Best Taurus G2C Extended Magazines (2024) Must-Read Reviews

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Reloading is time-consuming, which disrupts shooting momentum. Range time is just as expensive, while carrying back-up magazines is inconvenient. Running out of ammo while taking down armed assailants is likewise life-threatening. For these reasons, it’s practical to add extended magazines to your collections. Here’s a quick review of 3 Taurus G2C Extended Magazines.


ProMag G-Series – 15 or 32 Rds


 Taurus G2c – 12 Rds

1. ProMag G-Series - 15 or 32 Rounds

The Promag G-Series extended magazines are designed for use for 9mm models and is versatile enough to be used on the G2c and . This durable magazine is produced with heat-treated carbon steel.because the body material is made out of metal.

It holds 32-rounds and feeds caliber smoothly with its high tensile wire spring and polymer follower. The Promag Taurus’ slide action makes the feeding process pretty fast. Concealed carry, self-protection, and sports shooting are its best applications.



3. Taurus G2C 12 Round Magazine

This Taurus G2c 9mm magazine has a 12-round capacity. This 9mm 10-round magazine is built of high-quality metal and features a black tint. This item is a good choice for everyday concealed carry.



Buying Guide

buying guide


The quality of your magazine can affect the durability and reliability of your weapons. Choosing cheaper mags to scrimp and save isn’t usually wise as lower prices may mean substandard materials and performance.
What’s the best buy? It depends on your needs and preferences. Overall, the price of a Taurus extended magazine is reasonably affordable.

You’ll find its exact price in many online stores. G2C magazines have impressive features and may have the best quality. Hence, every single dollar spent is worth it. But if you gravitate towards the most economical magazine, then Taurus G2C 12-round magazine is the best go-to option.

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While bearing firearms is your second amendment right, access and use of extended magazines may be restricted or entirely prohibited in some states due to strict gun laws. Some states allow possession of a 10 round magazine. But magazines with more than 10 rounds are considered illegal in several jurisdictions.

Before purchase, it is best to check out your city’s existing and new gun laws to avoid any legal ramifications, especially if you’re considering buying 32 rounds. The Taurus millennium detachable magazine has the lowest round capacity among the three. It is the best option to consider if you want to avoid any legally-instituted confiscations of your magazines and pistols.


You can find the most durable and impact-resistant magazine virtually everywhere, but mostly they come at a relatively costly price.

It is because magazines are mostly made from high-grade materials like steel, metal, and polymer.

A Taurus G2C extended magazine is structurally solid, able to sustain abuse, and less prone to corrosion and premature deterioration.

taurus g2c extended magazine purpose


G2C is designed to store and fire more ammunition using your pistol. It is slightly curved or slanted in some way to accommodate the taper and size of each cartridge, rims, and handgun’s grip. You can see that Taurus G2C is expertly machined to minimize contact between the sides of the magazine and the cartridge body. This is beneficial to reduce friction and premature wear as well as to facilitate fast response times.

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Taurus extended magazine accommodates more rounds than the standard magazine. The number of rounds in a Taurus G2C extended magazine is sufficient for any use. This magazine is available in both carry-ready and range-ready capacities. We’ve got something on the list that can hold 32 rounds. Then next to it is #2 with 12 calibers. #1 has the longest size compared to #2 and #3, which could be a bit tricky to conceal when you’re in a public place.

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You can change or reload your magazine as often as you need. But, this can be quite inconvenient, drawn-out, and impractical at times. Extended magazines are the best alternative to address such concerns. They are suitable for certain applications, including target shooting, competitive shooting, hunting sprees, and military exercises.

Moreover, they are the best option for self-defense, especially when you’re up against a violent attacker. They are great as back-ups in case there are jamming and reliability issues with your current magazines. Anything could go wrong at the worst possible time, so having spares can increase your sense of safety and confidence to face any threat.

taurus g2c extended magazine Material2


Taurus extended magazines are not as easily accessible and available than their standard counterparts due to tighter gun laws in some states. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of online stores that you can visit. You can do an online search to see a variety of models and their corresponding price tags. There are also some additional accessories that you can purchase to complement your magazine. You can include loaders, sights, storage case, extension sleeve, and leather shoulder holster.


Durability is a function of material composition, frequency of use, and proper maintenance. Based on our reviews and fellow handgun enthusiasts’ feedback, the three Taurus G2C extended magazines are exceptionally durable. They are well-built, long-lasting, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. As long as you use the right magazine, you can fire hundreds of cartridges using your Millennium G2, Taurus G2C, or G2 9mm pistols and not having to worry about the rapid wear and tear.

taurus g2c extended magazine durability


Testing your Taurus G2c mags for any malfunction issues such as failure to load, lock, open, feed, and eject is a slick strategy to ensure their reliability. A Taurus magazine has a strong spring and follower that facilitate reliable feeding of cartridges to your weapon. After using them, inspect the feed lips for any bents or dents and clean them to keep them in their best shape.

And the #1 Taurus G2C Extended Magazine is...

For the best Taurus extended mag, we choose the ProMag G-Series, available in 15 or 32 round capacity. While test shooting on the range, we’ve noticed that the Taurus G2C extended magazine can fire flawlessly. It’s the right choice to address issues, including insufficient ammunition, reloading inconvenience, feeding failures, and limited shooting time.

Having a Taurus G2C magazine reinforces your defensive shooting and boosts your confidence in combating any threat with sufficient firepower. It is the best choice for hunting, competitive shooting, and home-protection.

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Our #1 Recommendation

ProMag G-Series – 15 or 32 Rounds

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