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Mossberg 500 VS 590
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New rifle owners can end up buying the wrong rifle due to inadequate information. It becomes even more confusing when the options are two shotguns designed by the same manufacturer. We are here to provide the facts you’ll need in making a choice between the Mossberg 500 and 590.

Best for Beginners (Mossberg 500)


  • The more affordable option, it has a longer stock, which aids its stability for shots recoil. Also, it fires both buckshot and slug cartridges effectively. It is more reliable for hunting exercises.

Best for Tactical Operations (Mossberg 590)


  • It can be customized to suit shooters or go tactical. It is easier and faster to reload, and it is more effective for close-quarters personal defense. Besides having more mobility value, it can also fire both slug and buckshot cartridges.

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The comparison pump action of shotguns [1] is a common discussion in the Mossberg 590 vs 500 debate. The Mossberg 590 is a modification of the Mossberg 500, making it more combat effective. Although they vary in some features, they are similar in others.

Our experts have taken the two rifles to the test field to help you understand their similarities and differences. Here are their observations:

Ammo and Components

The Mossberg 500 ran all the major shotgun ammo smoothly, which includes the 12 gauge buckshot, 20 gauge buckshot, and .410 bore. The rifle was also able to fire slug and birdshot cartridges without any problem. It runs an internal tube magazine that has a capacity of eight rounds.

Mossberg 590 fires the same rounds as the Mossberg 500, but the major difference is the full load capacity. It has a full load capacity of nine rounds, including the chambered round. It runs an internal tube magazine and also runs a magazine feed system. 

Winner: Mossberg 590

Mossberg 500 Ammo


Another detail to note which our experts tested in the Mossberg 500 vs 590 is their performance.

Mossberg 500 was tested to have an effective range of up to 40 meters and a maximum range of 50 meters when firing a buckshot cartridge. It fired a maximum distance of 300 meters with a slug cartridge.
The Mossberg 590 has a relatively similar performance to the Mossberg 500. Still, the Mossberg 590M has a tactical advantage with its magazine-fed system.

However, none of these shotguns can run fully automatic yet.

Winner: Mossberg 590


Mossberg 500 has a longer stock. This stock allows the shooter to handle the recoil of the gun better. However, the recoil measurement of the rifle depends largely on the type of round it is firing.

The kick-back of the Mossberg 590 was felt more than that of the 500. This was due to the shorter length of its stock. There is a slightly negative effect on the accuracy of its shot.

Winner: Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500 recoil


Mossberg 500 was able to fire 12-gauge buckshot bullets at the velocity of 1,325 fps. For the 12 gauge slug, the bullet traveled at a speed of 1,560 fps.

The Mossberg 590 managed to fire its 12-gauge buckshot bullets, clocking 1240 fps. The slug was able to travel at the velocity of 1,490 fps. If you’re looking for good hunting ammo, you may check out 7mm vs 30-06

Winner: Mossberg 500


The Mossberg 500 is a pump-action shotgun that you can buy for low cost but has maximum functionality. The low price makes it one of the most affordable pump-action shotguns you can get.

Mossberg 590 is quite expensive and costs almost twice the price of the Mossberg.

Winner: Mossberg 500

Comparison of Mossberg 500, 590, and 590A1

The Mossberg 500 differs from its 590 and 590A1 counterparts in magazine tube length and capacity. 

The Mossberg 590 and the 590A1 both have longer magazine tubes than the Mossberg 500. 

However. The Mossberg 590A1 differs due to its modifiability for military and tactical functionalities.

Mossberg 500 vs 590 comparison


The difference between the Mossberg 500 and 590 is that the Mossberg 500 has longer stock and shorter magazine tube, while the Mossberg 590 has a shorter stock but longer magazine tube.

You should get a Mossberg 500 because it offers better or at least the same functionality as the 590. You will also be saving yourself some money.
The Mossberg 500 and 590 parts are not interchangeable, although the parts offer the same functionality. Some parts, such as the magazine tubes, vary in sizes. Other parts, such as the trigger parts and barrel, vary in materials and fixing.

Mossberg 590 or 500? we pick...

Mossberg 500 is preferable to the Mossberg 590 because it offers better ballistics and recoil handling. The rifle is recommended for newbies of the Mossberg pump-action shotguns. Purchasing a Mossberg 500 saves you some amount of money as well.

Mossberg 500

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