8 Best Scope Mounts for AR-15 Rifles (2024)

Best Scope Mounts For AR 15
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All you need is the right ammo, your scope in place, and your powerful AR 15, and you are ready to take the shot at the target. Not quite, though. You still need the mount to steady that gun down. 

A strength like the AR 15’s needs a matching firm hold to let you take that shot accurately. Our team scoured the best gun deals to give you the best scope mounts for AR-15.


American Defense AD-RECON


GG&G FLT Accucam Scope Mount


Warne R.A.M.P. Scope Mount

1. American Defense AD-RECON

Why We Picked It: 

First off, this is mainly for flat top AR 15 scopes. It is created specifically for scopes with a 30 mm tube with a cantilever design that allows you to move the scope forward for that added room adjustment to get better eye relief.

Next is the Patented QD Auto Lock Lever system that makes your switches easier without losing zero. This makes it one of the best scope mounts for AR 15, so far. 

Another factor is the hard coat anodized aluminum finish that ensures durability.

Installation is also straightforward with this scope mount, whether you are using Picatinny rails or not.


Who Should Use It: 

This would be great for long-range hunters as well as those who join long-range shooting competitions. Hunting outdoors may be a little rough, and this flat top mount is absolutely perfect for these conditions. 


If you are looking for a scope mount designed with an excellent locking system but with a quick detach feature, this is your best pick.

High-quality design and quality, your money spent will be worthy for this particular mount.



2. GG&G FLT Accucam Scope Mount

Why We Picked It: 

This scope mount is for those searching for AR scopes that are easy to attach and have a quick detach feature. The Manufacturer created the lever to have an ergonomic finger loop, which makes it very easy to install on a dovetail rail.

If you based it on the feedback of the customers who purchased and used this rifle scope mount, satisfaction is mostly the response.

This can be the best scope mount considering that this is a lightweight mount, but it has a heavy-duty construction.

Who Should Use It: 

This will come in handy when hunting or in a shooting range competition.


If you aim to find a particular scope mount that is not complicated to mount and is reasonably priced, this is your choice.



3. Warne R.A.M.P. Scope Mount

Why We Picked It: 

If you own a rail-mounted rifle scope or any other chassis rifle, you would appreciate these scope mounts. The manufacturer uses a cantilever mount style.

This is one of the toughest built when it comes to durability since it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and Torx screws. You can be sure these are very solid. This has a lightweight design, but the aluminum construction only ensured its durability and nothing extra. Let us not forget its skeletonized design.

Who Should Use It: 

This can come in handy for self-defense, but it is also perfect for range shooting and competition.


This AR scope mount has a great design and features at a very reasonable price. You will get your money’s worth with this piece.



4. Vortex Precision QR Cantilever Mount

Why We Picked It:

Versatility is the reason why Vortex Mount made it to our list. This can be on weaver rails, or you can place it on a Picatinny rail system. 

Either of the two is excellent since this fits an AR 15 platform with no problem at all. It has preferable eye relief and much better head placement on the rifle.

Scope mounts for AR rifles need to be durable because of the strength of the gun itself, and this one delivers. The rifle scope mount uses Torx screws, placed at the top.

Who Should Use It: 

This fits those who join target shooting competitions, but you can also use this for hunting purposes.


If you need a mounting system compatible with various rails, this is the best AR 15 scope you can use. Customers appreciate the fact that they can use either rails system, and it can still be mounted securely.



5. Geissele Super Precision Series

Why We Picked It: 

Some people prefer the old method, which could be why this product uses the classic nut and bolt method when clamping this scope mount to the Picatinny rails. 

This is a very secure way. Can any other mounts provide 1,400 pounds of clamping force in their lever mounting arrangement? That actually sealed the deal with us since we did not find it from other scope brands.

Who Should Use It: 

This is a good choice for hunting as this is durable and sturdy. It would be able to survive rough setups.


This is a product that is truly built to last. It can give optimum eye relief, and it also has an excellent finish.



