5 Best Flip-Up Sights for AR-15 (2023) All You Need to Know

Best Flip Up Sights for AR 15
Alfred Mendoza

A common problem for many gun owners is the existing front sight just not being good enough, so backup iron sights are essential. If you’re one of the many who are looking to improve their accuracy, then it’s your lucky day.

We researched, tested, and tried several items to find out the best flip-up sights for AR-15.


Magpul Industries MBUS Gen 2


Industries MBUS Pro


Leapers Spring-Loaded

1. Magpul Industries MBUS Gen 2

Why We Picked It:

Featuring a color injection molded folding build, the Magpul Industries MBUS Gen 2 flip-up sights are durable, practical, and easy to use for long-range shooting.

These backup sights are created to adapt and adjust to windage and fit most rail-equipped weapons, aside from the fact that it is specially made for an AR-15. 

The sights have a slim profile as it has the same height as the A2 ones. It also doesn’t hurt the optics one bit while it’s front incorporates a spring lock. 

It helps with elevation adjustment consistency making it comfortable for pretty much anyone.



2. Magpul Industries MBUS Pro

Why We Picked It:

With a stunning melonite finish, it’s sure to make you look the part in complete comfort, too, with its lightweight and compact build. It clamps easily on a Picatinny rail as well. 

This sight is also adaptable with its dual-aperture rear and no-tool elevation adjustable front to top it all off.

The Magpul MBUS Pro Sight is also designed with positive detents to keep it in AR sight height during use.




3. Leapers Spring-Loaded

Why We Picked It:

The Leapers Spring-Loaded can be used as a primary sight or a backup sight for ranges, hunts, and target practice, regardless of your shooting experience on your rifle.

The Spring-Loaded flip-up iron sights are designed to be rugged, lightweight, compact, and easy to use for your rifle, making it one of the best flip-up sights for AR-15.

The iron sight also comes with a gorgeous matte black finish for minimal reflectivity, making it a great alternative for your rifle. With a press of a button, it releases the sights so that they can lay flat.   

These are made sure to add in some perks like a tool-less windage adjustment system and a secure zero hold to tie it all up.



4.Troy Micro - M4

Why We Picked It:

Explicitly designed for high-top railed firearms, the Troy Micro-M4 is perfect for your AR-15. 

For those looking for an all-steel backup sights solution that gives complete functionality and strength, the Troy Micro – M4 is an excellent choice.

Despite its more petite build, the Micro – M4 rear sights are still heavy-duty, reliable, and built to withstand recoil. These are easy to install, making them even greater for your AR-15.



5. FAB Defense

Why We Picked It:

The FAB Defense Front Polymer is durable, compact, simple, and low-profile. It is made to be easily foldable for shots where a riflescope is the better choice.

FAB Defense designed their sight to be quickly elevated and with a no-tool adjustment system to provide the most optical advantage.



Buyer’s Guide

buying guide


Solid steel construction is often the most sought-after material for both front and rear sights for a rifle because of its durability. (1)

However, it has some drawbacks with its weight, similar to having a rear iron sight has its disadvantages. It is why it’s recommended to test out a front and rear sight before purchasing to see what works best for you.  


The performance of sight is affected based on the shooting you’re going to be using for. There may be instances that using the best iron sights for AR is enough. If you’re going for long-range targets, you may need a precision aperture and other accessories on your rifle. 

Keep in mind there are no one-sight-fits all in terms of performance.

Adjustment Settings

We highly recommend finding a BUIS with a no-tool adjustment system for your rifle. You can see the difference between using the front sight in comparison to iron sights when target shooting.

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Mounting and Installation

When it comes to installation, you need to find the perfect balance of ease but also stability. Some sights use a Picatinny mount, so you need to know about rail mounts and other AR-15 scope mounts, as well. 

Many options provide easy installation while maintaining a secure hold, such as the ones we’ve listed above, making it an upgrade over your factory-grade AR-15 iron sights. Here’s a guide on how to mount a scope on an AR-15 with front sights

Durability and Size

Depending on your personal preference, you may need a front and rear sight in a specific size that may be more comfortable for you. Most users lean towards a more compact and solid build.


No one wants to fidget around with their front and rear sights repeatedly while shooting. There are situations where these fully adjustable front sights and rear flip are better than a red dot on your AR-15, depending on the functions. 

It’s essential to find a BUIS that’s perfectly designed to mount and adjust without any hitch. Luckily for you, we’ve got the best ones listed up above.


There are affordable front and rear sights in the market, especially if you’re a beginner. If you are looking for a unit that delivers a consistent sight picture at a price-friendly rate, you need to invest time in research. To save, you can get one with a matching sight that can mount on a Weaver style rail directly.

And Our Choice as the Best AR-15 Flip-Up Sight is…

After days of testing and comparing, we think the best sight for AR-15 is Magpul Industries MBUS Gen 2. 

From the diversity in firearm compatibility to the strong build and functional design, nothing beats the value of the MBUS Gen 2 flip-up sights.

Not only does it help you with accuracy, but it also solves the common BUIS problem of delays or hitches in switching between your BUIS and your built-in sight.


Our #1 Recommendation

Magpul Industries MBUS Gen 2

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