3 Best Buffers for 7.5 AR Pistols (2023 Practical Guide)

best buffer for 7.5 ar pistol
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I recently decided to build a 7.5 pistol to add to my growing AR-15 collection. Now, most of the guys at the range are asking what’s the best buffer for 7.5 AR pistol. After days of brainstorming and testing, this is what my team of gun experts came up with. If you need someone to point you in the right direction, this is the place.


Spikes Tactical T2 Tungsten Buffer


Colt – Carbine H2 Heavy Buffer


PSA AR-15 H2 Buffer

PSA AR-15 H2 Buffer

1. Spikes Tactical T2 Tungsten Buffer

The Spikes Tactical T2 Tungsten Buffer is one of the softest shooting, smoothest, and quietest buffers on the market today. This buffer is carefully made of aluminum with a crushed tungsten Mil-Spec bumper.

This model has a black anodized finish that offers excellent performance at a reasonable price. Another great thing about this buffer is it is also maintenance-free.



2. Colt - Carbine H2 Heavy Buffer

The Colt – Carbine H2 Heavy Buffer’s increased weight allows more reliable rifle functions with shorter gas systems, reduces bolt bounce in a full-auto fire, and softens recoil. This buffer replaces two steel weights with a pair of tungsten weights and nearly two ounces to a buffer stock. An H2 buffer is likely too heavy for many mid-length systems. For most 7.5 AR-Pistols, shooters need heavier buffers to compensate for their terrible recoil. Unfortunately, a standard carbine buffer is far too light and will likely result in the action’s violent cycling



3. PSA AR-15 H2 Buffer

The PSA AR-15 H2 Buffer is a high-quality heavy buffer that will make your 7.5 AR pistol perform better with less recoil and noise. This buffer is machined with billet aluminum with a hard black coat and anodized finish, making this one of the best H2 buffers on the market. It gives 7.5 AR pistols a very buttery cycle, so it barely moves off-target.

The H2 buffer dramatically reduces recoil and allows your 7.5 AR pistol to cycle on Full Auto much better than standard buffer with any gas length. This buffer will lower your recoil, slow your bolt speed, and have smoother timing, unlock, and ejection.

PSA AR-15 H2 Buffer



Buying Guide

buying guide

Buffer Material

If you plan to buy buffers for your 7.5 AR pistols, make sure you pick the right material. Most 7.5 AR pistols have heavy recoils and most often than not over-gassed. Don’t settle for anything cheap like a plastic buffer. Find buffer tubes that are made from high-quality materials like aluminum, Mil-Spec steel, and Stainless Steel.

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Since 7.5 AR pistols are shorter than AR 15 rifles, you have to consider the buffer tube’s length that you plan on putting on your pistol. Although most buffers are compatible with almost every AR rifle, you can’t just put longer buffers to your generally shorter pistols without considering its consequences. Consider carbine buffers for mid-length rifles for better results.

Spring Quality

Buffers would never function well without a high-quality buffer spring. So, if you want to invest in a good buffer for your 7.5 AR pistol, you have to invest in a quality buffer spring, too.

Buffer springs must be made with high-quality materials to ensure the stability and reliability of your pistol’s performance. Usually, standard carbine springs measure about 10.5 inches and have 37 to 39 coils.

Buffer Weight

Most 7.5 AR pistols have terrible recoils, and you need heavier buffers to lower that. But be careful in using buffers because having too much weight in the buffer can cause the 7.5 AR pistol to short stroke. In looking for the best buffer for 7.5 AR pistol, remember that the pistol’s gas system may not have the necessary power to cycle the heavier buffer, causing inconsistent extraction ejection. Anyway, the H2 buffer is usually the best buffer for a carbine gas system and a pistol gas system, so it should not be much of a problem.


It should not worry you to install buffer tubes because most buffers are easy to install, given the right tool and enough time to do so. Most buffers come with installation guides, too. Some of which could be found mostly on their official websites and YouTube channels.

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Buffer Pricing

If there’s one thing that you must always remember, it should never compromise quality over cheaper value. You wouldn’t want to compromise your 7.5 AR pistol’s performance with cheap buffers.

Ineffective cheap buffers would not only ruin your firearm but could even make it worthless. Here’s a tip for you, too. If your pistol’s buffer isn’t faulty yet, you don’t need to change it.

Remember, if your existing buffer is not giving you intolerable recoil, stick with the same buffer weight.



In most cases, buffers are often compatible with most AR rifles and pistols. It should only depend on the buffer’s length and weight to optimize your pistol’s capability and performance fully. Compatibility, size, weight, and performance should all be considered in finding the best buffer for your 7.5 AR pistol.

And the #1 Buffer for 7.5 AR Pistol is...

Based on our review, the best buffer for 7.5 AR pistol is the Spikes Tactical T2 Tungsten Buffer because it offers excellent value for the price of the unique use of tungsten powder instead of traditional weights. We recommend going for this buffer for 7.5 AR pistol owners who want to reduce their pistol’s recoil, lower its spring noise, and smooth out the action of their favorite 7.5 AR pistol.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Spikes Tactical T2 Tungsten Buffer

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