How To Time A Muzzle Brake – what You Need To Know

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A muzzle brake is a device added at the end of a rifle barrel that reduces felt recoil. The muzzle brake dissipates the firepower to the sides through the hole in it. To get the best shooting experience, you also need to know how to time it. Here are simple steps on how to time a muzzle brake.

1. Prepare Your Tools

The first step in perfectly timing your muzzle brake is making sure that all your tools are ready before you even begin. Prepare the following tools first to have an easier time when timing your muzzle brake.

  • Rags or paper towels
  • Several shims
  • An auto bushing wrench
  • A lubricant (use when necessary)
  •  Safety gloves
  •  Safety glasses

2. Learn How Your Muzzle Brake is Oriented

You must learn and check how the muzzle brake is oriented to correct it. The muzzle depends on the model you have, and it can have up-down or sideway holes. 

These must be taken into consideration in checking and learning its orientation. Check the muzzle type and make sure it is aligned. If it is not, it should be removed to be corrected.

muzzle brake

3. Find the Correct Amount of Shims

Insert a shin and check the muzzle brake’s alignment by retightening the muzzle brake but making sure that it still has some allowance to move. 

Check the timing of the muzzle brake, if the holes are perfectly aligned to where they’re supposed to, proceed to the next step.

If not, repeat the process of inserting another shim and rechecking, repeating the process until finding the correct number of shims for a perfect alignment.

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4. Hand-tighten Your Muzzle Brake

Once the correct number of shims has been reached, slowly hand tighten your muzzle brake. The use of lubricant might be necessary for some to have a smooth tightening of the muzzle. 

Make sure to wipe the excess lubricant using the prepared rag to avoid any possible problem that might occur. Use safety equipment such as safety goggles and safety gloves to avoid any unforeseen and unwanted injury.

5. Use a Wrench to Perfectly Time the Muzzle Brake

An auto bushing wrench will be able to prove itself useful in perfectly timing your muzzle brake. As you use your rifle, the muzzle can move as firepower induces pressure to itself.

Thus, making it necessary to fully lock the muzzle brake by using an auto bushing wrench. Adjust the wrench by the size of the muzzle and time the muzzle brake accordingly and perfectly.

how to time a muzzle brake using a wrench

Why Do I Need to Time It?

As your muzzle brake’s alignment will greatly improve the recoil based on its positioning, you must time the positioning perfectly. 

Improper alignment might cause unwanted wear and tear to the muzzle and have a negative and uncontrolled impact on the rifle’s recoil as you fire. Improper timing might lead to the muzzle gradually moving around as you use your rifle, which we wouldn’t want. Learn the difference between compensator and muzzle brake here

How to Time My Muzzle Brake- Let's Wrap It Up!

Timing your muzzle brake is simple. First, prepare your tools such as your rags or paper towels, lubricants, wrenches, and shims. 

Next, you got to check your muzzle brake orientation, whether it has up, down, or sideway holes. Remove the muzzle and check and correct the number of shims necessary, one by one, to time the muzzle brake completely. 

Perfectly time the muzzle brake with a wrench and wipe down unnecessary lubricants if you’ve used some. 

Lastly, always remember to wear safety glasses with frames and lenses that are rated for high impact for safety purposes. (1)


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