4 Best Polymer Lower Receivers (2024 UPDATED) Hot Picks

Best Polymer Lower
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The good fit and finish of a polymer lower receiver are not prone to reliability issues when you upgrade it on your own. With this, upgrading your lower receiver helps you easily operate and effectively use your own rifle. 

Our team spent 24 hours researching the best polymer lower for your next AR-15 build.


KE Arms Stripped Lower Receivers Polymer


KE Arms Complete Lower Receivers Mil-spec Polymer


KE Arms Complete Lower Receivers Ambidextrous Polymer

1. KE Arms Stripped Lower Receivers Polymer

Why We Picked It

The KE Arms Stripped Lower Receivers Polymer is made from 30% glass-filled-nylon that incorporates the pistol grip, buffer tube, and trigger buttstock well. 

The best polymer lower receiver is compatible with multiple mil-spec standards control groups and cassette style match triggers. If you prefer sling attachment, the KE Arms Stripped lower receiver includes MLOK slots at the back. The lower receiver is available in flat dark earth and black finish.



2. KE Arms Complete Lower Receivers Mil-spec Polymer

Why We Picked It

The monolithic polymer from KE Arms is a mil-spec complete lower receiver that uses a carbine buffer and spring. The lower receiver is available in hard coat anodized black, flat dark earth, and OD green finish. 

It is lightweight and easy to upgrade compared to other parts. Complete lower receivers include a mil-spec FCG, optimized selector, long hammer, carbine buffer, and spring. In addition, it has an end plate, buffer detent, mag catch, and bolt catch assembly.




3. KE Arms Complete Lower Receivers Ambidextrous Polymer

Why We Picked It

If you are looking for an ambidextrous lower receiver, the KE Arms can be a good option. The polymer lower has an Ambi selector and KE Arms SLT-1 with a trigger pull of 4.5 lb and sear link technology. 

Compared to other lower receivers, the spring and detent holes of complete lower receivers are eliminated to increase the durability of the takedown lug pocket and pivot pin. For the safety indicator, the KE Arms includes a safety detent and selector spring placed at the top.



4. Polymer80 - AR-15 80% Polymer Lower Receiver & Jig Kit

Why We Picked It

The 80% polymer lower receiver is made from a single polymer composite for a light and durable build. Since the lower receiver is made with the best polymer, trigger hole drilling would be easier. 

Polymer 80 lower receiver has 80% finish and requires final milling of the fire control group, hammer and trigger pin, trigger slot, and gun safety. In addition, the unfinished lower receiver does not require Federal Law Licensing and serial number when purchasing.



Your Guide to Buying

buying guide

Easy Installation

Upgrading an AR-15 can be done even without the presence of a gunsmith. The best polymer lower must be easy to install to avoid any inconvenience. Fortunately, working with a polymer receiver provides ease of installation. Other polymer lower receivers come with a completely drilled trigger pocket and may not need exterior machining. 

Brand & Warranty

Multiple brands manufacture the best polymer lower, so it is accessible for any gun enthusiast to upgrade their receivers. KE is a renowned brand that offers good warranty service in case the lower itself is damaged easily. However, in Matrix Arms, once the polymer lower has been modified, the warranty will be void. 

Upper Receiver Compatibility

The best polymer lower receiver must be compatible with upper receivers. It is best to get a universal polymer lower to avoid any inconvenience. Billet aluminum lowers mostly universal so that it can be a good option.

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Magazine Type

Another thing to consider when buying the best polymer complete lower receivers is the magazine type. There are complete lower receivers with magazine release spring, so there might be a compatibility issue. However, if you get an 80% lower receiver, magazine type can be universal. 


Aside from its functionality, the best polymer lower should be durable. Some AR lower receivers are built-in raw aluminum, forged aluminum, and 7075 T6 aluminum, which gives the lower receiver a sturdy and durable build. However, polymer AR lower receivers are also built to last. 


AR-15 is very customizable and adaptable, so gun enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars for upgrades [1]. However, an AR lower receiver made from the polymer is affordable except for legal requirements and a serial number. Get an 80% lower that deals with the magazine release buffer spring, magazine release button, and magazine latch because it is more affordable.


Yes, a polymer lower is built to last. The best polymer is made from long molecular chains, which makes the AR lower strong and durable. In addition to this, polymers are extremely flexible and pliable, which helps the lower used longer.

Yes, polymer lower receivers are reliable. Since polymer lower receivers are lightweight, the reliability and accuracy of the rifle will not be affected even after longer use.

What’s Our Choice For The Best Polymer Lower?

Our choice for the best polymer lower is the KE Arms Stripped Lower Receivers Polymer. The lower receiver is a cost-effective and practical upgrade that can enhance the performance of your rifle. The lower receiver is easy to install because of the rear takedown pin and catch pin. 

The KE Arms Stripped Lower Receivers Polymer is lightweight compared to other configured receivers, which is exactly what you need. It is more affordable and can increase production speed, especially during high-demand cycles.


Our #1 Recommendation

KE Arms Stripped Lower Receivers Polymer

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