5 Best Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brakes (2023) Don’t Miss Out

Best Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake
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The reason you are reading this, most probably that, is because you have a Mosin Nagant, or you want to own one. But, it will cost you an arm injury if you fire a Mosin Nagant.

This statement is not far from the truth if you do not have the most reliable muzzle device attached.

We know that there is tolerable recoil, but the rifle has excessive recoil, so we came up with the top Mosin Nagant muzzle brakes that can help you as a shooter, or at least the shoulder.


Precision Armament M11


DELTAC Slingshot


Tacfire Mosin Nagant Bolt-On

1. Precision Armament M11

Why We Picked It:

The struggle of every gun user, especially the powerful ones like the Mosin Nagant, is the high recoil that would seem like ripping the arm when the service rifle. 

Precision Armament tops our list because of many reasons. Considering how rugged an old-school Mosin Nagant rifle is, many users already claimed it is doing a great job. 

Starting with the exterior looks, it is a head-turner, with aerodynamic lines and the smooth heat treated stress relieved (“HTSR”) Stainless Steel.

Even an old beat-up Russian Mossin Nagant will look like a thousand bucks worth with it.

Appearance is not the only focus here because the materials used are excellent during harsh weather conditions.

Recoil control is also a different area that they managed to perfect. Not totally, but this is the only muzzle brake that has a hundred percent satisfaction from users regarding the reduction of drawbacks.

Who Should Use It

Beginners are not the best people to work with a rifle from the Mosin Nagant family. 

The expectations from these rifles exceed because of their accuracy. But along with it is its nasty kick, just like a horse’s.

A seasoned hunter, veterans who are hunting enthusiasts, and those who use it for self-defense would be a good pair for this.


If you want to keep your arm intact, then get the best muzzle brakes for any service rifle like these. 

Manufacturers made sure that the design will redirect escaping gases laterally to prevent that massive kick.



2. DELTAC Slingshot

Why We Picked It:

Another tough muzzle brake for Mosin Nagant is Deltac Slingshot. Based on its name, you would think that this may be stretchy but not reliable.

Contrary to what we said, this is made of high-quality 4140 steel with a handsome black oxide finish, certainly something a Mosin Nagant rifle user would want to try.

Like all others, recoil and muzzle climb are the dreaded powers of the mighty Russian Mosin Nagant, but Deltac Slingshot muzzle brake has a way to tame it. 

The recoil energy on the bare muzzle of these rifles is a force to reckon with. Even veteran hunters would have a hard time keeping up with it.


This brake turns the killing machine into a sporting rifle where one can enjoy it while shooting some birds or even deers.

Who Should Use It

This brake is more a choice of the seasoned veteran in hunting or in the shooting range. This type is a range-friendly muzzle brake but also a safe item to use.

Purchasing a complete set will give your Mosin Nagant rifles a chance in the barrel coupling permanent category. 

Military men will also enjoy this muzzle brake as this can significantly help muzzle climb, suitable for successive shots.


The Mosin Nagant rifle is absolutely a gun that requires free recoil energy chambered muzzle brake, and Deltac can provide this to the user.

Unfortunately, this gun piece does not have fixed muzzle brakes, so you need to attach a working and durable product that can tame its recoil and rise.



3. Tacfire Mosin Nagant Bolt-On

Why We Picked It:

This one would fit one of the spots on the list because the manufacturers intended this for Mosin Nagant rifles. 

This product is of all steel that is heat-treated and finished with black oxide.

They are to minimize the rise of the muzzle, barrel whip, and recoil.As expected, they delivered their promises to these anti-tank guns(1), even to the older Mosin Nagant Models.

You are guaranteed recoil reduction even with the use of a supersonic bullet.

Who Should Use It:

New owners and users of Mosin Nagant rifles may not be a good fit for these muzzle brakes unless they are used to other types of guns similar to this make.

Hunters and shooters will love this specially designed to work perfectly with the type of gun they have.


Compared to other names in muzzle brake production, this manufacturer created muzzle brakes for Mosin Nagant rifles only.

