5 Best Scopes for 7.62×39 (2024 UPDATED) Complete Guide

Best Scope For 7.62X39
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Finding the best scopes for 7.62×39 is not a simple task considering the strength and credentials of this bullet. You do not want to waste this semi-automatic ammo. That is why you need to find a 7.62×39 scope for your rifle to put this bullet to good use. 

So, our team rounded up the top brands to choose from if you are unsure which one to get.


UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope


Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24


Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Scout

1. UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

Why We Picked It: 

This scope is commonly used with Airsoft assault rifles that are very popular with gun sport enthusiasts. This UTG red dot sight is rainproof and shockproof and is compatible with a Picatinny 21 mm rail. 

It also comes with a large objective lens that gives higher magnification which is helpful for beginners. They won’t have difficulty building their confidence in taking a shot when they can easily see their targets.


This red dot sight has impressive brightness settings. The unique lens coating adds maximum light transmission compared to traditional scopes. The red dot reticle has 36 “multi-color” mode options where a user can choose from to illuminate the etched reticle. 

Durability is not a problem with UTG since these are made of high-quality optics and materials. Therefore, this will last a long time. Installation is also a straightforward process since this can easily fit without any need for additional tools.



2. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24

Why We Picked It: 

Vortex Strike Eagle is a reliable scope coming from Vortex, especially when talking about versatility and target acquisition. Vortex Strike Eagle updated the magnification ring, which now has a thread-in throw lever which is compatible with 7.62×39 rifles. 

The user can see how much magnification is set without coming off the scope. The illumination settings of Vortex Strike Eagle are also simplified yet enhanced with the new illuminated BDC3 reticle, which allows 7.62×39 rifles scopes to focus on the target faster.

Low light conditions are not an issue with Vortex Strike Eagle scope since the anti-reflective coating on all the air-to-glass enhances the light transmission resulting in more visual clarity. This 7.62×39 scope is built with quality materials that are known to surpass extreme weather conditions and recoil of 7.62×39 rifles.



3. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Scout

Why We Picked It: 

Vortex Optics is a good fit for a scout rifle with its V-plex dead hold BDC reticle, which is great for hunting using 7.62×39 rifles. Acquiring a target will not be impossible with an ultra-forgiving eye box with a 9. 45″ of eye relief support. 

Additionally, Vortex Optics has fully multi-coated lenses, which can give clearer views and give an old gun new tricks. This is a second focal plane scope with 2x and 7x with a 32mm magnification range, making it great for hunting, just like the Vortex Strike Eagle.

You do not have to worry about sudden changes in the image you are sighting in with these scopes for 7.62×39 from Vortex.



4. Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24

Why We Picked It:  

Primary Arms is one of the standard 7.62×39 rifle scopes with an ACSS Standard reticle, but this quality scope also handles moving target leads, BDC, wind holds, and range estimation. All these features can be done using a user-friendly system. 

Primary Arms uses 1- 6x magnification, a second focal plane scope. Therefore, you can ensure that the reticle size remains despite the magnification increase. Primary Arms is durable, waterproof, and fog-resistant with aluminum built body with a matte black finish.

The product features are a good fit for individuals who are into hunting using 7.62×39 rifles and those who need the best illumination on their scopes.



5. Leupold VX-3HD 4.5-14x50mm Rifle Scope

Why We Picked It: 

Leupold VX is popular, especially with people who do Western mountain hunting. It has a high-quality lens which is larger. That is why it has an impressive magnification range. These are the best scopes for 7.62×39 if you are aiming for optical clarity. 

Its Custom Dial System (CDS) gives you the capability to customize the adjustment dial of your turret regardless of your ballistics or the environmental conditions. This 7.62×39 scope is weather and fog-proof, which is perfect for bolt-action hunting rifles. Placing it on zero once the target is acquired is not a problem for this scope.



Factors to Consider


Elevation & Windage

The best scopes for 7.62×39 have easy access to the elevation knobs and the windage knobs, which is essential in having a fast-focus eyepiece. The elevation turret knob, together with the windage, should be easily adjustable to have a faster view of the target regardless of the distance. 

It would also be helpful if your scope had a locking feature to prevent accidental movements, especially if it is already zeroed in on the target. This part should not be overlooked, as there should be something to compensate for the bullet drop when the ammo is fired. 

Eye Relief 

For a powerful scope like the 7.62×39 rifles, an appropriate rifle scope would be a bullet drop scope with a long eye relief which could be at least 6″. With a short eye relief in bolt action hunting rifles with strong recoil, you are just asking for a kick in the face. 

Modern rifles usually start at 4 inches, but that would be the best rifle scopes for you if you can find eye relief that goes over that. 


A high-quality scope should not be with parallax, regardless if you are moving the rifle or your head. Something is wrong with the sights you should be looking at when you are purchasing a rifle scope like Bushnell AK optics or something from Primary Arms. 

Search for either a red dot or MOA reticle that is parallax-free to avoid losing your target. Inconsistency in your scope will greatly affect your accuracy, and hitting your target is leaning more on a miss with these types of scopes. 


Depending on how you are using your rifle, that is where you base your magnification range. If you are using hunting rifles, you will be doing a lot of long-range shooting, thus requiring higher magnification to have distortion-free optics. 

On the other hand, tactical rifles can work well even with low magnification if these are mounted on rails and are properly mounted. 

One consideration to make upon choosing high magnification is that the more layers on the glass, the heavier it will get. That would mean that there will be added weight on your weapon once it is mounted. 


