4 Best AR-15 7.62×39 Magazines 2024 ALL-IN Review

Best AR 15 7.62x39 Magazine
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Sometimes, getting just the most coveted built-in magazines of an AR-15 rifle isn’t enough. You might need another round of ready-made extra magazines to sustain your shooting games. 

However, you might find it challenging to look for the best 7.62 39 AR-15 mags because there are tons to choose from. Our team spent hours out on the range to find the best stuff.


Pro Mag





1. Pro Mag

Why We Picked It:

We picked this reliable Pro Mag AR-15 7.62X39MM rifle magazine because it is constructed with heat-treated steel and a black oxide finish, making it super durable.

We also liked how it features an injection-molded magazine follower, which made the feeding of cartridges into our chamber smooth. We especially liked this feature because it helped us save time and effort during our practice shooting while having additional magazines. 

It also comes with a spring built from heat-treated chrome silicon wire mostly utilized for heavy-shock loads that withstand extreme temperatures. The Chrome silicon wire is also strong, flexible, cold-drawn, and resilient to any unexpected environmental conditions.


Who Should Use It:

This AR-15 rifle magazine somehow works for all kinds of shooters, whether you are a hunter, target shooter, or just for your home or self-defense weapon.  


The Pro Mag 7.62X39MM AR-Rifle magazine features an injection-molded follower that ensures the smooth feeding of cartridges into the chamber. It also comes with a chrome silicon wire spring that withstands heavy shock loads at extreme temperatures.



2. Duramag

Why We Picked It:

We also tested out and liked the Duramag AR magazine. This particular magazine gave us a flawless performance count when used in the shooting field.

In addition, we were impressed with the magazine’s new snap-on anti-tilt follower that not all 7.62×39 AR magazines feature. It reduced jams and clogs during our target shooting/practice. 

This AR-15 rifle magazine also featured a Black-T coating which decreased the coefficient of friction in every shot. It features a SS Spring CPD Plate and SS Advanced Proprietary Coatings that ensure a smoother loading mechanism.

Who Should Use It:

This is the best magazine made for practice shooting, hunting, and even competitive shooting. It could also be used for any standard operating or self-defense purposes.  


The Duramag AR-15 magazine is made out of a heated stainless steel magazine with SS Spring CPD Plate and SS Advanced Proprietary Coatings. It also comes with an anti-tilt follower that ultimately reduces clogs and jams when used in the field.



3. CompMag

Why We Picked It:

The AK-47 CompMag is a 10-round fixed and loadable magazine that impressed us during our hunting games. We liked how it is compatible with AR-build lower receivers that accept double-stacked magazines. However, we were more impressed to learn that it offered a lifetime warranty, unlike other magazines. 

It also features a round counter indicating exactly how many rounds were left in our firearm and chamber. We liked another optional feature that it offered—the stainless steel top spring and button head screw that helped us loosen up and install the magazine.

Who Should Use It:

This magazine is ideal for hunters that always think that 30-round magazines may be overkill. It could last you a day and could be enough for your daily bag limit. 


The Comp Mag magazine is an easy-to-load magazine that is constructed with GF Nylon 6 fiberglass reinforced polymer composite made to withstand impact. It only requires one screw installation and features a magazine follower that may retract to load.



4. E-lander Mags

Why We Picked It:  

E-lander Mags is also one of the best AR-15 magazines on our list. This all-steel magazine also comes with an anti-tilt follower and an improved and reinforced floor plate, ensuring a secure and tight spring and follower.

Furthermore, it comes with a black oxide finish that can withstand up to almost 96 hours of continuous salt spray. 

Who Should Use It:

This magazine is ideal for hunting or as a backup magazine during test shooting sessions or target shooting practices.


The E-Lander AR-15 7.62×39 magazine is constructed with a heavy gauge steel case with a black oxide finish. It features exceptionally strong springs and an anti-tilt follower with improved and reinforced floor plates.



What to Consider Before Buying

Number of Rounds

Before even considering buying an AR-15 magazine, it is essential to determine the number of caliber rounds you intend to use for your shooting escapade. We also suggest determining your intended purpose to gauge how many rounds you actually need. 

If you are a hunter, you may want to get an extra magazine with fewer counts since standard capacity mags would be enough. A standard magazine for AR-15 is usually designed for 30 rounds. Still, a magazine with a lower round capacity, such as 10 rounds or 20 round-capacity, would suffice. However, if you are a competitive target shooter, an AR magazine with more rounds would help you get more speed.

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Reliability is always something that a competitive shooter must look out for when buying the best 7.62 39 AR-15 magazines, especially when feeding rounds through the chamber. We all want to have speed and accuracy in every shot.  