The intention is there and delivered when it comes to reducing drawbacks and the rising of the muzzle concerns. 

Durability-wise, a user claimed that it lasted for a year at least before a part gave in and cracked.

Price-wise, this is one of the most affordable muzzle brakes in the market.



4. The Howling Raven Mosin Nagant 91/30 Muzzle Brake

Why We Picked It:

The Howling Raven brake is a reasonably popular choice for a Mosin Nagant family of rifles. 

Installation for one is easy. Most of the other muzzles in the market would require assistance for gunsmiths, especially if the thread is not a good fit or if the rifle barrel is unthreaded.

The brake can be slipped around the front sight post and rotated counterclockwise.

Complication on installation is where most of the products fall off, but the threaded barrel is not an issue for this pick.

The muzzle is made of steel with a black oxide finish, making it durable and safe from corrosion and other weather elements.

Going by its performance, most of the people who purchased the muzzle device were satisfied. 

Since the whole Mosin Nagant family has a spectacular muzzle blast, it needs something capable of taming the climb of the muzzle, which is delivered confidently by this item.

Who Should Use It:

New owners of a Nagant are a good fit for this product, especially that we mentioned its easy installation.

It plays a vital part because not everyone has easy access to gunsmiths who can do alterations.

A muzzle brake specifically designed even for older Mosin Nagant rifles which do not even come with instructions, would be a good fit for new ones.

However, old-time owners would still love this harsh muzzle brake since it can help recoil energy released by the rifle’s barrel.

The muzzle brake designs are also made but are very effective as a clamp on muzzle brakes. 

These types can free recoil energy chambered inside the rifle’s barrel.


One expectation of a buyer from Mosin Nagant muzzles is reducing pullbacks since this is a nasty side of the gun. 

Howling Ravin did an excellent job in this matter. The muzzle brake stands firm despite the kickback of the gun after firing.

An area where most users are concerned is the noise of this budget muzzle brake. 

It does not seem to reduce the decibel sound even if the clamp on the muzzle brake is attached already. However, this is not an area promised to be delivered. 

On the installation part, they made it so easy. Even a beginner wouldn’t have problems with it. 

However, the screws do not seem to fit steadily. You would have to tighten it time and again.



5. TPP-Mosin Nagant M44 Muzzle Brake

Why We Picked It:

This particular muzzle brake design is one of the appreciated brands in the market. It works pretty well taming Mosin Nagant guns. 

Many anti-tank guns, such as the older models of these rifles, require some improvements, especially on the appearance part, to make them a little modern. 

Custom guns are pretty standard, and starting with TPP muzzle brake types is a good choice.

This muzzle device is also known for its sturdy and strategically designed gas ports. Some brakes tend to kick dust, but this is not one of those.

Taming muzzle rise is where the manufacturers gave many specifications. At least the shoulder can still stand the lowered recoil, around 45%.

Also, the weight of these muzzle devices is noticeably light. This muzzle can be the best Nagant muzzle since it wouldn’t be adding more weight to the already heavy gun.

Who Should Use It:

Those who have the older models of the rifle will enjoy using these muzzle brake designs since many anti tank guns like the Nagant have severe recoil strength and muzzle rise. 

Those models created after 2005 will also be a good fit since this does not require barrel threading.

At least, these users will not have a gun headache when outside shooting. 


The Mosin Nagant muzzle brakes are durable, and this particular model truly delivers that side, although these are the louder muzzle brakes in the market.

This type is not one of the clamp on muzzle brake type since it does not require threading but simply attachable with those screws that come along with it

The supersonic bullet used by these guns creates muzzle rise, but that is also adequately addressed, but there is a slight recoil reduction compared to other big names in this aspect.



How Do You Pick the Best Muzzle Brake For Your Mosin Nagant?

how to pick

Types of Muzzle Brakes


Ease of installation is one thing essential to consider when choosing permanent muzzle devices. Consider the authenticity of your gun, whether these come in cheap or if it is “handed down” to you. 


Safety is an area you need to look at if these are clamp-on brakes you are looking at. You cannot rely on a loose brake dangling on the muzzle end of your gun. This is simply you waiting for an accident to happen.