A reliable assault rifle or hunting rifle is created to be in the field, but these also take a toll on the user’s shoulders. Apart from weight, stability is needed to ensure an accurate shot. There are different mounts you can find for each rifle scope as these have their features and designs. 

Be sure to find the appropriate mounting rails and the right rings to seal them safely. A stable scope increases your shooting accuracy. There is always a suitable ring that can seal the scope to the mount to avoid movements, especially when you are already zeroed in with the target. 

Glass Clarity 

Optics improvements are very common from manufacturers who want to continue providing better scopes for their buyers. AKM-styled rifles are powerful weapons, but they also require lenses that can enhance their accuracy. 

Not only are these helping with the shots, but it also protects the glass since enhanced optics have multiple lens coating. Clarity is essential as the purpose of a scope is to ensure visibility of the target, whether the distance is considerably far or not.


The type of reticle you choose will all depend on how you are going to use your weapon. You either pick a German reticle, target dot, red dot, or those that have dual reticle illumination, which will be good for short-range range shooting. 

Your choice for long-range hunting or shooting will require a range-finding reticle or the SVD type. Check for inconsistencies even after adjustments. If distortion or visibility is still compromised, then that is not the right scope for your weapon.  

Objective Lens

When searching for the best scope for bolt action hunting rifles, your choice will depend on many factors, one of which is the objective lens. This is important because the light that enters the scope is dependent on the diameter of the lens. 

This means that the bigger your lens is, the more light comes in even in the same magnification. This is important, especially in scenarios where you need it most, like when your target is in low-light condition. 

This will result in higher resolution, but it will also result in added weight. It will be affecting your weapon’s performance if the weight is not accurate for its frame. 


The adjustments you need to make for the windage and the elevation are the most important turrets in your scope. Its location should be accessible and adjustable since it will control the reticle to the left or the right or going up or down. 

If these adjustments are made correctly, the image appearing on the glass should be very clear. If not, then the image will all be blurry or distorted. Without a clear view of the target, whether the distance is significant or not, it will be impossible to make a direct hit with it. 

It can be overwhelming when you are new in making adjustments but picking simple choices such as BDC turrets can be a positive option. This has the easiest settings to compensate for bullet drops and is commonly found in hunting scopes. 

Ease of Installation

The installation plays a huge role when it comes to choosing the best scopes for any kind of weapon. Not all who purchase these products are keen on installing these accessories. And even if they are not first-time users, the complex installation will put the user off. 

Some manufacturers are very considerate in providing instructional materials and installation tools, which simplifies the process. It is understandable for a buyer to expect fit and functionality upon purchase. Simplicity in attaching the scope is a must for every scope in the market, like Strike Eagle and the rest. 

Materials & Durability

The product’s durability would depend on the materials used in creating them, and the same rule applies to scopes. Various factors will test its build and functionality, such as weather and corrosion [1]. 

Picking something waterproof and fog proof will definitely prolong its usability. Apart from that, the glass also needs to be considered and the lens technology used. Weather conditions and corrosion are not the only factors that need consideration as there is recoil too. A weak scope will only last a few rounds, and it will break. 


The scope price should be reliant on the materials and all the features and capabilities it has. Buyers will depend on the capacity of their pockets first, but they will also be looking at the features of this that will be beneficial to their hunting game or with other activities. 

If the product’s cost is more than what it offers, regardless of the brand, whether it is from Primary Arms or Strike Eagle or what else, a wise buyer will not waste their money over something that will not be of good use. 

The value of the scope you are purchasing is based on the feature and materials used. Be sure to check on the good and the bad before bringing it to the counter.

What Makes a Great 7.62x39 Scope?

What Makes a Great 7.62x39 Scope

A great 7.62×39 scope, even in low light conditions, should have high-quality optics to provide accuracy while playing shooting games or hunting. It should also have accurate tracking and unlimited eye relief to allow the user to see his target, whether in short or long range. 

Visibility is a factor that should be considered significant as the purpose of a scope is to make the target more likely to be hit. Finding just one specific scope feature will not make it great since its functionality depends on everything it is built with. 

While you are searching for the positive features of the score, also take time to avoid those that are a deterrent to you hitting your target. Make sure that you check for inconsistencies and not just the good traits of the scope.

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

A good scope is not just because of a certain feature but the total performance and the price. This is how we choose a scope after we scrutinize the product and test how they are if used. 

We look at each feature and compare whether this is beneficial in comparison to what other manufacturers offer. Apart from that, we see that the prices are also reasonable whether it is high or low. 

Weapon Compatibility

We make sure that compatibility is ensured before we make any recommendations. There are specific scopes that are not fit for the weapon, regardless if these are mounted correctly. 

Apart from functionality, this is also an accessory that should enhance the overall look of the rifle. Also, there are parts of the scope that should also be taken into consideration.

Product Quality 

Relying on the brand reputation is not enough to consider the product of high quality. Other than our team’s tests, we also rely on feedback from individuals who already used the product. 

Real-life experiences hold an honest truth that can help the next person who will buy that piece. Consistent complaints about a certain product or parts only will contribute greatly to how we rate.

And The Best Scope for 7.62x39 Is…

Our best scope for 7.62×39 rifles is UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope. This red dot scope is great for beginners because of its large objective lens. Though this is common with so many scopes, we considered UTG exceptional because of this product’s brightness settings that are enhanced by the multi-color mode that illuminates the etched reticle.

This is our best scope for 7.62×39 because it is very simple to install. There is no need for any other complex instruction materials. Durability-wise, this is a sturdy scope that is also weather and fog-proof. What sealed our decision was the number of satisfied users.


Our #1 Recommendation

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

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