5 Best Mossberg 500 Muzzle Brakes (2023) Results Just In

Best Mossberg 500 Muzzle Brake
Alfred Mendoza

It is not impossible to find the best Mossberg 500 muzzle brake that can withstand the power of the gun.

Created for harsh and dirty conditions initially, we searched for the muzzle brakes that can tame this firearm, specifically for hunting season, considering all the affecting factors.

Our team came up with these choices.


Carlson's Choke Tubes


Mossberg X-Factor


Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube

1. Carlson's Choke Tubes

Why We Picked It

The very first reason why we picked this muzzle brake is because of its versatility. It is compatible with all shotshells, steel, slugs, lead, and even Hevi shot, regardless of barrel sizes.

Depending on the Mossberg shotgun shooter, they can do it within 50 to 70 yards, relying on their accuracy.

The tube features Shot-Lok Technology giving the shooter the tightest patterns and more extended reach.

Turkey loads do not matter with the pattern. It is sure to be tight, leaving us awe-struck with the capability of this muzzle brake.

This product has a matte black finish which makes it even more sophisticated looking. On the other hand, drawbacks are also handled pretty well despite the power produced by Mossberg guns.

Who Should Use It:

Carlson’s is the best for turkey hunters looking for a guaranteed headshot even with a distance of 50 yards and beyond, a buy that is worth your money.

A Mossberg user should consider the ammo they pick, but it is not a problem with this pick since this is compatible with almost all types.

Most veteran hunting enthusiasts have experienced shooting the head of their favorite fowl as it gets the job done perfectly. 

They even suggest it to new hunters since it is designed to make accurate shots and has a tight spread. 


If you have to decide on picking choke tubes with accurate designs and can control gases for recoil purposes, this is the right choice.

The added length not only helps with the reach of the shotgun but also aids accurate sight. 

What makes this product the choice of many is mainly the flexibility. While it still needs to have the exact gauge, the number of weapons it is compatible with is not a joke.



2. Mossberg X-Factor

Why We Picked It

Compatibility is always the basis of our choice, and this muzzle brake delivers that part of the bargain, even with home defense weapons.

It has a specially angled port that is designed specifically for turkey and waterfowl ferreters. 

These are three incorporated port rows that assure extra tight pattern performance, making it impossible for the fowl to escape.


Another great offering of this full choke system is the guarantee of a lower muzzle rise. 

Huntsmen with shotguns no longer have to worry about faster reacquisition on their aim since follow-up shots will no longer be a challenge.

Who Should Use It:

Waterfowl huntsmen, professional shooters, and of course, outdoor lovers would want to pick this piece.

The Mossberg 500 series comes with an X-factor muzzle brake upon purchase, meaning you need not spend extra to have this hunting tool. 

The pattern of your shots would be more accurate if you pair it with shotshells intended for what you are hunting. 

Hitting within 40 yards will not be complicated with a Mossberg shotgun since the tube is highly constrained.


While it is true that you need not be a professional to start hunting fowls or a deer or whatever your heart desires, yet finding the fitting muzzle brake for your Mossberg will bring you closer to your target.

Flexibility and compatibility are huge factors, and they can be designed as interchangeable, depending on the barrel size. 

Powerful shotguns such as Mossberg would require a tube end to constrict the bullets and constrict the patterns, delivered confidently at 40 yards distance by Mossberg X-Factor.

This muzzle can limit the recoil reaction, which can even allow the shooter to fire the Mossberg successively.



3. Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube

Why We Picked It

Primos, just like other muzzle brakes, have quality inspections on every area of the tube they provide in the market, especially for headshot users. 

The stainless steel material used but finished with a Black-T coating, giving the user a longer chance of shooting with it because it is good against corrosive elements. 

Military forces use this same protective barrier on their weapons in varied situations to keep them safe from rust. 

This Mossberg shotgun accessory is designed to have increased scope and improved density using extended taper and fluted ports that tighten the pattern.

As a result, it has 20% higher constriction in comparison to others. 

Who Should Use It:

Beginner fowl huntsmen would enjoy this pick, but so will the expert ones. 

Shotguns, though known for power, like Mossberg, still have lowered drawbacks because of this compatible brake.

Manufacturers claim that it is designed to shoot fowls within 40 yards distance, but some reviews claim they got their waterfowls at a distance of 50yards, while one even mentioned he shot his at 80 yards.

The review showed a delighted user who got the value for his money, one of the reasons this is part of our list.


Some prefer using powerful shotguns because they provide more shots in them, and this muzzle brake is for that purpose. 

Prior to you buying Primos, you need to make sure that you check if your gun is compatible because the downside of this product is the limitation of the guns that fit it. 

Tarnishing and rust are not much of a problem because of the Black-T coating. That is an assurance of a longer life against harsh weather conditions.You can choose to add this to your collection of muzzle brakes(1) if you want more accurate and tighter patterns paired with your Mossberg shotguns.



4. Patternmaster

Serious hunting lovers would want this selection, especially with the Code Black line they have 

The Code Black Turkey is for ferreters of such. 

This manufacturer uses its own “wad-stripping” technology to increase subsequent energy for a much higher impact. 

Recoil reduction was also highly considered with these brakes, even with a powerful shotgun as Mossberg. 

