5 Best Green Lasers for AR-15 (2023) Ultimate List

Best Green Laser For AR 15
Alfred Mendoza

AR-15 is the ultimate in target engagement enhancement. It delivers an overpowering beam with an extensive range, wide peripheral coverage, and selectable strobe mode.

We all want the same thing when it comes to shooting: lightning-fast target acquisition in low light!

Here are the best green lasers for AR-15!


Streamlight TLR-2 Flashlight with Laser


SureFire X400 GN Ultra Flashlight w/ Green Laser


Holosun Compact Laser Sight

1. Streamlight TLR-2 Flashlight with Laser

Why We Picked It:

The TLR-2 laser is a bright model that features a consistent illumination level and a dot bright enough during the day, making it the best AR-15 laser.

It works well for law enforcement. It’s an indestructible rail-mounted tactical light that gives you a red laser sight. 

It gives you excellent aiming capabilities without your night vision optics to target quickly and makes a good home defense weapon. In addition, the new laser sight features a white LED technology.



2. SureFire X400 GN Ultra Flashlight w/ Green Laser

Why We Picked It:

The SureFire X400 GN laser sight features a white-light illumination and a bright green laser, and it’s one of the best AR 15 lasers.

It’s a highly effective combination for close- to medium-range engagements in law enforcement, military, and civilians who have night vision goggles.

The laser sight has a high-performance LED that generates 500 lumens of brilliant white light. It’s pretty good for a pistol laser.




3. Holosun Compact Laser Sight

The Holosun Compact Laser Sight is perfect for those looking for a lightweight and compact option for their gun, making it one of the best AR 15 lasers.

It is packed with many features, including 3 beam choices in green laser sight, red laser, or IR laser,

The AR-15 laser gives you a highly visible green laser, which primarily works well in the evening.



4. SightMark LoPro Mini Combo

The SlightMark LoPro laser sight is one of the best in the market, with its low-profile build. It features a 300-lumen LED light for the best visibility and aim. 

The AR-15 laser is weather-resistant and a shockproof tactical gear. It can withstand any outdoor conditions and environment. 

It features a Mini Combo Attachment that delivers adjustable windage and elevation to give you peak accuracy. It’s an excellent home defense rifle.

The push-button digital switch enables you to power the device in several ways.



5. Crimson Trace LiNQ Tactical Light

It is built specifically for modern sporting rifles. The LiNQ laser sight combined a 300-lumen green laser sight and white light with instinctive activation. 

With its smart technology utilizing a secure wireless connection, LiNQ is able to offer complete wireless control of the laser’s module. It’s an excellent option for short range shots.

Another amazing feature to note is it’s ergonomic replacement grip which allows for faster activation and mode changes. It gets rid of the need for reaching the rifle’s forend to operate.



Buyer’s Guide

buying guide

Beam Consistency

You have to choose whether you want a constant beam or a pulsating beam laser sight. 

A constant green laser beam stays on at all times and maintains the same strength, and delivers brighter light. The human eye can see the color green better than any other color. (1)

On the other hand, an IR aiming laser that pulsates or flickers makes it easier for your eyes to see. The reason why is because flickering light is more unnatural to our eyes. 

Rail Fit

Make sure to find a green laser sight that fits with your AR-15 well, as it allows you to produce stable shots to your designated target. 


Right-sized laser sights are big enough to ensure recoil energy and compact enough so they won’t interfere with your primary optic.

Easy-to-Reach Controls

The best laser has the controls within your reach, so find green laser sights that fit your reach for comfort and faster adjustment. 

Weapon Compatibility

Ensure the model you are purchasing mounts to a standard Picatinny rail or doesn’t have a large barrel mount. A large model doesn’t fit your rifle’s forearm.

Get the proper measurements and specifications before investing in a green laser sight, so you can use the same laser on the pistol and AR-15 and fit it on your Picatinny rail. We’ll also show you how to mount a scope on an AR-15 with front sights

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Sight & Laser Combos

Look for a package that delivers sight and laser combination and other accessories, such as a cable switch. Just make sure to avoid a weak laser. 

Most shooters want to purchase a barrel clamp mount. Ideally, the sight should be compatible with your Picatinny rails.


A good laser sight gives off visible light when you’re wearing night-vision goggles, both during daylight and in the evening. It’s why this is better than iron sights. 

Usually, a good laser delivers 500 lumens of brilliant white light. 

Battery Life

A laser with a good battery life fits the shooting you’re going to do, so pick one that is enough to last at least twice the length of your average session. 

If you want to save more, purchase a rechargeable battery.

Intended Purpose

You can purchase aircraft-grade aluminum or tough aircraft aluminum as it fits in all types of purposes, including competition use. 

Shooters prefer rechargeable batteries. If it doesn’t suit you, use other sighting systems and purchase compatible accessories.

And Our #1 Choice for the Best AR-15 Green Laser is…

After hours of testing, both in daylight and nightfall, the best AR-15 green laser is the Streamlight TLR-2. 

It functions as a single unit. This laser securely mounts onto your firearm’s accessory rail while boasting a bright LED flashlight along with an aimed laser. It also gives you both green and red lasers. 

If you can turn a thumbscrew with just your hand, you can install this laser on your own. 

Just clip it onto your gun’s accessory rail, and you’ll be all set for some nighttime hunting.


Our #1 Recommendation

Streamlight TLR-2

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