Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Review – Must-Read

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec Review
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One of the most cost-effective alternatives we can find for an EOTech model is Sightmark. Claiming to offer advanced features like night settings, extended life battery, and auto-sensing, this optic may be a good addition to your present optic collection. In this Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec review, we’ll unravel the truth by delving into its basic features.

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec FMS reflex is a firearm optic that has a Picatinny fixed mount compared to the other models’ locking quick detach. It comes with a CR123A battery of up to 2000 hours of life made of magnesium alloy with a protective shield. It also has a waterproof rating said to be submersible to 40ft and features an internal locking adjustment system.

Additionally, to help you shoot in any environment and lighting condition, the Ultra Shot spec reflex sight has various reticle brightness levels with night vision modes. This 2 MOA center dot, reticle color red is illuminated; 65 MOA Circle Dot Crosshair broken down to 60 MOA circle w/ 5 MOA subtension, 2 MOA central dot).



Features To Consider


Looking for an illuminated red dot reticle, but you’re not willing to pay at a high price? You might be surprised by how this Ultra Shot M-spec reflex seems to function way beyond its price point.

Additionally, many rifle owners usually compare this with EOTech. According to our research, although the UltraShot is almost half the price, their functionality and reliability don’t differ significantly.

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After testing the Ultra Shot Spec Reflex Sight, we’re impressed with its optics and superior wide-angle lens system. The anti-reflective red coating also helps in maintaining clear vision in broad daylight.

It also holds out zero nicely, which adds up to the fast target acquisition. Several sight users mentioned how good it is even to 300 yards, similar to Sightmark Wolverine. As a bonus, this sight, which is suitable for various tactical applications, is scratch-resistant.

Ease of Use

Generally, the sight is convenient and easy to use, especially with its digital switch controls and motion sensing auto on/off activation. When it doesn’t detect any movement, it powers down automatically after 5 mins.

As you slightly turn the gun or wrap your fingers around the grip, the reticle will quickly turn back on, adding to the ease of operation. Moreover, it is made of lightweight materials that carrying it around won’t be a hassle.


FMS in this specific Ultra Shot spec reflex sight model means Fixed Mount Sight, making it different from its predecessor, which has the locking Quick Detach (QD) lever. For better aim and accuracy, the lens coating AR red mount type Picatinny improves image clarity and contrast. [1]

Likewise, manufacturers designed the M-Spec to be mounted solely on Picatinny mount rails. For safety purposes, Sight-mark also reminds users to have at least 3-4 inches of eye relief.


Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec is built with a shockproof frame that can manage up to .50 caliber recoil and IP68 waterproof, making it fully submersible for up to 40ft. Besides, the lens has a protective hood and coating that shields it from dust and other elements. For additional protection, it also comes with a neoprene cover. However, the sight is not fog proof.

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Ultra Shot M-spec comes with a parallax corrected dual-pane glass, allowing shooters to sight accurately beyond 10 yards. Some shooters say it can still work great at distances over the 100-yard tactical range. If you are shooting at close to mid-range, at 1x magnification, this sight is suitable for your needs. It also provides a 105 ft wide field of view at 100 yards.


With a windage range of adjustment 120 MOA, the slotted windage and elevation adjustments can get you quickly on your target. Adjustment tools are also available in the pocket, so you don’t have to worry. Plus, the Ultra Shot M-spec reflex works with standard tools such as a flathead screwdriver or some says, even a coin could work.

The interlock adjustment system also makes sure your sight remains zeroed during recoil. Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec also boasts about their various brightness settings, with six-night vision modes.


Battery Life

One of this Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec’s key features is the extended battery life that could last from 200 to 2000 hours. It also has an auto shut, sleep mode feature so that you can conserve battery.

You can also notice a 2-hour and 10-minute low battery indication to alert you when to change batteries. The package comes with a single CR123A battery.

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The lightweight construction and exceptional durability of Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec reflex sight are made possible partly because of the body material magnesium alloy; maximum recoil of .50BMG. When compared with the older version, you can notice that it has a more beveled outer housing shape.

Another difference from the previous models is the integrated sunshade of this finish color matte black body sight. It helps reduce anything that can hinder your sightline, like lens glare.


Sightmark offers a limited lifetime warranty and is known for standing behind their products and replacing them whenever necessary.

However, the brand’s current sight users remind that you should register the warranty within 30 days after the purchase. Alternatively, you can provide proof of purchase when making transactions.


Customer Feedback

Based on our research, most users give it 5 stars, particularly with the price-quality ratio. Visually, the brand also performs similarly to EOTech, according to current owners. However, some complain about the sight being a little fuzzy at close ranges.

Is a Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec Worth Your Money?

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec reflex is worth your money mainly because it would be hard to find a sight with good enough features at this price point. It’s shock, water, and dustproof, submersible, and comes with controls that increase ease of use and a more extended battery. Overall, this Sightmark review reveals that the ultra shot spec reflex dot sight is well constructed, explaining why it receives positive feedback.

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Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec

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Sightmark Ultra Shot M-spec

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