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5 Best Night Sights for Glock (2022 UPDATED) Results Just In

Best Night Sights For Glock

Glock pistols are among the most popular centerfire pistols, making them the ideal choice for both civilians and authorized persons. However, Glock stock sights aren’t really desirable. Fortunately, there are several Glock-compatible nights sights available today. 

To find out which are the better brands in the market, the team tried a few out on the range, and here are the names that made it to the list of the best night sights for Glock.


Trijicon Night Sight Sets


Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot


Ameriglo Pro-IDOT

1. Trijicon Night Sight Sets

Why We Picked It

Trijicon night sights are the first on our list. The very first reason is the ease of use. Installation is the very reason why most Glock owners back out in having night sights unless these are factory sights. 

Manufacturers of these night sights have made it very easy to install, plus the simplicity of using it is also present. It has the usual three-dot design, a single front dot with two dots on either side of the rear sight notch. The U-shaped rear sight is a green tritium lamp just like the one in the front. 

Lining up the three dots is very easy and natural with this shape. There are a few instances where the tritium lamps are not coming on upon installation, but it could be because of the shipping and handling. The great thing about this is the warranty that covers these instances.



2. Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot

Why We Picked It

This particular Glock site is not just for low light conditions but also helps adjust windage and elevation. A perfect tool for those trying on varied ammunition loads, which are a target or competition shooter. These can also be the best Glock sights for handgun hunting since the weight of the bullet and muzzle velocity may shift markedly to the point of impact. 

The tritium illuminates the rear and front sights; however, the front sight glows brighter, which helps you focus on it instead of the target or the rear sight. Some users may have some issues with the front sight being large or fat, but it also makes it easier to sight in faster, based on the experience of some shooters.




3. Ameriglo Pro-IDOT

Why We Picked It

This is probably one of the best Glock night sights, especially if you are just going to use this in the evening. Total darkness or low light, this night sight is an alternative to your stock sight because of its big dot. Both front and rear sight have green tritium(1) lights that give impressive luminescence, especially if this is left under sunlight. 

The tritium line is still visible even if away from direct sunlight once in low light situations. This is a perfect fit for a Glock 19. The two-dot system has a better and faster acquisition, and the big rear notch will quickly line you up. Installation-wise, you may have to struggle to put it on, especially if you do not have a background.



4. Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sight Suppressor Set

Why We Picked It

For those deciding on putting a sound suppressor or have already placed one on your Glock 19, you already know that the diameter of the sound suppressor exceeds the height of the stock sights. It follows that you would need something elevated to correct the sight picture. 

The best solution for this is a night sight set of elevated sights that can self-illuminate to use in low light conditions effectively, and this is precisely what this night sight set can provide. 

Other night sights do not have this type of design but this reputable gun accessories company, Trijicon, took the initiative and considered the condition that is most likely a dilemma of many shooters. Your Glock 19 will no longer be a difficult tool to fire in whatever lighting condition you may be.



5. Feyachi NS16 Night Sights

Why We Picked It

This particular piece is far different from the rest of the Glock sight listed here. Instead of the tritium inserts you see on most night sights, this only has three green dots that glow in the dark. You can be sure that this is durable as it is made of CNC-machined steel, finished with a Fortress coating. 

This sighting system is best for active users, especially with weapons that have strong recoil. It is very durable, and you can be sure it will last for a long period. This is actually a good fit for a Glock 19, the Glock 26, and other Glock pistols. 

The lights are also exceptionally bright, especially if your weapon was exposed to strong light and you transition to a low light location.



Your Guide to Buying

buying guide

Dot Alignment

The very common night sight is the three-dot design using either three tritium lamps or fiber optic rods. The three-dot design is normally seen on combat sights where one is in front, which should be appropriately mounted to align with the two at the rear sight position. 

Another option is the two-dot design where the lamp is in front and another beneath the notch opening. This is preferred by many as it gives faster front sight acquisition, although it still depends on the user and the time frame you have.


