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3 Best Suppressors for 300 Blackout SBR (2022 Review)

Best Suppressor for 300 Blackout SBR

Suppressors and silencers are significant gun accessories that you don’t want to miss out on your shooting arsenal. We know that looking for the best brand and model can be a daunting challenge. For this review, our team decided to go with the best 300 Blackout suppressors. Below are our top choices. 




SilencerCo Saker ASR

SilencerCo Saker ASR


SureFire SOCOM300-SPS

SureFire SOCOM300-SPS

1. HELIX 7.62 IFM7

Helix 7.62 IFM7 is built of high-grade materials including titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and cobalt, making it exceptionally rugged and long-lasting. It is an integrated flush mount system that minimizes sound and flash signature as well as mitigates backpressure. Upon purchase, it comes with a separate mounting device, which is the STS-Muzzle Brake. 

This suppressor can be switched quickly between different firearms platforms. Shooters only need to thread the IFM7 onto the STS-Muzzle Brake, tighten it by hand, and then it’s ready to fire off. The self-tightening design of the IFM7 and STS makes it less prone to loosening while firing. 

It measures 8.75 inches long and weighs 24.9 oz. IFM7 suppressor comes in a black finish and features a 135dB reduction. It’s compatible with 7.62mm NATO. Most shooters in our range consider it as the best 300 BLK suppressor for competitive shooting, target practice, home defense, hunting, and tactical shooting.



2. SilencerCo Saker ASR

Saker ASR is constructed of blast-erosion-resistant Stellite cobalt-chromium alloy and stainless steel. These materials are often used in high-quality suppressors. This suppressor was designed for bolt action, full-auto, and semi-auto rifles. It’s tougher than SilencerCo Omega and Dead Air Sandman and has more mounting options. It can be attached to firearms using different kinds of muzzle brakes, direct-thread mounts, and flash hiders

This silencer uses a quick detach mourning system; hence, it’s amazingly fast and easy to switch between rifles. It’s compatible with AAC 51T, muzzle devices, YHM Y-Mount, and many direct-thread mounts. 

Its diameter is 1.5 inches long, and it comes in a black finish. It significantly reduces noise by up to 132 dB. It works with calibers ranging from .22 Hornet up to .300 RUM. Saker ASR uses a steeply angled Hoplon baffle design for redirecting fouling and carbon to prolong its longevity.

SilencerCo Saker ASR



3. SureFire SOCOM300-SPS

One of the best 300 Blackout suppressors on the market is SureFire SOCOM300-SPS. It’s also one of the quietest selections, which is due to SureFire’s patented V-baffle design. It measures 8 inches in length and weighs 20.3 oz. SOCOM300-SPS is made of high-temperature Inconel alloy and stainless. Hence, it’s durable. 

This suppressor is optimized for the .300BLK cartridge and is rated for a full-auto fire for both supersonic and subsonic calibers. It works well with all 5.56, 6.8, and 7.62 SureFire SOCOM Suppressor Adapters. It can be fired on .223 through .300WN bolt-action rifles.

This suppressor’s front plate design and gas-flow improvements can effectively eliminate the first-round flash. Its Fast-Attach Design allows rapid attachment and removal in a few seconds. Its precision indexing system and computer-controlled welding ensure that it is mounted properly on Surefire flash hider or muzzle brakes.

SureFire SOCOM300-SPS



Things to Look For When Picking Suppressors

things to consider


Suppressors need to be attached to your gun’s muzzle for it to become operational. Most of them are welded, CNC machined, or threaded to ensure durability and rapid mounting and detaching on any guns. For non-threaded barrels, there are several ways to attach a suppressor

The suppressor we listed here incredibly easy to install, requiring no special training, skills, or professional assistance. It will do you a great favor if you choose a silencer that’s very easy to attach and detach on any gun or rifle, especially if you’re on the field and in need of speedy transition between firearms.


The material construction quality is an important consideration when buying a suppressor or silencer for your 300 Blackout. A suppressor made of titanium or steel is quite sturdy, resistant to recoil, and capable of handling heavy beatings.

You also need to consider the cartridge based on the internal diameter. Some of the most common cartridge options for 300 Blackout are 5.56mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout, 7.62mm NATO, and 300 Winchester Magnum. Subsonic ammo is popular among shooters as it lacks loud cracks as compared to supersonic ammo.

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Reduce Noise Output

The primary purpose of a suppressor is noise reduction to protect the shooter’s ears from damage.[1] Choose the best 300 blackout suppressor that can minimize noise to a significant degree. 

Look for a 300 blackout suppressor that can produce noise below 140 decibels. At this level, shooters can fire off a 300 blackout without putting on ear protection. 

However, if you intend to fire off your 300 blackout suppressor for an extended time or if the noise is still piercing and uncomfortable even though a silencer is already attached to your rifle, AR 15, or handgun, it is highly recommended to wear ear protection.


Blackout suppressors are generally not inexpensive. The most pricey ones are those made of titanium, followed by steel or stellite alloy, and then aluminum.

Upon purchasing a 300 blackout suppressor, you also need to shed money for the tax stamp, barrel threading, gun trust, shipping, and additional accessories.

If you buy a high-quality 300 blackout suppressor, the investment would be worth it as the benefits outweigh the cost. 


Aluminum suppressors are great for hunting elk or deer, while steel titanium or stellite is recommended for hunting hogs. If you’re intending to use one suppressor on multiple guns, purchase a model that is designed for the biggest ammo. 

Generally, 300 blackout suppressors are categorized into two attachment systems:

  • Direct thread system: It’s best for bolt-action guns. It doesn’t cause significant shifting in the point-of-impact, and it doesn’t require a separate muzzle device. It’s more accurate.
  • Quick-detach system: It allows fast and easy switching of suppressors from one gun or rifle to another. It’s ideal for tactical or competitive shooting. It’s more expensive than direct thread.

Length & Weight

A suppressor needs to be at least 8 to 12 inches in front of the muzzle for it to reduce noise levels effectively. Generally, longer barrels are quieter than shorter barrels.

A heavy suppressor model weighs 20 ounces or more, while a light model weighs around 12 ounces. 

Heavier suppressor models with a thread-on attachment system are great for one long-range bolt-action rifle. They are tough and can take severe beatings. An example would be the Cyclone Suppressor. Since they are heavy, they can add more weight to the riffle’s barrel, which can cause a shifting of zero when shooting the gun without the suppressor.


Lighter suppressor models are best for use on many guns, rifle platforms, and non-magnum calibers. They are less likely to affect the gun’s point-of-impact. Those made of titanium are both lightweight and strong, but they are costly.

What's Our #1 Choice for 300 Blackout SBR Suppressors?

Our best overall choice for 300 Blackout SBR suppressors is the Helix 7.62 IFM7, as it’s compatible with many rifle platforms and handguns. It improves the accuracy of your guns and doesn’t cause significant shifting of the point-of-impact. 

IFM7 is solid, making it capable of withstanding heavy beatings and recoils. You can rapidly and easily switch this suppressor into different guns for a few seconds. You won’t be needing ear protection when using it. 

Our review shows that it’s rated high in customer satisfaction. It’s the best 300 blackout suppressor for hunting, home defense, and tactical or competitive shooting.

Our #1 Recommendation

Helix 7.62 IFM7

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