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6 Best .300 Blackout Suppressors (2023 Updated)

Best 300 Blackout Suppressor

Whether you favor 300 Blackout for home defense or for a quieter hunt, 300 BLK was designed for use with a suppressor. It can be time-consuming to find the one that is best for you.


We initially spent a combined 28 hours on the range when we originally published this list of the best 300 Blackout suppressors. After completing another 20 hours for the update, several top picks remain, but a few new ones certainly caught our attention.




Silencerco Saker 7.62mm


Surefire SOCOM 7.62-RC2

1. SureFire SOCOM300 SPS Suppressor

The SureFire SOCOM300 SPS Series suppressor is optimized for .300 BLK carbines with 10-inch or shorter barrels.  SureFire claims that the SOCOM300 SPS is the quietest suppressor they make and that it suppresses visible flash by up to 99.5% because of its unique front-plate design. While we can’t confirm that figure, testers all agreed flash was virtually nonexistent. We also noticed very little shift which helped with follow up shots.

It uses SureFire’s patented V-baffle design and features based on their winner of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) suppressor trial. Attachment was fast and easy with no tools and with its durable construction and precision machining, it should withstand regular use and last a long time.




2. Silencerco Saker 7.62mm

The Silencerco Saker 7.62mm is one of the top suppressors using an Active Spring Retention (ASR) System. This system makes this high-quality suppressor compatible with various muzzle brakes, flash hiders, and direct-thread mounts. Measuring just 7.5 inches, it’s one of the smallest options on our list.

This 300 AAC Suppressor is constructed from stellite cobalt-chromium alloy and stainless steel, providing optimum corrosion resistance. It also sports an angled Hoplon baffle design that redirects gas to the outside of the baffles to reduce carbon fouling. This option is rated for full-auto fire and is resilient in semi-auto operation. 



3. Surefire SOCOM 7.62-RC2 Suppressor

The Surefire SOCOM 7.62-RC2 Suppressor was highly rated among testers for reducing sound signature. Its design minimizes the shift in point-of-impact and helps retain organic precision.

While this muzzle device/suppressor is one of the longest options on our list at 8.4 inches long, it is one of the lighter-weight options at 19.5 oz. The quick detach/fast attach system is easy to use. This suppressor is also compatible with most Surefire SOCOM suppressor adaptors so you can mount this suppressor over a flash hider or muzzle brake.



4. Helix IFM6 Suppressor

The Helix IFM6 suppressor from OSS (who has rebranded as HUXWRX) maintains its spot on our list as one of the best 300 Blackout suppressors. This suppressor will not affect the operation of your gun as the integrated flush mount system regulates backpressure for flash and sound reduction. Because of the flow-through design, OSS suppressors are not as quiet at the muzzle as others on the market but don’t let that deter you. The Helix IFM6 is still rated to reduce to 132dB.

Its two-piece construction allows for easier and more comprehensive routine maintenance. This suppressor comes standard with the STS muzzle brake but you may need a thread adapter for use with 300 Blk. Manufactured from titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and cobalt it can outright battle almost any abuse yet it weighs just 22.8 oz with an overall length of about 8 inches.



5. Surefire SOCOM 7.62 Mini 2 Suppressor

Everyone who tried the SOCOM Mini 2 was surprised by how well it reduced sound at the ear given its small size. Like other SureFire suppressors, it employs SureFire Total Signature Reduction® technology which virtually eliminates first-round flash, and also reduces sound and dust signatures. It’s small size adds less than 4 inches to the barrel which is helpful in a 300 Blackout setup where extra length can change handling. We found that accuracy was top-notch with minimal point-of-impact shift.

Like its big brother, it attaches easily without tools and its durable construction and precision machining should withstand regular use and last a long time.



6. OSS Elite IFM7 Suppressor

The OSS Elite IFM7 Suppressor is a newcomer to our list. It’s always a top contender but because of its larger size (and higher price tag), we have opted to include other comparable, but more affordable options. Since it consistently rates high among testers for reducing sound signature and for minimizing the shift in POI, we finally decided it has earned its place.