6. Aero Precision Ultralight Mounts 30mm Scope

 Why We Picked It: 

Aero Precision Ultralight mount is one of the AR scope mounts that have impressive machining and engineering.

One factor that they are really very proud of is the razor-thin tolerance levels that give their product ease of installation and, of course, its lightweight design. 

Apart from easy installation, this can be detached without any difficulty. Now, this is also CNC machined, which has a type-3 hard anodized finish in FDE Cerakote colors.

Who Should Use It: 

This is a dependable mount if you need rifle accuracy, especially in target shooting or hunting. 


If you require good quality at a very affordable price, Aero Precision Ultralight Mount is one good pick.



7. EOTech PRS 2 in Cantilever

Why We Picked It: 

This is actually a new addition to Precision Rifle Scope mounts, and this is an excellent choice because of the 2″ cantilever offset position. 

It is perfect for sitting on the flat top, ensuring optimal eye relief and head placement when shooting. 

Forward scope positioning is also not a problem with this piece. Durability is not going to be a problem since this has an anodized finish.

Who Should Use It: 

This would be an excellent tool to use when doing some big game hunting or shooting long-range as well.  


If the scope mount you are looking for requires accuracy, this is an excellent AR 15 scope mount. Aside from being lightweight and durable, it also has an attractive design. 



8. Seekins 30mm Cantilever

Why We Picked It: 

This product boasts about its mounting system as it is precisely machined to mount any rifle optics rigidly. 

There is no need to worry about altering or having your scope rings lapped as these are designed to have more clamping surface, unlike any other ring sold. 

This works well with Picatinny rail. These are available in 30mm and 34mm with 0 or 20 MOA.

Who Should Use It: 

This can be used best on shooting ranges or during hunting.


This is a new design, but it is certainly making a name for itself. Quality but very affordable. Most buyers based their decision on the brand’s name because of the reputation. But this is a really great addition to their already dependable scope mounts.



Buying GUIDE

buying guide

Material & Construction

How these AR-15 scope mounts are constructed and the materials used is important. You should avoid other scope mounts that use low-quality aluminum alloy, or you will just be wasting your money on these cheap mounts. Learn how to sight in your AR-15 here

Clamp Diameter

The best AR-15 scope should have a clamping system that matches your scope tube’s diameter. The mounting process will continually have problems if this is not so, especially in repeatable mounting situations. 

Mounting Interface & Rail System

Compatibility is a very common issue when finding suitable mounts for AR-15 scopes. 

Picatinny rings are not that friendly because of the receiver and handguard, but there will always be something that will work with that rail space. 

Scope Height & Length

To ensure that the scope height and length of your scope mount are accurate, be sure to mount it as low as you can have it. See to it that the scope is not touching the rifle’s barrel or any part at all. 

If you can have the centerline closer to the bore, that would be the best setup.


The best AR scope mounts are lightweight. Note that these are mostly made of steel, alloy, or aluminum. 

Still, the additional weight will not be advantageous as it affects accuracy and performance, apart from the fact that it will be so heavy to carry.

Scope Ring Size

You should know what scope ring size is needed before you buy it. We also recommend learning how to lap scope rings

There are a lot of factors that will affect your decision, especially for the rear ring. 

Typically, it will rely on the chassis, but it will also depend on the rifle’s size, what model it is, and some other things. 

Of course, you need to know whether your AR-15 scope mounts need weaver rails rings or Picatinny rings.

Scope Ring Size

Scope Tube & Diameter

Fit is necessary, or else everything else will be useless. Consider the tube diameter when choosing a scope mount. Usually, these are measured 30 mm, 34 mm, and 1-inch. AR mounts frequently have adjustability features, but some are not. 

Do not rely on chances on the safe side but pick something specifically made for your scope tube diameter. 

Ease of Use 

You obviously do not need something that requires mathematical equations just to mount your scope on.  

The proper forward scope positioning and proper eye relief, and the right position for targeting will all be provided with the best scope mounts. 

