Dagger Defense DDHB Review: A Must-Read

dagger defense ddhb review
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Some think that affordable products usually sacrifice quality, so we understand why you are hesitant to give the Dagger Defense DDHB reflex sight a chance. To help you decide whether you should buy this reflex sight or not, we made a Dagger Defense Review. Should you buy a new one or stick to your old scope?

Dagger Defense DDHB red dot is a 10-oz red dot system that fits your AR-15 rifles. This red dot reflex sight features four different reticles and two colors – red and green dot. It is equipped with a locking set screw for stabilizing sighting adjustments.

This optic allows shooters to easily swap between green and red dots, making it easier to aim under different lighting and background conditions. This reflex sight is engineered to clamp firmly to any device that has a Picatinny rail.

It also uses a system of alignment markers that assist every aim allowing any shooters for more precise target locking. The DDHB optic has a capacity of 15.8m at a 100m field of view. It also features a CR2032 battery.



Closer Look at the Features


Dagger Defense, a veteran-owned company, made this optic with an aircraft-grade aluminum body that’s able to withstand any environment. This also means that the reflex sight can be used for longer periods unlike the other reflex range options available.


The Dagger Defense DDHB is one of the most affordable reflex sights in the market that still upholds quality. With just a few dollars, you can have this excellent reflex sight with only a fraction of the price of most reflex sights. No wonder many veterans still opt to purchase this sight.

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The DDHB red dot reflex sight has a high-quality design, coupled with high-grade aluminum built that can perform exceptionally well in almost any environment.

It features a square-shaped window through which the red-green dot is visible. Since this red dot sight can function with two reticles, shooters can use four different patterns to work with while aiming.

dagger defense ddhb design

Target Precision

In this Dagger Defense review, target precision is one of the highlighted features. Shooters have the advantage of switching between the red and green dots during target locking. It also allows you to pin the target with more accuracy and a lot quicker. Hence it offers a high level of precision. Traditional sights cannot achieve this level of precision.

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Dagger Defense red dot offers a year warranty from the date of purchase of their products. There are no second-hand purchases permitted, so you need to be the original owner and have a copy of your receipt to claim their warranty services.

Target Focus

As mentioned earlier, this DDHB red dot reflex sight offers a precise target aiming because of its 4 MOA and four different reticles. And with its two different colors, you get a total of 8 various reticles to work with while aiming.

Due to this feature, you can zero in and stay on target for a longer period than other iron sights. This is one of the best features of the DDHB.

dagger defense ddhb focus


Dagger Defense red dot sights have a user-friendly interface that even novices can easily install this red dot reflex sight on a shotgun or a rifle. You won’t even need its manual to install this because it can be mounted to almost any kind of mount.

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Parallax Adjustability

With the Dagger Defense DDHB red dot sight, you get a reduced parallax for split-second timing. Its parallax is only present at close range where it cannot affect the accuracy of the shot; hence you’ll get a more precise aim.

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Customer Reviews

After conducting extensive research about this reflex sight, we found out that most reviews given are positive. Many gun owners were shocked to learn that this sight is durable and quite precise amidst being affordable. They also praised how this sight is compatible with most guns they own. And most of them find its feature of choosing between the red or green dot colors and its adjustable brightness impressive.

Dagger Defense DDHB - Our Verdict

Our verdict in the Dagger Defense DDHB review is that this red dot reflex sight is worth buying because it is well-made with a sturdy, sleek, and lightweight design. Its lightweight design can significantly improve your level of accuracy in aiming your point. It is also easy to install for it is compatible with many mounting rails for your AR-15 rifles. It also features a 4 MOA reticle, with four different reticles and red or green dots.

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dagger defense ddhb

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Dagger Defense DDHB

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  1. I bought my first DD from Amazon , DDHT, and I loved it, but it was hard for me to see past 20 yards with it. so I bought another one from the web site, the DD30m3, but it was only single magnification. I found the DD240 which has two time magnification and wow it is right on and easy to adjust. I am so happy with this company.

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