15 Best Gun YouTube Channels (2023 UPDATED) Full Guide

best gun youtube channels
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If you are looking for YouTube channels that share your firearm interest, then you came to the right place! There is not much gun content in mainstream media, so YouTube gun channels are the best way to go. 

Each channel is unique, but if you want great content, check out these 15 best gun YouTube channels.

1. DemolitionRanch

Subscribers: 10.2 Million 

Number of videos: 500

Demolition Ranch is one of the non-informational channels, focusing more on entertainment and comedic relief for viewers. Matt Carriker, a trick shooter, hosts the Demolition Ranch channel, giving us an idea of what the show is all about. 

He loves videos featuring trick shots that might go a little bit over the top but are very fun to watch. He particularly loves shooting using his shotgun! DemolitionRanch is overall a cool and lighthearted video creator; that is why they are highly acclaimed based on reviews.

Our Favorite Video: I shot my truck with a tank

2. Full Mag

Subscribers: 2.68 Million 

Number of videos: 379

Full Mag, formerly known as Rated RR (as Richard Ryan hosts the channel), owns a high-quality production and adrenaline-filled video collection. If you’re searching for a channel featuring unique shooting experiments, then FullMag is a great option.

This YouTube channel is a good source of gun videos and entertainment at the same time. From shooting a quad barrel shotgun to blowing a Nokia phone to bits with an assault rifle – you name it, they got it!

Our Favorite Video: Will Bulletproof Glass Stop A .50 Cal

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3. Iraqveteran8888

Subscribers: 2.52 Million 

Number of videos: 1,742

Compared to other YouTube channels in the shooter niche, Iraqveteran8888, as the name suggests, is run by a real military man. Eric Blandford is a guy that knows more than a thing or two about firearms – he served in the Third Infantry Division in Iraq.

Along with his coworkers, he focuses on other important aspects more than just shooting firearms – they also delve into gun and gear reviews. On top of that, they also extend towards knife reviews. This is a great channel if you are seeking valuable information and tips on handling weapons.

Our Favorite Video: In Memory of Kalashnikov: 700 Round AK Meltdown

4. Forgotten Weapons

Subscribers: 2.18 Million 

Number of videos: 2,575

Modern guns are the golden standard of YouTube gun channels nowadays. If you seek a trip down memory lane in the firearms industry, Forgotten Weapons is the key. This history channel will provide great insights if you want to learn about military information, history, and age-old guns.

Listening to honest reviews about historical firearms is one thing, but watching Ian McCollum, the guy behind the channel, shoot the firearm makes this YouTube channel more interesting. This is easily one of the best gun YouTube channels, especially for shooters with hearts for antiquities and history! 

Our Favorite Video: World’s Smallest Pistol – 2.7mm Kolibri

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5. Colion Noir

Subscribers: 1.87 Million 

Number of videos: 961

For firearms enthusiasts who have been around for longer, you may know Colion Noir as one NRA News Commentator. He does some great reviews of firearms, but his channel deviates greatly from other links. Being a lawyer, he focuses more on logical explanation and solid intellectual debates against anti-gunners.

His notable videos include his commentary on the second amendment, the debate with TMZ in light of news about shooters, and more intriguing and sensitive topics like why black leaders are against firearms. Mr. Noir’s channel is a great resource for gun control laws, gun safety, and other related content.

Our Favorite Video: 7 Things You Should Do After Buying Your First Gun

6. Brandon Herrera

Subscribers: 1.26 Million 

Number of videos: 389

This youtube channel is fairly new to the industry but has been growing rapidly. Brandon Herrera is formerly known as The AK Guy, making him a guru in a particular firearm. In this niche, there is no better firearms instructor than him when it comes to AK guns. From shooting tips to buying guides, he’s got you covered.

Although he loves building and shooting AK-47s, he is more than just an AK Guy, and he is a good shot with other guns, too. Watch his latest posts, and you’ll see!

Our Favorite Video: German Machine Guns of World War II

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7. Garand Thumb

Subscribers: 1.25 Million 

Number of videos: 276

Avid subscribers will refer to him as Flannel Daddy. With a background of being a Marine Officer, his firearm-related content is not only about practice, but he also shares some relevant theories.

His videos feature shooting tips and active self-protection practices to help make a person a better shooter. Watching his videos will not feel like a chore because you can sense his devotion to weapons.

On top of the fun shooter teaching tips he gives, he also does great in-depth gun reviews. He dwells more on the science and theory of concepts which other reviewers usually skip. 

Our Favorite Video: How Deadly are Shotguns?

8. Jerry Miculek – Pro Shooter

Subscribers: 1.5 Million 

Number of videos: 449

Jerry Miculek does not only run one of the best gun YouTube channels, but he is also an expert in competitive shooting. At 66, Jerry remains one of the best shooters in town – joining, shooting, and winning world shooting sports competitions.

The “Pro Shooter” branded over his YouTube channel does not lie, and he is a fun and cool gun content creator. Aside from that, you will also enjoy watching him do reviews and give valuable life lessons.

