5 Best AR-15 Speed Loaders (2023 Complete Guide)

best ar 15 speed loader
Alfred Mendoza

Time is the most valuable commodity, whether in a shooting range or the field. Manual reloading of magazines can be time and effort-consuming to some. With this, you may try using speed loaders to spend more time shooting than reloading. 

After hours of testing on the range, our team came up with the best AR-15 speed loader among more than a handful of products on the market.


Maglula StripLULA


Caldwell Shooting Supplies


Butler Creek

1. Maglula StripLULA

Why We Picked It:

Maglula StripLULA is an amazing product that is a well-built speed loader at a reasonable price. For optimal use, this great speed loader comes with the great feature of the ambidextrous design. Both left-handed and right-handed users can easily use this type of speed loader. 

Our team highly recommends this magazine loader for outdoor shooting because of its weatherproof and sturdy build with no bench rest needed. With this speed loader, one can reload mags without making the thumb go numb and prolong the magazine’s usability.



2. Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Why We Picked It:

The Magazine speed loader from Caldwell has a very remarkable and unique design. Unlike any magazine speed loaders, it comes with a feed tray to mount the rounds. It also includes a transfer tray to quickly transfer rounds of magazines from packaging to the feed tray. With the help of a spring-loaded plunger, another five-round automatically advances into your metal mags. 

With its quick bulk loading, it would be easier and faster to load magazines. In addition to this, this magazine loader is highly recommended to those loose ammunition users.




3. Butler Creek

Why We Picked It:

Speed loaders like Butler Creek are a great option if you use stripper clips. It is capable of reloading ten rounds at a time in magazines. By filling the loading arm with ten bullets, you can easily load your magazine without hassle. 

However, if you have to reload less than ten rounds, we recommend that you start loading rounds of magazines manually for more efficient use.

Since Butler Creek pushes rounds straight to the feed of the magazine’s head, it may cause additional wear and tear on the magazine. Nevertheless, the wear is nothing compared to the time and effort you will save.



4. MagPump

Why We Picked It:

MagPump is an optimized magazine loader for loose ammo. It is an undeniably fast reloader with an average of 30 rounds in less than 30 seconds. Since it includes a 90 – round feed chute, it uses a simple hopper feed mechanism in loading magazines. 

The hopper feed loader is a bench feeder with a different mechanism. You will dump the rounds into the magazine’s middle cavity straight to the upper cavity with this. As long as all the rounds are parallel, the hopper feeds will do the work to turn the rounds in their correct direction. 

In addition to this, since the bullets on magazines are seated into the magazine loaders one at a time, it will cause less wear on the feed lips. However, it would need additional support; a stable surface like bench loaders.



5. Thermold

Why We Picked It:

The speed loader from Thermold is an economical and compact magazine loader.

To save your fingers and thumbs from hand-loading rounds, it comes with stripper loaders where you can slide loose rounds in the stripper clip.

These types of magazine loaders give ease of use when reloading rounds compared to other magazine loaders.



Are AR-15 Mag Loaders Really Faster?

Yes, AR-15 mag loaders are faster. Using magazine speed loaders will always be faster than manually reloading the rounds. In three-gun shooting competitions, magazine loaders make it faster for the shooter to load and spend more time in small gains like target shooting and simple plinking. 

In addition to this, if the shooters are suffering from hand arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, easy loading and unloading rounds will always be a problem [1]. With the help of magazine loaders, it would be easier and faster to reload.

Do I Need a Speed Loader?

Yes, you need a speed loader, especially if you are playing competitively and need to be ready to load in a short period. The momentum of hunting may subside if reloading takes longer, and with a speed loader, you can quickly and effortlessly reload your AR-15. 

In addition to this, it is beneficial to many customers to use a reloader for their AR-15. Aside from giving a faster and effortless reload, it also protects you from unnecessary bruises and cramps compared to manual reloading.

Your Guide to Buying

buying guide


When it comes to the speed loader, there is a variety offered from an expensive to an affordable option. Our team wants to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Consider the price before buying but don’t solely base your decision on it. 

Method of Operation

We all want a magazine loader that is easy to use since the primary purpose of buying a mag loader is for convenience. We don’t want a device that will put you through any unnecessary effort. Make sure to check the methods of operation with full understanding before buying one. 


Another thing you should consider is the speed of the magazine loader for AR-15. There’s no sense in buying a magazine loader that slows you down. Aside from its familiarity over time, it must increase your speed when reloading, not the other way around.

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Simultaneous Feeding

Most loaders feed a single round at a time. You may think that it may be slow, but it is slower to reload a round manually. However, several speed loaders have a hopper feed loader to dump the ammo and crank a simple lever in a single hand stroke.


The weight of the loader may affect the mobility of the user. Depending on the setup, it may be an issue for some, so you might as well check the weight. You may choose a lightweight loader not to be too burdensome, and it can fit on any range bag.

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

When selecting the magazine speed loader, we first test the overall performance of the device. Does it bring convenience to the user? It is not enough that it is fast; it should be accurate and reliable. After all, playing with guns could be dangerous, especially when reloading bullets. 

Weapon Compatibility

Aside from testing out the devices, we also read reviews from gun enthusiasts if the purchased loader is compatible with their weapons. 

Product Quality 

It is essential to invest in high-quality products with higher capacities. The speed loader will be repeatedly pushed to load an empty magazine, so it should be of good quality and sturdy.

And Our #1 AR-15 Speed Loader is…

Our Number 1 AR-15 speed loader is Maglula StripLULA. It will significantly shorten the time and effort in loading bullets for your guns. The loading process of this speedloader is easy to use with quick and precise reloading. 

The Maglula StripLULA will help quickly load the magazines; it will also save the customer the hand strain and finger soreness of manually reloading.


Our #1 Recommendation

Maglula StripLULA

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