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cvlife scope review
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No matter how good your rifle is, you can’t hit a target without having a high-quality rifle scope. And if you’re hunting savvy enough, you’ll know that price isn’t the top priority, but the quality is. Let’s see if this wide-ranging CVLife Rifle Scope review might change your mind.

CVLife Rifle Scope is a rifle scope for hunting that’s best for medium and long-distance shootings. It also comes with a large 50mm objective lens that allows plenty of light penetration for clearer vision. It has a 3.52 inches eye relief and an exit pupil of 5.1 to 16.9mm, 6-24x magnification, and one-inch tube diameter.

This CVLIfe hunting rifle scope (6-24×50) is also waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof. It has a black-coated aluminum tube. It comes with a reticle that consists of illuminated, either red and green traditional crosshairs.

It features illuminated Mil-Dot reticles in five adjustable brightness settings that you can switch off when necessary. This sight is easy to adjust, has reliable turrets, and holds zero even after several shots.



Main Features


The CVLife hunting rifle scope (6-24×50) features a large, waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof lens. CVLife optics have black-coated aluminum tubes. It also comes with a coated glass that prevents fogging in wet conditions.

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It is not shocking to learn that most hunters prefer this hunting rifle scope (6-24×50) over the other expensive scopes. It’s because CVLife optics provides a lower price quote amidst its high-quality features. This rifle scope CVLife may not be on par with the most high-end scopes in the market, but it is worth its price


This hunting rifle scope (6-24×50) has a smooth adjustable dual illuminated scope like the CVlife 2 5 10x40e scopes. It also features an accurate dioptric adjustment for its eyepiece. It also has an adjustable ocular that provides a clear image for nearsighted or farsighted users without glasses. Above all, this hunting scope features an adjustable objective (AO) lens that allows a sharper target image and parallax reduction.

cvlife scope adjustability


This CVLife (6-24x) installation is relatively simple. It would only take a few minutes to mount the rifle’s scope using the 20mm scope mounts. This easy to mount CVLife scope fits all standard 20mm Weaver or Picatinny rails, too.

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Lens & Coating

This CVLife 6-24x scope features a multi-coated glass perfect for the maximum amount of light to go through and prevent fogging in wet conditions. It features a Mil-Dot Reticle with Illumination in Red Green and an objective diameter of 50mm. It also has rangefinder markings that can be switched off or gradually increase in brightness. It also comes with a lens cover.


If you are a certified hunter, the first thing you would look for in scope is its magnification power. This hunting rifle scope (6-24×50) can magnify from 2.5x up to 10x, increasing its versatility.

Therefore, this scope can perform in short-range or long-range hunting. And if you happen to select the lowest 2.5x zoom, you can have a wider field of view.

cvlife scope magnification


All rifle scopes come with 30-day returns and a 1-year warranty. And what’s impressive about their warranty is that you won’t even need to register your scope because it automatically gets the 1-year warranty service. For unforeseen circumstances, they even offer a refund policy for damaged CVLife optics.

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Focal Point

Its reticle is positioned in a second focal plane. Since its focal plane is just behind the magnification lens, it is closer to the hunter’s eyeball. So, if you hunt at 100 yards, a second focal plane is a better option because it offers a larger field-of-view and a bold, usable reticle at low magnifications. It has a 1.8-inch click value at 100 yards.

Customer Reviews

According to our extensive research, most customer reviews expressed their appreciation for green and red scope illumination and a free mount. They were also impressed with how CVLife optics performed in long-distance hunting at a low price.

Is the CVLIFE Scope Worth It?

In conclusion to this review, our team thinks that this scope is worth it because it performs well in long-distance hunting and shooting. This scope is also easy to mount and features a lot of adjustments for target locking. It is an ideal option for low-light conditions that provides excellent image quality and sharpness. It has a generous eye relief, too. With its illuminated crosshairs and a side-mounted gun sight laser, you’ll get enhanced control and precision.

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cvlife scope

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