Trijicon IR Hunter MK III Review – What to Know

Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII 35m Review
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We get it. You want a top-notch thermal scope and images for your hunting sprees. However, you might wonder whether the IR Hunter MK3 35mm is worth its price. My team and I were just as curious, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. Save yourself the trouble and check out our Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII 35m review.

The MK3 35mm is a compact yet powerful thermal scope explicitly designed for hunters. It uses a combination of over 20 years of night vision system design and feedback from IR. It features ergonomic controls designed to put advanced IR technology in the palm of your hand.

It has IR-Patrol that features a BAE sensor like all Trijicon products such as the MK3 60mm. It boasts its four 5x base magnification, IR Window Lens Protection, that protects its Germanium objective front lens, the most costly item on the thermal scope model.

Lastly, MK3 has two different objective lens dimensions (640X480 60Hz 12-micron and 35mm).

Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII 35m



How Do You Use It?

This clip-on thermal scope model is used as how regular day and night rifle scopes are used, only that it features better controls with higher magnification and high-resolution images. Just mount this thermal scope in front of your day scope using an extended LaRue Lever Rail, and you’re good to go.

IR Hunter MK3 35m Best Features

Lunde Studio Key Features

Visual Display Resolution

The Visual Display Resolution of the Trijicon MK3 35m comes with one of the best mil-spec Fischer connectors and 4 5x base lenses, which costs much more than connectors on different competing optics. It also has a high magnification 4 5x lens and a large field of view. However, its available video connection option will last under harsh environments and years of abuse, not even one can imagine.

Construction & Finish

Like the MK3 60mm, Trijicon IR Hunter MK3 is built with 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum and uses nitrogen purging for waterproof function with a black matte finish. The MK3 rifle scope model even ensures the faster acquisition of targets.

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The new alloy, 6061 aluminum, blends each of the elements’ properties to result in a stronger, more durable, and more flexible metal suitable for a specific purpose. [1

Since the IR Hunter MK3 35mm thermal scope is made out of the best 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum like the MK3 60mm, it is designed to be more durable than other hunting thermal optics.



This Trijicon hunting thermal scope is attached with a stadiametric rangefinder, dual lever mount, multiple locations, battery extender cable, and download video cable.

It also has dioptre options that help people with glasses to focus on the images that depend upon the eye relief.

Refresh Rate

The Trijicon Hunter MK3 35m has two frequency rates of 30 Hz – 60 Hz, allowing hunters to follow fast-moving aims without the image blurring when hunting. With its clear refresh rate, target acquisition is faster and more precise, improving the success rate of each shot made.

What Are The Benefits?

The thermal Trijicon MK3 35 mm 2 5x has an excellent magnification lens and a large field of view, making hunting easier. It also gives the best image quality. This MK3 sight delivers versatility and convenience with its digital electronic zoom that lets shooters lock their targets quickly.

Drawbacks of IR Hunter MK3 35 mm

Most customers complain about the IR Hunter MK3 35 being one of the most expensive thermal scopes on the market. However, many shooters and hunters believe that this thermal scope is worth its price with its attachments and added options.

Customer Reviews

brand reviews
Based on our research, here are what some customers have to say.

“I used others and found them difficult to operate. The clarity of the MKlll is superior. Being able to see what I’m looking at is comforting.”

“The refresh rate is much cleaner, that field of view is better, and the overall quality is top-notch. You pay a little more money for this product, but it’s well worth it.”

“This is a game-changer. The clarity of picture, weight, battery life and ease of use was all outstanding and exactly what I expected.”

IR Hunter MKIII 35mm - Our Final Verdict

Based on our research, the Trijicon MKIII 35 mm has top-tier qualities such as the Edge Detect Mode, a handy feature not found in other commercially available thermal weapon sights. It has a ReticlePosition ReadOuts that lets shooters save multiple reticle locations and four clip-on scene locations that would make sure shooters always maintain a zero return.

It comes with a MAXPOL Polarity, digital zoom, and an Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR) that perfectly adjusts washed out pictures around the crosshair for better-adjusted image quality.

Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII 35m

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IR Hunter MKIII 35mm

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