5 Best Shotgun Sights For Turkey Hunting in 2024

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A red dot sight for your shotgun may be your best bet when hunting for turkey as you need to be very precise during target shooting. Since turkeys are moving targets, it may take you a lot of effort when out in the woods. To help you find the best scope for turkey hunting, my team and I went out to the range to come up with the best red dot sight for turkey shotguns.


Holosun HS510C 2

Holosun HS510C-2


Feyachi RS-30

Feyachi RS 30


AT3 Tactical RD-50 PRO

AT3 Tactical RD 50 PRO

1. Holosun HS510C 2

Holosun HS510C 2 Red Dot Turkey Scope for turkey shotgun features 3 Reticle options with 2 MOA circle red dot, 65 MOA ring, and 2 MOA dot with 65 MOA ring.

This best red dot sight for shotgun also comes with a multi-coated lens providing maximum clarity along with its 1x magnification. It also features advanced LED technology with 12 brightness settings best for daylight and night vision.

Its power system utilizes a solar cell and a CR2032 Lithium coin back-up CR2032 battery that can last up to 50, 000 hours. It comes with a 6061 aluminum housing and a titanium alloyed hood, which is shock resistant up to 1000G. Moreover, it is also submersible up to 1m, has an IP67 water resistance rating, and a quick detachable mount for easy removal.

Holosun HS510C-2



2. Feyachi RS-30

The Feyachi RS-30 reflex sight for turkey hunting is also one of the best shotgun scopes. It is made from a high-end aluminum alloy and matte finish that ensures its durability. This lightweight scope has high-quality water-, shock-, and fog-proof performance. Its lens is also multi-coated, so it’s well-protected from scratches and glares.

This shotgun scope comes with a four reticle pattern option useful in different situations. It also comes with five different brightness settings and a 40mm tubeless design. Its square-shaped window provides a wide field of view as it eliminates any blind spots and tunnel vision.

Feyachi RS 30



3. AT3 Tactical RD-50 PRO

AT3 Tactical RD-50 PRO red dot scope is also a great option in turkey hunting. It features a 1x magnification with a 25mm objective lens and a 2 MOA red dot crisp reticle. Although it is engineered from a 60661 aluminum, it only weighs 3.6 oz.

This lightweight red dot scope guarantees fog proof and waterproof performance. Like most scopes, it also features a nitrogen-purged and multi-coated scratch-resistant lens and a battery life that can last up to 50, 000 hours.

This parallax-free design scope also offers unlimited eye relief and 11 brightness intensities to provide you with optimal visibility even in low light conditions. You can shoot with your eyes open using this sight. Above all, this scope has a Lifetime AT3 Warranty.

AT3 Tactical RD 50 PRO



4. Truglo Gobble-Stopper

The Truglo Gobble-Stopper red dot sight is specially designed for hunting turkeys. It features a 3 MOA dot inside a circle, which is 24 inches wide at 30 yards. It also has both red and green reticle options to work with and a compartment on the scope for an extra battery.

This reflex sight comes with a detachable extended sunshade and a see-through flip-up lens cap. Aside from these, it also fits a Weaver-style mounting system. It also features a 1 moa per click POI at 100 yards.

Truglo red dot optics also offer a limited lifetime warranty with their CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminum construction.




5. Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec

Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec, much like the Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec, is a unique red dot sight for turkeys that weighs 9.2 oz. It comes with four pattern choices with green and red reticle illumination. It has five levels of brightness with an off button and a wide-field view of 35m @ 100m.

This red dot is also durable because it is made of an aluminum alloy. It can endure a heavy recoil of up to .50 cal and has an IPX4 rating waterproof performance. It also features a low profile fixed mount.

This sight uses a CR123A Lithium battery that can last up to 2000 hours. Parallax Setting: The Sightmark ultra shot plus has a 25 yards Parallax setting range. It has an AR red lens coating that provides a clear and crisp image of the target.

Sightmark Mini Shot M Spec



Buying Guide

buying guide


Aside from taking note of your scope’s features, you also need to consider if it is worth its price. Refrain from listening to people who always believe brand names in gauging whether a scope for turkey hunting is durable and worthy. Read trustworthy reviews online. Gather reliable information about these scopes. And then decide whether the scope’s quality is decent for its price.

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Standard 12-gauge turkey guns can produce enough kick and recoil when shot, so your scope must also be durable to withstand heavy usage and recoil. It is recommended that you look for scopes that are made from aluminum and magnesium alloy materials. These materials are not only durable but also lightweight, like Vortex optics.


You might come across some scopes that have different designs. Some scopes feature a tube design while others feature a square window pane. You should not worry because it would only depend on your taste.

We suggest that it would be better to focus on the red dot sights’ lens and co-witness because those things need to have maximum clarity for you to aim better.

red dot design

Windage & Elevation

It would be best if you also considered your sight’s windage and elevation adjustments. As a hunter, you will need to aim from left to right and top to bottom. The reliability of the scope’s turrets often makes aiming more precise. Also, consider the minute of angle each scope offers for a better windage and elevation adjustment.

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It is worthy to note that not all standard dot sizes, red dot reticle options, and dot colors are the same for each firearm. For some guns, the finest reticle typically covers a surface of about 2 MOA. However, even a 12 MOA reticle is effective for shotguns because a larger reticle allows for faster target acquisition.

For better precision and control, check out this ATN X Sight 4K Pro review.

Brightness Setting

You also need to identify whether you are going to hunt during daytime or night time. Brightness adjustments are crucial in turkey hunting. Consider the scope’s brightness levels and light transmission.

We think it is better to choose red dot sights that provide auto-adjustability brightness features. Having sensors that can detect the lighting conditions and change according to your needs is more hassle-free.

red dot brightness settings


Savvy shotgunners who use scopes for turkey hunting typically prefer 2X magnification, because it has a larger field of view in a bright, light-gathering optic. Some hunters may also prefer turkey hunting scopes with 4X power. But optics for turkey with variable 1x, to 5X magnifications are good, too.


Mounting Options

The best red dot sights are convenient to adjust and mount like Vortex optics. Make sure to get a red dot sight that is easy to mount on different turkey gun and firearm types. You also need to ensure that these scopes are secure when you mount it to prevent any shifting or accidents.

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And the #1 Red Dot Scope for Turkey Shotgun is...

The best red dot scope for a turkey-hunting shotgun is the Holosun HS510C 2 because it features a unique hybrid power system that utilizes solar cells and back-up battery power. Aside from having a long-lasting battery life, it also features multiple reticles and generous eye relief. It’s also great that it has two illumination settings, which are both night vision compatible. Above all, it is engineered with a titanium alloyed hood and an aluminum body that is durable and lightweight.

Holosun HS510C-2

Our #1 Recommendation

Holosun HS510C 2

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