5 Best Rifle Scopes for 300 Yards (2023 UPDATED REVIEW)

What’s The Best Rifle Scope for 300 Yards?
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If you want to increase your shooting precision, magnify your target for rapid acquisition, fire in low light conditions, or hunt wayward varmints, you may need some first-rate scopes! We reviewed the best rifle scopes for 300 yards on the market, and here’s our top 5 picks.


Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope – Dead-Hold BDC Reticle


UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings


Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Rifle Scope

1. Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12x40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle

Constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, this scope is extremely durable and highly resistant to impact and recoil. It has a 40mm objective lens and a dead-hold BDC reticle, ideal for long-range shooting applications. Its well-built eyepiece allows for rapid reticle focusing. The second focal plane improves precision and doesn’t obscure your view.

It features fully multi-coated lenses to increase light transmission for crystal clear, bright images. Moreover, it has capped reset turrets for easy adjustment and allows you to bring your windage and elevation back to zero position.



2. UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings

This rifle scope comes with emerald lens coatings to ensure maximum light transmission and excellent clarity of targets. It can magnify from 4x to 16x, allowing you to see at a variety of distances. Its 36-color illumination enhancing system can address poor lighting conditions.

The mil-dot reticle is designed to ensure optimal aiming and accurate shooting performance. Its 1-click high-tech illumination memory provides easy and fast access to any colors and brightness in the reticle.



3. Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Rifle Scope

Versatility, simplicity, and accuracy are the best points of this scope. The objective lens varies between 35mm and 50mm, and it features a Ballistic plex reticle that’s simple and uncluttered. It can magnify between 3-9x, 4.5-14x, or 6.5-20x, making it your best choice for long-range applications and low light hog hunting.

Its high-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity. The multi-coated lens increases light transmission and reduces glare. Also, this scope has a parallax adjustment option that improves accuracy at long distances.



4. BARSKA 6-18x40 mm AO Hot Magnum .17 And .22 Interchangeable 30/30 Rifle Scope

This rifle scope was engineered with a bullet-drop technology and was optimized for use with .17 Magnum Rimfire rifle to ensure greater compatibility and efficiency. It has a magnification of 6-18x for medium to long-range applications, spotting targets from 300 yards away, almost similar to Barska spotting scopes

The 40mm objective lens can help deliver clear images in all light conditions. This scope offers a pre-calculated trajectory compensation from 100 to 300 yards for your targets’ edge-to-edge image clarity.



5. SIGHTRON 25003 SIII 30mm Riflescope 10-50x60mm, Long Range MOA Reticle

This scope is one of the longest-range optics in the market that offers a magnification range of 10x to 50x. The 60mm objective lens allows more light transmission and clear images. It offers eye relief from 3.8’’ to 4.5’’ at 10x zoom.

Hence, you can safely use this with high-recoil rifles. The fast-focus eyeball facilitates quick and easy adjustments. It’s a great scope for long-distance raccoon hunting and target shooting but may not be the best one for close-quarter shooting.



Key Factors to Consider

key factors


How much should you spend on a high-quality rifle scope? It depends. The price of a scope varies depending on features, usage, and brand name. The best rifle scope for 300 yards shouldn’t cost you a fortune. You needn’t buy an insanely expensive scope when a much cheaper alternative can provide you with almost identical features and quality. The price point of the five scopes is reasonably affordable.

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The best rifle scopes should be rugged and durable for it to last for a long time. Rifle scopes constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum or steel are quite solid and sturdy. They can withstand impact and abuse. Choose a scope that has multi-coated optics as it’s often scratch-resistant. Based on our review, the best product in terms of durability is #1.


A quality scope should deliver the clearest sight of your target. A higher magnification narrows the field of vision and transmits less light. A scope with 2-7x or 3-9×40 is powerful enough to shoot up to 300 yards. A scope that can magnify 2-4x is perfect for 150 yards. For long-distance shooting, 20x and higher are a good fit. Furthermore, for low light conditions, a scope that has a bigger exit pupil is most appropriate. If you’re hunting big game and at pre-dawn or dusk, a 5mm-9mm exit pupil is the best range.


Ease of Use

Most rifle scopes for 300 yards are easy to install and use. Take note that scopes slightly vary in their base configuration, so make sure the scope rings match your rifle mounting system. Your rifle scope is useless if poorly mounted. For ease of use and best shooting experience, make sure that you have properly aligned the reticle, tightened the screws, secured the base, checked the eyepiece, and inserted a boresight.

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Eye Relief

The distance of your shooting eye from the eyepiece is crucial not just for precision shooting but also for the safety or your eyes from rifle recoil. The larger the distance, the better, especially if you’re using magnum rifles and aiming at a 300-yard target. The decent numbers for a scope to acquire a target more quickly are between 3’’ to 4’’. It’s best to choose scopes that meet this requirement.

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Field of View (FOV)

FOV is directly related to the construction of the eyepiece. As magnification increases, FOV decreases. If you’re aiming for rapid target acquisition, go with a wider FOV, and, therefore a smaller power.

In 3-9x scope, at 3x, you might have more than 30ft FOV at 100 yards, but at 9x, FOV would be around 14ft only. In terms of FOV, the best scope for 300 yards in our list is #1.

Field of View

And the #1 Rifle Scope for 300 Yards is...

The #1 rifle scope for 300 yards is the Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope – Dead-Hold BDC Reticle. This scope facilitates maximum light transmission, providing a clear and crisp view of the target. It may not have a spot on ballistic match technology. 

But, it works exceptionally well even in challenging lighting conditions, holds up to potent recoil, and allows quick target acquisition. It’s the best rifle scope for a 300-yard shot based on our research and a variety of shooting and hunting applications. Noteworthy, this scope features a VIP warranty and good customer service.

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Our #1 Recommendation

Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12×40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope – Dead-Hold BDC Reticle

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