How To Mount A Rifle Scope On A Picatinny Rail

How To Mount A Rifle Scope On A Picatinny Rail
Alfred Mendoza

Knowing how to mount a rifle scope on a Picatinny rail can make a difference between making the shot or missing the long-range target. The good news is that it’s possible to do it yourself, even if you’re a beginner. 

Learn how you can mount a scope on a Picatinny rail in this complete guide!

1. Get Your Tools

Torque wrench – You need it to tighten nuts and bolts precisely. (1)

Leveling kit – It helps you lift the rifle.

Gun stabilizer – Use a set of bipods as an alternative for a solid rest for base setup as you would when mounting most scopes. 

2. Open the Picatinny Rail Rings

After you have the tools, you begin by opening the two rings of the Picatinny rail. You do this by removing the upper receiver, leaving you with only its lower sides. 

Before you begin the mounting process, ensure that you have marked the ends of the upper and lower sides, so you won’t mix them up when you’re done with the steps.

3. Place the Rings on the Rail

Put the clamp level on the gun’s barrel and make sure it’s at the same level as the rifle’s action. Tighten it properly, and put the smaller reference level on the base mount’s rail. 

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4. Adjust the Scope 

Take the time to adjust the rifle left or right, so you can get the scope level of your rail. They need to be on the same level with the bubble level between its two lines.

5. Tighten the Screws on the Rings

Gradually tighten the ring screwer half a turn.

Then, you rotate it in a zig-zag pattern like how you usually would when you are tightening a car tire.

Ensure that the spacing between the upper halves and lower halves are approximately equal as you tighten the screws.

tighten screw

6. Position the Upper Sides of the Rings

Put the top half of the rings, after which, slowly screw in the ring screws. Keep in mind that the screws have to be loose enough, so it allows you to move and rotate the scope with adequate resistance. 

7. Readjust Scope Position

It’s time to adjust the scope for your eye relief. First, put the scope in the center of the magnification setting.

After you have done that, gradually remove the rifle from the gun vice. Next, shoulder the rifle like how you would when you’re shooting. 

Move the scope forward, and then move the scope back up until you can see the whole field of view of the scope, like how you would test using a weaver rail mounting system.

8. Turn the Power of the Scope to Maximum

When you can find the appropriate distance for the scope from the eye, you have to check the numbers on the scope and increase the magnification to make sure it is suitable at maximum magnification.

9. Adjust the Vertical Crosshair

Reticle focus adjustment is different for every manufacturer. First, you have to find the adjustment and mount the rifle like you would when shooting, pointing the scope body at a blank wall. 

Pay close attention to how the reticle appears. When you notice it isn’t crisp, you have to adjust the reticle focus again on the scope mount.   

You need to find the right alignment of the rifle’s receiver to get the appropriate system.

adjust cross hair

10. Secure the Parts

Secure the screws and bolts, ensure that they are in place and properly secured, so the rifles on the Picatinny rail scope mount are in the best condition when shooting. 

Our Final Thoughts

You need to ensure that the scope rings are correctly aligned so your rifle scope mounts appropriately on the Picatinny rail. Put the rifle on the one-piece mount or a one-piece base and pay attention to how you adjust the screw, bases, and rings. 

It only takes a few trials and errors to get the rifle on your preferred mounts before you can take it out to the firing range. However, it’s worth the effort.



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