Our team recommends getting a reliable magazine with an anti-tilt follower to achieve such accuracy and speed without sacrificing the quality of your every shot. This additional feature would ensure that the rounds are properly loaded and stay in place during your shooting games. You may also want to have a mag with a curved design for easier loading.


High-quality materials are equally important to look out for. Reinforced plastics composites are increasingly in demand for a huge range of long-term applications – not surprisingly, as they are amongst the best materials in the world for durability. [1

Some reliable magazines are constructed with stainless steel or reinforced polymer. Whichever material is durable, we suggest looking for an AR-15 magazine made with durable materials to ensure its durability.

Reinforced or high-quality polymer is impact and crush resistant, so this material is widely used nowadays.



The best magazines need to be durable, especially if you are a target practice shooter who wants to have speed when shooting. Highly durable magazines must withstand any harsh conditions and impacts they could meet. 

If you want to have the highest durability, we recommend getting extra magazines that are constructed with stainless steel. However, aim to have a lightweight but durable magazine. Something made out of reinforced or high-quality polymer might be your ideal choice. 

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Price Point

While the price point isn’t the main concern, we always encourage buyers to consider the price when buying the best 7.62 39 AR-15 magazines. It would always be better to acquire something worth your every dime. An affordable magazine may also give you the best qualities you might be looking for in an AR platform magazine. 

We recommend considering this category, whether you have enough money to burn or a budget buyer. It is always best to be wise in spending your hard-earned money without settling for low-quality magazines available. Remember to always place quality among other things. 

Anti-tilt Follower

This additional feature may or may not be available in every AR-15 magazine on the market.

However, it is highly recommended that you choose a high-quality magazine with an anti-tilt magazine follower to keep your cartridges straight and to make them function properly. 

Like mags with a curved design, anti-tilt followers also provide a reliable feeding when loading the rounds in a chamber because it can lubricate itself.

t would also help in minimizing jamming because a wider spring coil profile creates even force distribution.

anti tilt follower

Our Team’s Selection Process

selection process

Overall Construction

To select the best 7.62 39 AR-15 magazines, our team had to develop special criteria for each magazine’s overall construction. In addition, we had to consider other aspects that may affect the AR magazines’ durability, reliable performance, and life span.

As mentioned above in our buying guide, we used the given categories to gauge the features and benefits of various AR magazines. We also had to perform an essential practice in the shooting field further to measure the extent of their qualities first-hand.  

Loading Ability

The easy loading ability of the AR-15 magazines is obviously one of the most important factors that every buyer considers before purchasing. Therefore, we made sure to test every magazine in the shooting field to see how their easy loading ability affects the speed and accuracy of our shots up to the last magazine. 

We had to consider the smooth and flawless loading and reloading ability of these AR magazines. All jamming issues we had experienced were noted, as it affected our speed and time when shooting. We also seek to find a magazine with a curved design to ensure easy loading and reloading. 

Product Quality

The quality of each product was also taken into deep consideration. We had to refrain from solely relying upon our own opinions about it even if we had already tested the best 7.62×39 AR magazines into the shooting field.  

We had to conduct further research about the quality of each product to back up our claims, especially with their durability. We also reached out to some trusted friends to ask about their substantial experiences regarding these AR-15 magazines, aside from relying on relevant customer feedback.


The effective range of a 7.65×39 rifle may extend from 200 yards up to 400 yards. You have to consider that a 7.65×39 is a heavy bullet without enough powder, so it typically drops out of the sky pretty easily. You may also check out our recommended scopes for 7.62×39 rifles

The short answer is yes; a 7.62X39 magazine will fit in a 5.56 magazine. However, due to the different tape of the 7.62X39 case, only five up to seven rounds might become a reliable feed.

A 7.62×39 is generally produced using cheaper components such as stainless steel, so it is cheaper than other rounds that use brass and copper cases. And since the 7.62×39 is relatively in demand, more companies tend to produce them. Hence, they are also priced cheaper than most rounds on the market.

Yes, the 7.62 x39 is a good deer round. Most magazines may not be easy to reload, especially if it’s in a steel case. Still, it is an excellent round for deer-sized games. You just have to ensure that you would use hunting ammo.

And the #1 AR-15 7.62x39 Magazine is...

After carefully considering essential factors, our team chooses the Pro Mag as the #1 AR-15 7.62×39 magazine. Our team finds it durable and reliable because it is constructed with heat-treated steel and a black oxide finish.

We are also impressed with its injection-molded follower. It makes the feeding of cartridges into our chamber smooth and flawless. It also features a spring built from heat-treated chrome silicon wire mainly utilized for heavy-shock loads that could withstand extreme temperatures.


Our #1 Recommendation

Pro Mag

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