As with our other recommended OSS suppressors, it uses an integrated flush mount system (IFM) that regulates backpressure and reduces sound and flash signature in a single unit but will not affect the operation of your gun. Its two-piece construction allows for easier and more comprehensive routine maintenance. Made with titanium, stainless steel, and cobalt, it seems very durable and well-built. We like the IFM7 because it’s easy to install and can be easily switched to use on multiple calibers.



Factors to Consider

key factors


Expect to spend around $1,000-$1,900 for quality 300 Blackout suppressors. The price will depend on the features you are looking for. 


Titanium is one of the strongest metals in the world. Not only is its tension strength hard, but the metal also retains some flexibility. This makes it one of the perfect metals to use in many different industries. Using a titanium alloy retains some of the strength of titanium without the high cost. [1]

Therefore, make sure to look for silencers made of titanium alloys, stainless steel titanium, aluminum, and other lightweight and solid materials. Remember, you’ll want top-tier quality silencers because it will determine how long it will serve your guns.


As mentioned earlier, titanium offers excellent erosion resistance. You’ll want a suppressor or muzzle brake with high-quality materials that can withstand heat, damages, and other abrasive materials. You need to find materials that can battle rust and abuse.

Sand and water usually make these units rust easily. Still, if the suppressor you purchased is made of titanium, you need not worry about getting another because it provides high erosion and oxide resistance. You can put this to good use for a long time.

weapon durability


Spending an ample amount of time checking out the materials (titanium, steel, cobalt chromium alloy, etc) used in a suppressor should be on top of your checklist. It is a no-brainer to know that materials determine their level of quality and durability. Silencers often take severe beatings when a rifle is fired, so looking for the ability to resist any rust, damage, or erosion is needed. Learn how to properly clean your muzzleloader here.

Noise Reduction

The 300 Blackout rifle caliber is powerful—offering subsonic ammunition and supersonic capabilities. While it is understandably enticing to fire powerful ammunition, they also give off a noise that, if left untreated, can damage your ears.

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Installing 300 Blackout rifle suppressors to your rifle could be a hassle, so you also need to consider how easy, or compatible your suppressor is with your gun’s mount. You can also attach a suppressor to a non-threaded barrel. Based on experience, having a suppressor that does not require tools or the skills of a professional gunsmith is ideal. 



The ability of the your 300 Blackout rifle suppressor to reduce recoil goes a long way in improving accuracy.

Recoil Reduction

Consider looking for a suppressor that also reduces recoil, which affects the accuracy of your shot, better shot placement, and more humane hunts. The lesser drawback, the more shooter-friendly your rifle will become.

For your 300 BLK (short barrel rifle), check out these suppressors

Customer Feedback

After extensive research about the best 300 BLK suppressors on the market, we discovered that most customers like these units because they are quiet, durable, and easy to use. The longevity, durability, functionality, and affordability of these units are enticingly admirable and what most users are looking for. 

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Is A Firearm Suppressor for 300 BLK Legal?

All firearm suppressors are legal depending on the state you live in. As of this writing, 42 states consider suppressors legal, while eight states prohibit the use of these accessories in their area.

The states that prohibit gun suppressors are California, Illinois, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. However, even though your state allows the use of suppressors, it is still wise to double-check the rules and regulations.

Are Suppressors and Silencers The Same?

The terms suppressor and silencer are used interchangeably and both refer to a device that attaches to the barrel of a gun with the purpose of reducing the decibel level of the firearm when it is fired.

The term “silencer” is a bit misleading as there are no devices that will completely muffle the sound a gun makes when fired.

The Gun Control Act states “…‘firearm silencer’ and ‘firearm muffler’ mean any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm.” [2]


Most quality 300 Blackout suppressors today usually have a service life of at least 30,000 rounds. New technology allows modern suppressors to endure high temperatures and long periods of automatic fire. 
The federal tax stamp for a 300 Blackout suppressor or any other suppressor, for that matter, is at $200.
Yes. As long as it’s properly installed, a 300 BLK suppressor can improve your accuracy since it lessens both sound and muzzle rise. 

And the #1 300 Blackout Suppressor is...

Based on our tests, we think the best 300 Blackout suppressor is the SureFire SOCOM300 SPS Series, which is optimized for .300 BLK carbines with 10-inch or shorter barrels. It is durable, has excellent noise reduction, and is easy to attach.

Our #1 Recommendation

SUREFIRE SOCOM300 SPS Series Suppressor

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