This is mainly because of the tritium phosphor lamp and the fiber optics found in these Glock pistols. Other options are used on other sights; however, if you want consistent front and rear sights during daytime or night, the best night sights for Glock or any concealed carry are those with tritium. 

Rear Sight Notch

Search for a night sight with a rear sight that can easily line up with the front sight. A pistol sight can be in many designs. Make sure you choose one wide enough for you to find the front sight as soon as you make target acquisition.

Contrast Ring

This is not really essential to make the settings of your pistol sights better but more on making it functional, especially during daylight shooting. This is found on the front surrounding the lamp.


You always have to remember that labels are not that reliable. Find something that has a snag-resistant design to ensure that your Glock 19 or other Glock models fit perfectly, whether you’re drawing or holstering it. 


Whether used in competitions, hunting, or self-defense, durability is a must. You have to consider recoil, which will hit on that big tritium dot whenever you fire the gun. Your sight will also be affected by the changing weather, corrosion, and all other factors. Quality products may come with a price, but it also comes with durability.


There are always Glock 19 sights that fit as soon as you mount it to the sight post, but those also require alterations and adjustments. As long as accessories are provided to ensure target acquisition are still acquired with no problems, that would be acceptable. Learn how to change Glock sights here

What Are The Benefits of Glock Night Sights?

What Are The Benefits of Glock Night Sights

Sight Acquisition

Night sights are not vision just to clarify, and the benefit it gives is the illumination on the target. Regardless if it is daytime or not, it will do its job. In normal light, the fiber optics at the back aligns with the white dot in front, making your aim better. The right sight set can be iron sights that can improve your shooting.

Accurate Shooting

Fast target acquisition is the main reason why Glock owners opt to use rather than the factory Glock sights. There are more enhancements made on add-on night sights to make your shot more accurate. It even works as a suppressor sight but still gives perfect rear illumination that allows you to set your aim accurately.

Ideal for Everyday Carry

Most night sights have a snag-free design which is ideal for a concealed weapon or everyday carry. You still have reliable combat.

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Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

We did not rely mainly on the physical appearance of the product but its functionality. Durability and functionality are our top priority as Glocks are very active weapons that require sights that do not falter when used. We did not require it to have a big dot sight as that may not be the preference of many. Compatibility is also an area that we looked at before we made our choice.

Weapon Compatibility

As we mentioned, we highly considered compatibility. There are differences in every Glock model, but fit and functionality should not deter why one should not use it. We looked at how manufacturers enhanced the capability of the product and made the sight usable for many. 

Product Quality 

Knowing how strong a Glock is, we chose a sight reinforced with materials that are known to outstand elements that can affect the performance and based it on how buyers reacted to their purchases. We tested it and compared what we found out to how other users experienced it.


Factory sights are just simple generic factory-made sights. These are accessories that came along with your gun but did not receive any enhancements compared to more durable iron sights or a blade sight. It has limitations compared to add-on accessories that you can attach to your Glock.

Yes, they work perfectly. The green dot is usually white light during high light conditions, especially if these are designed as one dot setup.

These fiber optic or Tritium lamps last for at least 6-12 years. These are radioactive isotopes of hydrogen that self-illuminates whenever there is a need for it to do so. We normally see green because this is the effect of manufacturers’ phosphorous coating, but it can also be turned to orange or blue.

What's Our Choice For The Best Glock Night Sight?

Our choice for the best Glock night sight is Trijicon Night Sight Sets. We considered everything else apart from how this night sight set is designed and put together because that is already a giveaway. Installation is always a hassle, be it a beginner or a veteran, if the night sight requires special tools when installed. 

Another is the warranty. No questions asked. If users say it is not how Trijicon claims it should work, they replace it right away. The best night sights should always place the preference of their users first, which is what we say with this night sight.


Our #1 Recommendation

Trijicon Night Sight Sets

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