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Installations are normally a struggle if your mount is not compatible with your scope. You can even use a flat blade screwdriver lever in attaching it if the fit is the right one. 

Like other devices, you should easily attach or even detach whatever piece that is detachable with the proper tools, if necessary. You could learn how to mount a scope on an AR-15 with a front sight

One-Piece Or Two-Piece Mount?

This is no longer a big problem when it comes to installation—provided that you have already decided on which one to choose, one-piece mounts or a two-piece scope mount. 

One-piece mounts are heavier, but these are also stronger and also more rigid.

What it can do to your scope is add height to it to make shooting more comfortable.

Better eye relief is achieved since you can push the optic forward to extend the scope, and this also aligns the rings right away.

On the other hand, two-piece scope mounts are much lighter and give easy access to the mags or chamber, which is helpful for hunters and other shooters.

One-Piece Or Two-Piece Mount

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

The chosen product is not just tested by us but primarily by customers who bought it. We believe in its capability to provide all the benefits of having the best AR 15 scope mount. 

Even if it is made of the toughest material, but it is not a compatible piece, it is still useless. If it is too complicated to use, it will remove the enjoyment from using it. 

Weapon Compatibility

This is another aspect which made us decide on our number one product because of compatibility. It is time-consuming if the mount you have is not compatible with on-hand items as these will not work, or the performance will not be good. 

Do not take the risk of ruining your scope or your gun if the scope mount is not compatible.

Product Quality

The best scope mounts and other AR-15 upgrades would be those that are really durable apart from being effective. With AR 15, recoil can be rough, and if your scope mount is a weak type, using low-quality materials, your money and time will just be a waste.

These are not bought for single use only. Your scope mount needs to be sturdy so you can enjoy your shooting activities whenever you want to.

Are All AR-15 Scope Mounts The Same?

Most definitely not. We compared the capabilities of these scope mounts for AR 15, and many differences affect their overall performance. 

Manufacturers may have similar intentions to provide customers with, but the finished products differ because of the materials used, designs, manufacturing process, and many more factors. 

This is why you should always take time to check every detail and not just the price of a specific product. 

Frequently, high-quality products cost more, but this could be because of the materials, but it should not be the basis.


Mount it as low as possible without having it touch the barrel or any part of your rifle. 

You want it to be as close to the axis of the rifle’s bore to get that consistent sight image that is needed when you shoot long-range.

It is not supposed to be affecting accuracy, but it would be easier for you to aim and look through the scope if it is leveled to a comfortable position. 

It has its standard height and should not affect your shooting unless it is too high to look through the scopes.

We recommend that you place it not less than 1/8th of an inch between the bottom of the objective lens(1) and the barrel top. 

However, most shooters do not see problems as long as the scope is not touching any part of the barrel.

This would depend on the type of eye relief you are using. If you are using the standard eye relief, 3.5 to 4 inches is the standard measurement, giving the highest magnification available. 

On the other hand, Long Eye relief is for high-caliber rifles and is better for shorter-range shooting. Magnification is not needed so much for these types.

The two are not alike since the Picatinny rails are slightly wider and have a bit deeper slot with standardized spacing that extends down the rail’s length. 

Also, Picatinny rails have more surface area for you to mount the rings.

On the other hand, a weaver style may only have a limit of one or two slots which is just placed anywhere on the base.

What's Our Choice For The Best AR-15 Scope Mount?

It was not an easy task as we searched for the best scope mounts for AR 15, but comparing the results of our tests and the customers’ feedback, American Defense AD-RECON is the best scope mount for AR 15. 

The diameter of your tubes will have its compatible mount, which is why we chose this piece. Aircraft-grade aluminum-made AD recon mount is absolutely made of high-grade materials but priced reasonably. 

Buyers attest that this is indeed the best scope for AR 15 flat top rifles. Issues with the cantilever mount in moving the scope forward are not a problem anymore. 


Our #1 Recommendation

American Defense AD-RECON

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