4 Best Glock Trigger Connectors (2024 UPDATED)

Best Glock Trigger Connector
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Glocks are accurate guns until the trigger pull starts to act up. Upgrading the trigger connector usually is the answer to enhance its functionality. But which trigger connector is best for your Glock? 

To help you out, our team rounded up the top brands you can choose from to replace your Glock’s stock trigger connector.


Ghost Rocket 3.5 Trigger Connector


Ghost 4.5 Ranger Trigger Connector

1. Ghost Rocket 3.5 Trigger Connector

Why We Picked It:

This aftermarket trigger connector features a stainless steel body with a polished finish which makes it durable. We identified this ghost connector as a block to over traveling, reducing the trigger pull weight. 

The short trigger pull of a stock Glock trigger is almost the same as Ghost rocket which improves the reset functionality. 

Who Should Use It: 

Individuals who do competitive shooting or target shooting will benefit from this product since this lightens the trigger pull weight and improves accuracy.



Ghost Rocket trigger connector is made of durable stainless steel material, and it has a polished finish. This makes the product durable and expected to last a while. It is designed to prevent overtravel and improve reset to ensure smooth operation. It also lightens the trigger pull weight of your carry gun.



2. Ghost 4.5 Ranger Trigger Connector

Why We Picked It:

This is one of the connectors sold in the market that assures lighter and smoother pulls than a factory connector. It has a drop-in design. Therefore, there is no need for modifications on the Glock. Manufacturers also provide a lifetime warranty to their product should there be anything wrong with its make. 

Who Should Use It: 

This fits any type of shooter, especially competitive ones and those who use Glock for self-defense.


Ghost 4.5 Ranger has lighter weight compared to a stock Glock connector. It has a nice smooth finish that eliminates flaking and enhances reset. It is also backed up with a lifetime warranty.



3. Ghost Evo Elite Connector

Why We Picked It:

We tested the Ghost Evo Elite Connector, and it does have a smoother, shorter, and lighter performance. Over-travel is not a huge concern with this trigger connector. 

It can provide quick and accurate shots without much pretravel resistance. Installation is also very simple, where you can easily place the trigger pin with the locking block. 

Who Should Use It: 

This is a good product for self-defense purposes and competitive shooting, where fast shots are needed.



The Ghost Evo Elite is one of the best Glock trigger connectors from Ghost Industries. It focuses more on over-travel correction to provide faster and more accurate shots from your Glock.



4. Taran Tactical Ultimate Connector

Why We Picked It

This is a popular brand to many Glock users because the feel of this product is very similar to the stock connector, only better and smoother. It becomes easy to use because the muscle memory is familiar with how you operate the factory product. 

This is also very durable as it is made from heat-treated tool-steel materials with a highly polished nickel-plated surface (1)

Who Should Use It: 

This is a good fit for hunters and competitive shooters who want to have that familiar feel but a faster and smoother Glock performance.


Taran Tactical is a quality product that has a similar feel to a factory trigger, only better. They have durable stainless steel products that require lesser pressure when used.



Your Guide to Buying

buying guide

Construction Materials

The construction materials of your Glock trigger connectors play an important role since this prevents and regulates resistance on the trigger pull. It needs to be a tough and sturdy trigger material to ensure it will last and will be able to perform a smoother operation.

Easy Installation

Replacing factory trigger pull should not be a complicated task. The best Glock connectors are specifically designed for a particular gun model. Therefore, the fit should match. Moving the trigger forward or backward can loosen it up, but sometimes it also requires special tools. 

Heavier or Lighter Pull?

Replacements are not just for smoother operations. You can avoid accidental discharges with a trigger connector that has a heavier pull. A lighter trigger connector makes your shot more accurate and fast, but that would depend on your shooting capability as well.


Taking precise shots is not reliant on any part of your weapon alone. Before upgrading your Glock’s trigger, be sure to master your stock trigger connector. You may have to remaster the features of the new one, but your accuracy is already on the right path. 


The lifespan of a trigger connector would rely on the materials used. Picking high-grade quality stainless steel will not only allow you to use it for a long time but also avoid accidents waiting to happen. 


What normally affects the pricing of a trigger bar is the material used. However, there are also instances when these products are imported from other countries, causing the price to increase. In-house products will allow you to get a more reasonably-priced trigger connector.

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Benefits Of Updating Your Glock Trigger Connector

Ideal for Competition Shooting

Competition shooting requires shooting accuracy and faster shots, too, since there are time limits during competitions. The best Glock trigger connectors have a lighter trigger pull that allows faster and more accurate shots. 

Provides Pull Adjustment

The best Glock trigger connectors regulate the resistance of the trigger pull. A stock trigger connector can be pretty stubborn and tough. Replacing these trigger connectors will allow you to adjust your trigger pull.

Smooth & Steady Presses

The best Glock trigger connectors provide steady and smooth presses. That is why you install Glock trigger connectors for that purpose. A very important function of a connector is to provide a smoother pull compared to the factory connector. 

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

Our team looks at the materials and the functionality above everything. Glock owners are hoping to improve their weapons; that is why we choose durable and ultimately functional products with the best prices.

Weapon Compatibility

Glocks have specific models, and a trigger connector is created for a particular Glock. The right trigger connector should not provide any negative results after testing it out. We compare every product we test to others and see which one is the most suitable among all. 

Product Quality

We look at performance, compatibility, and consistency. The best Glock trigger connectors will emerge based on the reactions and reviews from individuals who have tried these. We compare notes to identify which observations are the same. We see to it that features or flaws should not be coincidental.


No. Not all Glock trigger connectors are the same as some offer features from a lighter trigger pull while others heavier trigger pulls.

You should replace the factory Glock trigger connector if the trigger pulls are already causing grits and causing you positive breaks that are not true. It makes you believe that the gun is going to go off, but the opposite happens.

And The Best Trigger Connector For Glock Is...

And the best trigger connector for Glock is the Ghost Rocket 3.5 Trigger Connector. We appreciated the safety applied on this trigger connector apart from the lighter pull that allows smoother operation. This is almost the same as the factory connector, just a lot better.

Ghost Rocket trigger press does not require a heavier pull. The muscle memory simplifies everything since it is like the original installation with a quick reset and faster recovery time. It is of stainless steel construction with a smooth finish to prevent overtravel. This trigger connector deserves to be on the top spot for quality.


Our #1 Recommendation

Ghost Rocket 3.5 Trigger Connector

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