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Bushnell Engage Review
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Bushnell Engage rifle scopes are among the best on the market, so it caught our attention. This particular Engage Scope offers extreme versatility and durability, which many other rifle scopes struggle to balance. Read on until the end of this Bushnell Engage scope review to know if you should get yourself one.

The Bushnell Engage is a rifle optic for your outdoor and hunting needs. It comes with two separate high-quality lens coatings that protect and improve the scope’s lenses.

It also features higher magnification powers and super light transmission for more precise image when target locking. With its Deploy MOA reticle, its windage and elevation hash marks can reach short, mid-range, or even long-range targets.

This scope also offers a generous amount of eye relief, weatherproof, and durable construction. It also has a set of lockable turrets for windage, elevation, and parallax that even comes with an eyepiece protective cover and a flip-open objective lens, keeping things clear and clean in between uses.

It features a fast-focused eyepiece, integrated throwdown lever, tool-less locking turrets, and fully multi-coated glass. It also has an Exo Barrier Technology, Bushnell’s newest and best protective lens coating molecularly bonds to the glass that repels water, oil, dust, debris, and prevents scratches.



Best Features

Reticle Type

The Bushnell Engage optics feature a reticle of 1-MOA on the second focal plane like the Vortex Crossfire II, which has a one-inch tube and 2 MOA. Some claim that a scope with a First focal plane reticle can become quite large when set against small targets as you zoom in. In contrast, the SFP reticle won’t change its size no matter what MOA zoom level you choose when shooting, which is good.

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Our team tried to shoot in the dark with this scope. We were shocked to learn that although this scope has a cheaper price range,its turrets have a crisp click, and it’s easy to zero after setting it. It can even swap between magnification powers of 6x to 24x, making it incredibly more adaptable and suitable for various shooting and hunting ranges like Vortex Crossfire II, 1-Inch tube.

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It’s good that amidst having a second focal plane, the Bushnell Engage scope features higher magnification powers best for long-range capabilities. It is versatile enough to use for a wide variety of shooting circumstances or hunting expeditions.

Bushnell Engage also excels as general hunting scopes that can accomplish great things within this standard engagement range.

bushnell engage range

Parallax Setting

With this scope’s easy side parallax adjustments with a high-quality side-mounted dial from 10 yards to infinity, you can land shots on smaller targets at higher magnification powers. This fine rifle scope also features adequate eye relief and an adjustable eyepiece diopter. Its turret tracking was spot on at 25 yards and has great lens coatings. Overall, we’re very impressed with this scope that we decided to get another one.

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Windage & Elevation

The lockable three turrets are great if you get to move around frequently. You can always make sure to keep your windage and elevation settings intact even if you race from position to position. Its high-quality turrets benefit from easy adjustability and lockability. Not, it’s easier to have a great windage set, elevation, and parallax adjustment.

Mounting Option

Bushnell optics are a bit heavy, having an overall weight of 19.3 ounces. So, if you want something lighter, we suggest that you focus on its mounting systems rather than rails to lessen any added weight to a weapon platform.

Thankfully, Bushnell Engage scopes can fit Picatinny for rails or rings at 30mm. Either way, the mounting option for these optics is still up to you.

bushnell engage mount


This fine scope features a fully multi-coated lens with multiple anti-reflective coating layers on all air-to-glass surfaces that deliver bright, high-contrast images. The Bushnell Engage line also features durable construction, a special ceiling to ensure a waterproof and nitrogen-purged process for outstanding fog-proof performance.

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Should You Buy Bushnell Engage Scope?

Based on our Bushnell Engage review, we can comfortably recommend the 30mm scope because it has a superior light transmission, special coatings, and an excellent range of magnification powers. These features make target locking easier that you can get at an affordable price. It also features a 30mm 6-24×50 that also has 50 MOA internal lockable turret adjustment. It can keep your elevation and windage settings intact even if you race from position to position.

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bushnell engage

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Bushnell Engage

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