We’ll show you how to disassemble a Glock mag here

Kahr CM9 & Glock 43 Trigger

The trigger of Glock 43 vs Kahr CM9 feels different, although both use a double-action-only system. The trigger pull of Kahr CM9 is heavier at 6-7lbs than the 5.4lb of Glock 43, but the two of them offer manageable recoil. Since it’s hard to choose, we call this a tie. It still depends on what trigger system you prefer. Check out our list of Glock trigger connectors here


khar Cm9 sights

Glock 43 has a white dot front and white outline notch in the rear that’s drift adjustable.

On the other hand, Kahr CM9 is also drift-adjustable with white bar-dot combat sights, pinned in Polymer front sights.

Like most handgun owners, we prefer the Kahr, as Glock 43’s sights offer the same terrible standard plastic sights you can expect on other Glocks. However, you may opt to change your Glock sights with compatible aftermarket night sights anytime. 

Glock 43 & Kahr CM9 Accuracy

As far as accuracy is concerned, we’re impressed with the guns’ results as we did our tests. We ran more than a thousand rounds, and we can quickly shoot off-targets even at distances beyond 10 yards. Additionally, the team didn’t experience any problem during rapid shooting.

Glock 43 Pros & Cons



Kahr CM9 Pros & Cons



Kahr CM9 or Glock 43? We Pick..

Between Glock 43 vs Kahr CM9, we pick Glock 43. It’s much easier to find available new in stock and we love how it fits in our hand while shooting. It’s great for concealed carry and an all around reliable, accurate firearm.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Glock 43

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