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5 Best Muzzle Brakes for 300 Win Mag (2022 UPDATE)

Best Muzzle Brake for 300 Win Mag

If your goal is precise shot placements with the benefit of reduced recoil and flatter shots, adding a muzzle brake or compensator to your 300 Win Mag can work magic. We completed the second round of testing and have made some major updates to our recommendations so you can cut through the noise. Let’s take a look at the best muzzle brakes for 300 Win Mag rifles.


Ultradyne USA Apollo LR Compensator


Area 419 Sidewinder Magnum Muzzle Brake


Area 419 Hellfire Match Muzzle Brake

Top 5 Muzzle Brake for 300 Win Mag

1. Ultradyne USA Apollo LR Compensator

The Ultradyne Apollo LR is a top pick of long-range shooters and we can see why. It performed better at reducing both recoil and muzzle rise than any 300 Win Mag muzzle brake or compensator we tested. Better yet, the design diverts gasses away from your line of sight which lets you watch the bullet all the way in, so you can make those small but critical adjustments with little delay.

This durable option is 100% CNC machined in the USA using 416 Stainless Steel finished with salt bath nitride finish. It’s a heavier option, but the trade-off is worth it. Mounting was simple using the included shrouded timing nut plus aesthetically it looks really great.



2. Area 419 Sidewinder Magnum

The Area 419 Sidewinder is one of the most recommended muzzle brakes for 300 Win Mag and remains a top pick after our second round of testing. Molded with the popular Hellfire brake, the Sidewinder is a larger diameter than the Hellfire Magnum and has one more port. The extra size provides a notable increase in recoil abatement, making this a better choice for the 300 Win Mag. The progressive rear-facing port design also controls muzzle jump at the shot without the use of top porting. Follow-up shots were a breeze but it does have quite a bit of blowback on the side as it projects the expanding gases outwards.

Made from heat treated 17-4PH Stainless Steel this muzzle brake can be mounted easily over a muzzle with ½-28 threads and didn’t turn as the collar was torqued to lock. Plus we didn’t need any tools to time the brake. Removal and re-installation required zero change. It is ideal for OEM products.



3. Area 419 Hellfire Match Muzzle Brake

Area 419 introduced the Hellfire Match in 2021 and it has had almost a cult following ever since. We knew this option had to be on the list and, as expected, it got high marks across the board. When we first received the Hellfire Match, the fit and finish was notable. Area 419 actually designed each of the 4 ports with different lengths, angles and heights to work best for their position. That thoughtful design paid off. In testing, we definitely noticed a reduction in felt recoil and less sound pressure than other options we tested. It also stayed flatter when shooting from an unsupported position and we were able to do follow up shots more easily.

As with the sidewinder, this brake was easy to mount and didn’t turn as the collar was torqued to lock and requires no tools to time the brake. This option has a smaller profile than the sidewinder and looks great when mounted.



4. Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake

If reducing recoil is your primary concern, the PA Hypertap Muzzle Brake could be your top choice. Most testers found this 300wm muzzle brake to have the most recoil reduction of all options we tested. While overall shooter comfort is this option’s crowning glory, this 300 Win Mag muzzle brake also performed well in terms of accuracy . The converging-divergent port geometry minimized the effects of both ascending and descending gas surges and less sight picture movement. The Hypertap gas biasing is fully user tunable and can be disabled for even lower sight picture movement while firing. This will send a bit more blast back to the user, but not so much to be a nuisance.

This is one of the more lightweight & compact options, weighing just 3 ounces. 100% Made in the USA with custom-manufactured stainless steel, this option is cleaning friendly. The integrated universal timing nut allows for quick field installation or removal using the lightweight spanner tools that come with it.



5. Seekins Precision ATC

The Seekins Precision ATC muzzle brake uses CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) analysis software to find the ideal port configuration for glasses to escape. It also features a rather impeccable and elegant design with somewhat different port patterns.

Because the front of the muzzle brake has been ported, the gas pressure distributes evenly on the entire muzzle brake. This brake doesn’t only reduce recoil but also helps with attaining quicker follow up shots for the shooter.



Factors to Consider

key factors

Less Recoil & Movement

If you were to purchase a muzzle brake for your 300 Win Mag, you need to consider how well it performs in reducing recoil and muzzle flinch. Rifles with supersonic and powerful ammunition tend to have high recoil rates. With this, you need to find a muzzle brake that can reduce the rifle’s recoil while maintaining its power in the shooting range. You may also want to check out the best suppressors for your 300 BLK SBR


Muzzle brakes work to provide a good solution to mitigate recoil and improve firing accuracy for gunners. The reduced “rocking” of the tank chassis and reduced muzzle drift would save precious seconds correcting the gunner’s aim. [1]

Since muzzle brakes expand gasses in different directions through its ports, it helps the weapon endure the pressure of constricted gas in the rifle’s barrel. In turn, muzzle brakes provide significant recoil reduction. Low recoil usually improves accuracy, as it makes shot placement more stationary. Learn what’s our recommended upper receiver vise blocks for AR-15 here


Length is also significant to be considered. Since muzzle brakes are accessories for a rifle, their length adds to the original size. Longer rifles typically weigh heavier, too. It’s not comfortable to use a longer rifle as it makes moving more restricted. Find out what muzzle brake we chose for our 450 Bushmaster here


If you can find muzzle brakes made of stainless steel, titanium or aluminum, you surely can count on them even when faced with tactical abuse or abrasion. However, better quality may also mean that it is more expensive, so prepare to spend a little more than regular brakes. Learn how to clean a muzzleloader here

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High-quality materials often equal durability. Hence, most shooting fanatics carefully look for muzzle brakes that provide high-quality materials to ensure the unit’s durability. You need to find a muzzle brake that can withstand the sheer pressure of gasses expanding out of the barrel. You’ll find the most durable muzzle brakes for 308 bolt action rifles here

Design & Finish

Consequently, the finish of a muzzle brake is also equally important to ensure that the muzzle brake won’t be marred by the effects of weather, moisture, dirt, and other corroding agents.

Its design needs to be considered, too. The length and weight of a muzzle brake may affect the overall length and weight of the rifle.

Design and Finish


It is best to find muzzle brakes that do not require professional gunsmithing skills or any special tools upon installation or removal. For non-threaded muzzles, it may require permanent modifications, so these features need to be considered, too. Learn how to time a muzzle brake here

And the #1 Muzzle Brake for 300 Win is...

After a series of tests, we recommend the UltraDyne USA Apollo LR Compensator as the best muzzle device for 300 Win. We like how its design diverts gasses away from our line of sight while reducing muzzle rise and recoil, making shot placements easier. This muzzle brake is also constructed from a precision CNC machined stainless steel, so it is durable enough to endure heavy use. This muzzle brake is also easy to install and remove. 

Our #1 Recommendation

UltraDyne USA Apollo LR Compensator

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