How to Change Glock Sights (2023 Full Resource)

How To Change Glock Sights
Alfred Mendoza

Are you planning to upgrade the junk factory sights of your Glock pistol? Changing the sights is one of the highly suggested first upgrades for Glock users. 

Here are seven easy steps on how to change Glock sights to start your do-it-yourself sight replacement.

1. Gather the Rights Tools Needed

You will need the right tool to start to avoid any damage while you change your factory sights. If you worry that you might need many specialized tools, fret not because you can use a basic tool and still get the work done. 

You will need a universal bench block for a steady work surface. A Glock front sight tool is needed to tighten the hex screw. Once the hex screw is tight enough, you can also use gun oil, Loctite blue, and calipers to change the firearm sights.  

In addition to this, you will need aluminum punches and a tack hammer if the soft metal parts do not come off quickly.

2. Unload and Disassemble Pistol

Before working with the pistols, always remember to unload. Most firearm accidents happen on the range because they think the handgun is not loaded. Remove the magazine and make sure that the chamber is clear.  

After ensuring that the gun is unloaded, point the Glock in a safe direction while pulling the trigger to prevent any injury or damage [1]. Pull back the sled, then pull its takedown lever. Then separate the housing, recoil spring, and barrel. After the sled falls off the front edge, hold it because you will only need the slide.

3. Remove Rear Sight

Removing the rear sight of the Glock is as easy as pie. The universal bench block allows you to work on a stable surface. It will also avoid damaging the gun’s part when you hit and prod its components. 

Line up your aluminum punch on sight. Make sure to avoid the punch and hammer to the slide. Balance the sled a little, then let it pop out. You can keep these rear sights, in case they are needed.

However, there are several sight options for you to choose from. You can upgrade from stock to taller sights like Truglo TFO sights or Fiber Optic sight. Learn how to aim your Glock here

Remove Rear Sight

4. Install Rear Sight

After removing the Glock rear sight, you can now proceed to sight installation of your new rear sight. Make sure that your sight, like fiber optic, fits by checking if it sits flush with the back of the slide. Then, you can use the bench block and punch to avoid damaging the screw. 

To counterweight the new sights, you may use a caliper to zero out your gun quickly. You can also center-set the sight by the slide. Keep adjusting each side with the caliper and sight pusher until it is centered and does not drop.

5. Remove Front Sight

Since the front sights are held with hexagonal screws, the only thing you will be needing is the Glock front sight tool. This specialized tool is designed for tiny spaces. Its edges are flat, so they will avoid damaging the screws. However, some use pliers, especially if it’s a plastic screw.

After the screws are removed, be careful not to drop if you don’t plan to replace them. You can easily pop out the front sight from the top of the slide once the screw is removed. In case it does not come off as expected, you may use aluminum punches to propel it.

6. Install Front Sight

For the sight installation, use the Glock front sight tool to deal with the hex screws.

Before putting up the hex screws, dab a tiny amount of blue Loctite on the threads. Then insert the front site onto the slide where the dot is facing the rear sight. 

Fix the screws until finger-tight to make sure it does not move quickly.

If the front sight is not perfectly straight, you can twist it gently using a wrench. Many folks prefer tritium night sights as Glock’s sights replacement.

Install Front Sight

7. Reassemble 

After changing the sights, it’s time to reassemble the weapon. Get the barrel, and recoil spring, then place it in the right direction. Slide the rail on the frame and pull it back. You will then hear the click of a takedown lever. Use a caliper to zero out the Glock pistol. 

After reassembling your Glock pistols with the new sight, cure the Loctite 24 hours before firing the gun. You can conduct a test fire at the range and adjust using the right tool if need be.

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Yes, you can change the sights without any professional tools. Changing the sights is done mainly by firearms owners without the need for an expensive gunsmithing tool. You can use basic hand tools like pliers to remove the plastic screws.

However, changing sights may need the right tool to perform a field strip on your Glocks. It would also prevent the damages like a marred slide when disassembling the Glock.

You can use a caliper to know if the new sights are perfectly centered on the slide. However, you can manually check if it is centered. You can use a pencil to mark the center while measuring the slide and the sight. 

Measure the width of the slide, then measure the width of the night sights. Subtract the two measurements, then divide them by two. With this, you will know the space on each side.

So, How Do You Change Glock Sights?

There is an easy and correct way to change Glock sights. Make sure to use the right tools to avoid any damage to the Glock. Glock is known for its easy maintenance, absolute reliability, and simple functionality. 

Rule of thumb – work with an unloaded gun before disassembling your Glock to change sights.  

The sights may be an issue, especially if you run a Glock for a competition that needs fiber optics. The steps above are entirely doable, and since the upgrade may cost you money, you can save if you do it on your own.



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