3 Best M1A Muzzle Brakes (2024) Read This First

Best M1A Muzzle Brake
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An M1A rifle is a compact, reliable, and battle-tested weapon, making it an excellent option for hunting and sports. 

Compared to other weapons in the class, the M1A has a punchy recoil, meaning it requires a muzzle brake to enhance the rifle’s accuracy.

Here are the best M1A muzzle brakes in today’s market!


Smith Enterprise Springfield Muzzle Brake


Springfield Armory

1. Smith Enterprise Springfield Muzzle Brake

Why We Picked It

The Smith Enterprise Springfield Muzzle Brake gives you a two-piece brake, and each brake is machined from a different steel type. 

It gives you a slimmer profile compared to the traditional brakes, and the unit is coated with nitride to resist corrosion and wear. 

Who Should Use It:

The muzzle brake is a good fit for competitive shooters because of its high-performance level. What’s more, the brake is good to use for plenty of CMP matches.



The Smith Enterprise Springfield Muzzle Brake reduces recoil noticeably even for select-fire rifles, making it an excellent choice for pro shooters.

It replaces the flash suppressor without having to do alterations, and it includes the front sight dovetail and the castle nut set screw.



2. Springfield Armory

Why We Picked It

The Springfield Armory brake is a direct alternative unit for the original flash hider, which makes the rifle legal to own. 

The muzzle brake features a nicely finished exterior, and you can easily install it within a few minutes.

Moreover, you’ll find that the front site slide is in place and is anchored down nicely. It’s made out of high-quality steel for shooting longevity.

Who Should Use It:

The Springfield Armory brake is a suitable option for recreational shooters who live in a state with strict laws as it makes the rifle legal to use.


Overall, the muzzle brake is primarily used as a replacement unit for the flash hider. However, recreational shooters use this as a smart solution to state laws, and it works pretty well in reducing recoil when shooting.



3. SLR Synergy Muzzle Brake/Compensator/Flash Hider

Why We Picked It

The SLR Synergy muzzle brake greatly reduces the muzzle rise and reduces recoil during shooting.

It weighs 4.1 oz, which is heavier than most of the muzzle brakes on the list. However, it feels light on the gun, and it goes unnoticeable when you are shooting.

Even if it’s a muzzle brake-only device, the side blast concussion is relatively minimal. This is because it’s made out of stainless steel for durable and long-lasting construction

Who Should Use It:

The SLR Synergy muzzle brake is a good option for recreational shooters and regular hunting to hit your target. 


Overall, the Synergy muzzle brake does a pretty good job. It reduces the muzzle rise and gives you a well-balanced feel.



Complete Guide to Buying

buying guide


The price of the muzzle brake is the top decisive factor for most shooters. The best brakes can cost up to $250, and you have to spend on an installation fee as well. 

While it may seem costly to purchase a muzzle brake, there are cheaper ones as well. So we’ve included a price-friendly muzzle brake on the list that gets the job done in recoil reduction.

Of course, the more expensive the muzzle brake is, the better you’re getting in terms of quality and performance. 

You can choose cheaper options if you’re a recreational shooter or a beginner to save you on cost and installation fees.


Muzzle brakes have a stainless steel construction, which increases the rifle’s overall weight by a few ounces.

Using a heavy muzzle brake or a unit with a longer length may shift the center of the mass of your rifle, causing problems in return. 

However, there are heavier brakes, at 4 ounces or more, but you won’t feel the additional weight.

Also, check out the overall length of the brake as well. You may also consider the additional weight of M1A scope mounts if you plan to add one, alongside the muzzle brake. 


Easy Installation

There are plenty of units that are easy to install on your gun, even if you’re a beginner. However, depending on the model, it may require a visit to your local gunsmith shop to have it threaded and aligned. Ideally, it should be easy to install, time, and operate. 

Easy Alignment

If you want to save on money, purchase units that are already threaded and products that come with washer nuts. Then, you can do the alignment yourself, and you don’t have to go to a professional to do it for you.

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Vent Pattern

You need to be wary of the pattern and direction of the vents on your units. You’ll find that there are features with cuts and vents that run perpendicular to the barrel.

Some units are angled towards the rifle for recoil reduction. The vents situated at the top of the barrel also play a factor in eliminating muzzle jump for a quick and easy realignment of the consecutive shots.


As soon as you have your budget for your muzzle device, you have to consider durability. 

The best units are made with heat-treated stainless steel as these last longer and can withstand abuse better. (1)

Look for muzzle brakes that have been used with precision cutting CNC machines. While you do have to pay more upfront, you’ll be able to save more money in the long term. 

It’s also a wise investment if you plan on using your rifle regularly.



Lastly, coatings play a big factor in longevity as these go hand in hand with material durability. Quality muzzle brakes are coated in manganese phosphate finish and black nitride.

Purchasing muzzle brakes with these finishes makes your unit resistant against moisture, grime, pressure, heat, and wear and tear. 

With all these factors into consideration, your muzzle brake lasts longer while improving accuracy and reducing the recoil of your tactical weapon.

Our Team’s Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

The muzzle brakes on the list have succeeded our expectations performance-wise. It means these have reduced recoil, enhanced control, and improved consistency while proving to be a good investment in the long-term for hunting and shooting your target.

Some units have made it to the list because their tactical efficiency is almost par with expensive units when you shoot despite their affordable price range.

Weapon Compatibility

The units on the list are compatible with plenty of firearms. 

There are units that you have to use a jam nut to ensure it gives the barrel a tight fit of your M1A. Meanwhile, some units won’t fit the barrel properly without the washer. 

The more universally compatible a muzzle brake is, the more convenient the unit becomes, as you won’t need a jam nut or other accessories. It means it also fits your cartridge on your guns. We also have a list of muzzle brakes for Mosin Nagant here

Product Quality

We looked at customer reviews as well to ensure we haven’t missed out on anything. 

Customers have a different experience with the same product, so we filtered those with mostly positive feedback with only minor drawbacks. 

These products are proven to reduce recoil and muzzle rise when you shoot.

And the #1 Muzzle Brake for M1A Rifle is…

After days of comparing and testing these muzzles on our rifles, the best M1A muzzle brake is the Smith Enterprise Springfield Muzzle Brake.

It uses an IronPort pattern, which works to reduce the recoil of the M1A, so you can take consecutive shots without having to do much realignment. 

You’ll find an adapter on the rear, which has a dovetail at the top, and the internal splines and the castle nut hole have been wire EDM cut.


Our #1 Recommendation

Smith Enterprise Springfield Muzzle Brake

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