This full muzzle brake is with .075 constriction. Therefore, you can expect a tight pattern. 

Your aim on the fowl’s head will be more apparent even with a distance of 40 to 70 yards.

Who Should Use It:

Beginner hunters and serious ones wouldn’t go wrong on this pick. Starters may not know much about hunting yet, but Mossberg users would know that this tube is useful regardless of the barrel size it has.

It will pay off if they are already accurate and good at making their hits because shotguns would be useless if they are not shooting well.

Those seasoned chasers of these birds will choose these muzzle brakes because of the constriction of the patterns that would reach out to 70 yards if paired with the proper ammo and gun. 


Each expert hunting down a turkey would want to get a muzzle brake to provide the most significant advantage during use. 

Patternmaster takes pride in perfecting creations, regardless of how much testing and research they need to spend on it for as long as it gives them and their customers satisfaction.

They have their own patented technology, which means that this is not the same as the usual products you see in the market. 

It even boasts lowered recoil, which is what most ferreters expect from the muzzle brakes of a Mossberg. 

Muzzle rise is also in addition to the many capabilities of this product.

So, one would ask, what is the downside? 

Sadly, this muzzle brake is not compatible with steel shot or shotgun ammo.



5. TruGlo SSX Strut-Stopper Xtreme

TruGlo Strut offers users the ported construction that gives increased pattern density that assures users a secure hit.

Long-distance shooting is one of the fascinating areas of this particular muzzle brake, using a Mossberg. 

They also managed to ensure durability by heat-treating the metal used.

When it comes to pattern density, though it is not the gun or the muzzle that makes the accuracy perfect for the shooter, Tru Glo Strut is one of the trusted names. 

The tightness of the patterns and consistency is how this shotgun accessory is designed

Who Should Use It:

Long-distance shooters are most to enjoy this muzzle brake as this gives them the chance to take a shot at their favorite fowl at a distance. 

Like fishing or deer hunting, you always start from the bottom until you learn how to shoot a little better until you become an expert.

This muzzle brake places your money where it should be, even if you are a beginner or a seasoned huntsman. 


Whether you are searching for a high-caliber product or a so-so one, you still wouldn’t pick anything that has not proven its worth. 

This shotgun muzzle brake is an answer to most hunting enthusiasts, whether a beginner or not.

While this boasts long-distance accuracy, the tight pattern makes a shooter’s aim accurate and almost impossible to miss the head of the fowl they are chasing. 

It is also compatible with most shotgun brands like Remington, Mossberg, Benelli, and Beretta. 

When it comes to durability, it is also heat-treated metals that not only lasts longer, but it adds power to the bullets fired,

One area that makes it a bit on the negative side is its limitation of compatible ammo.



Are All Muzzle Brakes Similar?

The answer to that is YES. The similarity is evident as one brand aspires to better the other. 

Therefore, they have almost the same functionality and features. The one with an edge is because of an area or areas that they perfected, which allowed them to beat the others.

Factors to consider include the length of the gun, the reach, the patterns, shots, and the shooter’s capability.

Exclusive Buyer's Guide

Lunde Studio Buyers Guide_v2

Easy Installation

This area becomes a problem if it is not a ported shotgun. 

You will have a more complex and longer time to install it as you need to have it modified to make it work. However, Mossberg users can easily install these choices we have.


The muzzle brake’s primary purpose is to gain control of the weapon, whatever the barrel’s size is, and that is how they are designed.

These barrels are the tunnels where the gas passes through. 

Once the shooter fires their guns, the expectation is either achieved or missed if the design will not serve its purpose.

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A user should always take note of the materials used for the muzzle brake (1) they intend to buy.

It can be alloy, iron, brass, hard steel, or what the manufacturers choose to use.

Therefore you have to check if this is the type that can be of use to you.

The action provided by these chokes would depend on their make.



Just like the need to have excellent materials, durability should be something that you need to take time checking. The impact of the shotshells that pass through the barrel may damage the brake, or worse, the Mossberg firearm if you choose some unreliable product. Know the difference between muzzle brakes and compensators here


The price of the choke tube that you should be choosing should not be the basis of your decision. However, our top choice’s price is at the right place because it delivers.

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

Since we said that almost all of the choices are the same, we took time to compare their edges and liabilities. 

While some focus on the tightness of the pattern after they fire the gun, some are more on looks. 

Our choice leaned more on the satisfaction of its users, considering that the other names we included here have areas wherein they excelled. 

Weapon Compatibility

We have to add more time to compare each piece, knowing that there are a good number of gun types and brands. 

Like in many products, compatibility takes a good chunk of the score since hunting enthusiasts have different choices and preferences.

Product Quality 

As said, the post of the users made us choose our number one choice.

In the end, claims and other promises by manufacturers will all be useless if those who try it will end up getting less action in the field because their choke failed them.

And Our Choice for the Best Mossberg 500 Muzzle Brake is...

For us, Carlson’s Choke Tubes is the best pair for Mossberg 500, compared to all its competitors.

It offered compatibility, endurance, flexibility, tight patterns, and impressive reach. We took time to search for the best tubes and Carlson’s is our pick since it also has a tight pattern and longer shooting reach. You can add this to your cart for a better hunting experience.


Our #1 Recommendation

Carlson’s Choke Tubes

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