Our Favorite Video: Double Barreled 1911 pistol quad wield rapid fire!

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9. Military Arms Channel

Subscribers: 1.2 Million 

Number of videos: 1,130

Perhaps no other channel on YouTube gives better informational videos on firearm education than Military Arms Channel.

If you are struggling to shoot your firearm, they have a handful of resources that can help you handle your gun better. Their gun and gear reviews are also specs sheet oriented to help the people watching get the best value for their money. Watch their fun videos and hit the subscribe button if gun and shooting education is more your thing.  

Our Favorite Video: The Ultimate Backpack or Survival Rifle?

10. Sootch00

Subscribers: 1.16 Million 

Number of videos: 1,494

Sootch00 has always been advocating for the Second Amendment and promoting shooting sports for everyone. He found out that spreading the message would be easier through social media, and video creation through YouTube gave him the perfect platform.

His lifelong passion for guns makes him a reliable channel for reviews on guns, gears, and knives. The channel is a great video repository relating to tips and how-tos as a responsible gun owner. The best part of video creation is that the documentation process adds thrill to shooting the firearms!

Our Favorite Video: Classic Firearms Tour! Surplus Gun Heaven!

11. Nutnfancy

Subscribers: 842k

Number of videos: 2,197

NutnFancy is the epitome of a podcast on video. His channel features in-depth reviews of guns, with some even lasting for almost an hour!

This military veteran loves going all-in in explaining his points on his gear. His videos might take long, but you can expect information-packed content with each passing second. His knowledge of firearms is extensive and incredible. 

They upload their awesome content consistently every week. Although this is not as fast as anyone would expect, a week’s worth of waiting time for their latest posts isn’t bad at all. Like the ones mentioned above, this is a great channel you can subscribe to!

Our Favorite Video: AK-47 vs AR-15 Part 5 by Nutnfancy

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12. MrGunsNGear

Subscribers: 641k

Number of videos: 1,516

For the more perceptive readers, MrGunsNGear features guns and gear reviews in his channel. On top of that, we do not think there is any other channel that has covered a wide spectrum of weapons more than him. If you are looking to study a particular gun, then chances are, he has already covered it!

He also goes deep into political discussions in some of his videos. He dwells on gun-related news for his viewers. Of course, you can’t make gun YouTube channels without featuring some adrenaline-filled shooting!

Our Favorite Video: Oil Filter As A Silencer: Does It Really Work?

13. Hickok45

Subscribers: 6.2 million

Number of videos: 2,171

If all you want is shooting, shooting, and did we say shooting? Then this channel is a great option for you. Greg Kinman, the 70-year old man behind the channel, has created a career in shooting various firearms. 

If you are searching for a demo video on particular weaponry, trust us when we say Hickok45 most likely has it on video. He uploads several times a week, and you will never run out of videos to watch until he releases his latest posts.

Our Favorite Video: 460 Magnum vs Watermelons

14. Lucky Gunner Ammo

Subscribers: 433K

Number of videos: 190

Led by Chris Baker, Lucky Gunner Ammo is a gun hobbyist’s go-to place for objective gun and ammo reviews. Aside from that, he also gives valuable lessons on gun usage techniques and handling to help turn his viewers into better shooters.

He knows his ammunition; why wouldn’t he? Chris also is a retailer for a wide variety of ammo, and you may check his online store. Although the channel might not be the best source of daily videos, they upload around 2-3 times a month. You may wait a bit longer for their latest posts; nonetheless, they have shot 190 videos to date, which you can browse through!  

Our Favorite Video: The Best Revolver in the World [2020 Update]

15. National Shooting Sports Foundation

Subscribers: 379K

Number of videos: 633

NSSF is one of the oldest running organizations that advocates to protect and preserve hunting and shooting sports. Formed in 1961, they had recently delved into the world of video creation through the YouTube platform.

Other runner-ups for the 15 spots, like Warrior Poet Society, have an interesting take on masculinity and firearms. This channel emphasizes embracing masculinity through vulnerability but keeping in step protecting one’s family when dangers arise.

Our Favorite Video: Pistol Shooting Drill to Improve Accuracy


Yes, gun youtube channels do make money. However, several factors affect how much a YouTuber earns. This includes the number of subscribers, how many views they get from their videos, and how frequently they update their latest posts. 

The majority of the channels mentioned are specifically focused on firearm-related content and have millions of subs. Tim Schmoyer says knowing your niche and interests is one of the biggest ways to win on youtube [1].

As of date, the richest gun YouTuber is Matt Carriker. The host of DemolitionRanch also has affiliate channels that aid in boosting his revenues from subs and views. On top of this, he also has brand sponsorships and merchandise that accentuates his already successful YouTube career. His estimated Net Worth is $3 Million as of writing.

Our Favorite Gun Youtube Channel

Each gun channel listed above is just as awesome and unique from one another. Honestly, even if they tackle similar content, every respective channel has its own flair that makes their version special. 

Make sure to watch out for the latest posts from the channels we have listed above. There are many more budding YouTube gun channels out there. If you happen to know one that deserves to be on this list, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments section below!


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