Weaver Kaspa Scope Review – What You Need To Know

weaver kaspa review
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The Weaver Kaspa Tactical scope is considered affordable. However, many gun owners are quite hesitant to lean on the “cheapest” scopes because they think that cheap can mean low-quality. Our team decided to make this Weaver Kaspa review to help you make an informed decision.

Weaver Kaspa is a tactical riflescope that provides ballistic precision at bargain prices. It performs best from up-close to long-range and hunting to competition shooting. It features one-piece construction with fully multi-coated lenses. Its lenses are nitrogen-purged, so it provides fog-free viewing and sturdy lenses.

It also has crisp 1/4-inch MOA Adjustments for dependable accuracy. Aside from these excellent features, this scope also allows more adjustments and more rigidity for accuracy.

This tactical scope also has illuminated BDC reticles, tactical turrets, and come with flip-up, protective scope caps. It also provides a 30mm tube for better light transmission. Its reticle is dark enough to see against usual backgrounds in typical outdoors.



Features to Consider

Weaver Kaspa Durability

The Weaver Kaspa features a one-piece tube that tends to be more durable and may work well under normal conditions. However, this scope is not made to withstand heavy abuse like higher-end scopes. Also, as it is not water-resistant, it can endure light rain just fine. Dropping or submerging this scope into water is not recommended, though.

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This scope features a finger-adjustable turret. It comes with caps to prevent unintentional adjustments. Unfortunately, its elevation and windage adjustments aren’t repeatable, so it is not suited for long-range shooting. Since its turrets are neither precise nor repeatable, it could take more time and ammo to sight in this scope.

Ease of Use - Weaver Kaspa

Based on this Weaver Kaspa review, Weaver Kaspa scopes feature turret adjustments that are easy to operate.

It comes with caps to prevent accidental adjustments, too. You won’t even need a screwdriver or a coin to adjust its turrets.

You can just use your finger to adjust it. Its side focus is also easy to use.

Weaver Kaspa ease of use


If you are a fan of a plain matte black finish, the Weaver Kaspa scope is for you. Although this is relatively cheap, it doesn’t look like a cheap knockoff. This scope is a compact and lightweight scope that is easy to carry around even for a long time. It has a multi-coated and nitrogen-purged lens, so it is waterproof, fog-proof, and Shockproof.

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Weaver Kaspa Warranty

A Lifetime Warranty is provided by Weaver Optics, which is now a part of Vista Outdoor brands. As officially announced by Weaver Optics, they will cover any defects as long as the original owner has a copy of the original receipt after purchasing the scope. The replacement or repair of the scope will be free of charge, except for reasonable handling, shipping, and insurance charges.


The scope’s magnification ring features a smooth, knurled knob. This scope provides lens clarity on par with other high-end scopes. Unfortunately, its color contrast and light transmission are not that great. Well, it doesn’t come with strange refraction of purple or blue tint at the edges like some lower end scopes, so we find this scope still acceptable. Hunting with this scope during low light is not recommended.

Reticle Orientation

This scope’s reticle is sharp and easy to spot. It features two reticles, the Dual X, similar to the simple duplex reticle, and the Ballistic X or the BDC reticle. So, if you like simple and no clutter reticle, go with the Dual X. But if you want a reticle with three holdovers for longer range shots, the BDC is a better choice.

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Technical Specification:

  • Length: 12.4 inches
  • Weight: 11.5 oz
  • Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Magnification: 3×9
  • Reticle Name: Dual X/ Ballistic X
  • Parallax Adjustment: Fixed at 150 yards
  • Scope Turret Adjustment: Not resettable to zero
  • Field of View (per 100 yards): Low: 32.6m / High: 9.9m
  • Objective Diameter: 40mm
  • Focal Plane: Second

Weaver Kaspa - Is It Worth Your Money?

Based on this Weaver Kaspa review and after a few tests, our team recommends this rifle scope because it has features that would be useful in your hunting games. Aside from being affordable, it is armed with an excellent Ballistic X reticle that is sharp and bright. It also features a 50 MOA adjustment range for windage and elevation, giving ¼ MOA click value. Its one-piece tube construction and nitrogen purging process ensure lens and body maximum durability. This scope provides a crisp and precise accuracy.

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weaver kaspa

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