Easy Installation

Most of the gun accessories are with instructions when you purchase them, although some are just a little or a lot more complicated. 

If they do not have threaded ends, then the installation may not be for permanent modification but still, make sure that you follow the instructions provided.

If you see something is off with how you installed it, you holler for a gunsmith for profound alteration or ask for their customer service assistance.


Each type of muzzle brake fits a Nagant, and whether these are clamp-on brakes, threaded, or any other type, their designs may differ. 

However, our choice always falls on how much gas gets released. This is to aid with both rising and kickback of the muzzle. 

We also consider the fit and compatibleness of these Mosin Nagant muzzle brakes to the carbine barrels. It plays a vital part in good muzzle brakes.



Quality will always matter if the materials used are top of the line or not. It need not be the most expensive type of metal to reinforce it. If they meticulously took time to study every factor to strengthen the product, then they are part of the choices we placed here on the list. 


Materials are what makes it durable. It does not follow that when the muzzle brake is expensive, it is going to be durable. Regular buyers also promote some cheap ones because of the thorough manufacturing process and craftsmanship of the makers, which we considered highly.

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The Mosin Nagant is one of the royals in the gun world. One can change how they are, but preserving the important natural parts can be done even if you decide to add muzzle brakes that fit its looks.


Just like how we discussed materials and durability, it goes the same with prices. There are custom guns that have very cheap brakes, but it also performs exemplary. 

However, top names like Precision Armament AR have their prices reasonable, which fits what their products offer.

What are the Benefits of Using It?


It is not a question of how nasty these guns are without a brake on their muzzle. The muzzle climb is almost uncontrollable, and the recoil is having shooters flinching. Some of the old Mosin Nagants also get enhanced accuracy with specific muzzle brakes attached. 

Another aspect that is worth mentioning is the slick looks it provides the gun. Though these are old-timers, going back to circa 1800, it gets modernized for a bit.

Drawbacks to Using Muzzle Brakes On Your Mosin Nagant

Some of these attachments are adding weight to the already heavy weight of the weapon. Consider the bore diameters of the barrels made of solid metal. 

Another drawback will be the marks of the muzzle brake if these are not easy to install. 

Aesthetics-wise, you would want to preserve most of the original looks of your Nagant, especially if this is a family piece. Find out the differences between compensators and muzzle brakes here

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

Each selection was chosen based on its performance on the rise of the muzzle and recoil as these are the areas where an owner of a Mosin Nagant is, having a gun headache.

We searched for those that will provide the enhancements needed without or even fewer alterations needed on its make.

Weapon Compatibility

Since these are very popular types of rifles, there are a good number of people who collect Mossin, not just for display purposes.  These are not ordinary rifles where a simple twist and turn change how the muzzle rises, and most are not threaded. 

Depending on the worth of the gun they have, alteration may not be a welcoming idea. You can check out our list of the best AK muzzle brakes here

Product Quality

We do not just rely on the manufacturer’s claims and promotions. 

Everything they place on the description is researched, and based on how buyers react, and it is being compared.


Yes, it will. But only if these are not correctly installed. Place it properly, and tightly then the accuracy either improves or stays as it is. 

Do it too tight, and this will constrict the barrel’s bore dimension directly to the crown. If this is loose, then it affects the vibration.

This situation will depend if your gun has the size of a clamp-on device. 

These are only available for specific models that are specific to the barrel’s specification.

Brakes tend to lose accuracy if the fit is not good.

And Our #1 Choice For The Best Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake is...

After all deliberation and comparison, the Precision Armament M11 made it to number one. 

It was not a tough battle as they are leading, either based on the manufacturing process, design, capability, and compatibility.

Each area was thought of because some users of the Mosin Nagant prefer muzzle brakes that are helping on the muzzle climb. At the same time, others are leaning more on looks. 

Nevertheless, the people spoke, and their voices were heard. There is no doubt that Precision Armament made sure that all the necessary areas were taken into consideration.


Our #1 Recommendation

Precision Armament

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