How To Hunt Coyotes At Night (2023 Update) What To Know

How To Hunt Coyotes At Night
Alfred Mendoza

Although you can still pursue coyotes during the daytime, the success rate wouldn’t be as high if you would hunt them in the darkness of the night. Coyotes are more active at sundown, making them easier to track and hunt. This ultimate guide will walk you through the process of how to hunt coyotes at night properly.

Techniques & Tips

1. Pre-scout the Area

a.    To Set Up 

Our team suggests researching the place and identifying the crucial factors that need to be considered before setting up for the hunt. We also recommend collecting as much data as possible to minimize areas of error. 

b.    To Keep You Safe 

We suggest scouting a spot where coyotes are active but still safe for you and your buddy when hunting. Also, consider the location’s range where they could be shot. Try asking for permission from a farmer or a caretaker. The light in the area when the sun goes down is equally important, too.

2. Choose the Proper Spot

In choosing the proper spot for coyote hunting, you need to determine the detection range you can shoot.

Identifying the odds of shooting at a safe range and how far you can shoot is crucial.

You may also consider the type of firearm/gun you intend to use when hunting coyotes. 

It’s also recommended to find a spot with excellent lighting conditions like an open field.

proper spot

3. Learn the Methods of Hunting Coyotes


a. Using Calls 

Using a call to locate and lure your prey for a cleaner shot is one way to pursue them. In most predator-hunting in the dark, mimicking the sound of the animals in a distress call is the most effective. This type of predator call usually puts predators within hearing distance on alert. You may also use hand calls or similar things. 

b. Without a Call

Although calling is very effective, some predators don’t use this method. If you decided to set up things in an environment where coyotes couldn’t easily come, like bushy terrains or rolling hills, hunting in the dark with a caller is deemed unnecessary. You may use other methods like using baits, stalking, or using trails for pursuing them as you cover their tracks. 

c. Using Baits 

Some states prohibit this method, so our team of experts always suggests checking the regulations in a certain state first before using this method. Find the best area where you could find the bait source. Then, set up your bait into a place where you think coyotes would feel comfortable approaching. 

d. Using Trails 

Animals travel the same routes whenever they move from one area to another. You can use this idea to trail their movement and set up a place where you could wait to hunt them. Our team suggests looking for these trails during daylight. It would be easier to track their trails during the day. Look for signs of any coyote activities. 

e. Stalking 

If you are way too patient enough to observe your targets using light, then this method is perfect for you. You may always sneak around areas, use your high-quality optics and observe the coyotes you want to shoot.  

4. Bring the Right Gear


a. Callers 

If you opt to use the “call” method in securing your target, you may use various types of callers. You may use the howlers or the prey in distress calls/distress sounds. While howlers are used universally, using distress calls is more specific, so most coyote hunters choose it.  

b. Lights 

A predator light is optional, but it is a very vital hunting gear that every hunter needs when hunting a coyote in the darkness with your camouflage. You can use a hand-held light or a scanning light when moving from one spot to another or setting up your spot where you’d remain stealth. One thing is for sure, any type of light is important in stalking.

A hunter may also use the light when scanning for blood tracking. Nevertheless, predator hunting lights are essential partners for your weapon. 

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c. Thermal/Night Vision Devices 

Even when you have a hunting light, using a night vision scope during coyote hunting is a must if you are out in the woods. You won’t hurt your eyes because it is beneficial in letting your eyes see your targets even in the absence of light. 

It could also let your eyes focus on your targets without scaring them away, unlike the red light or shadows in front of a spotlight from most red dot sights.

Looking for an all-in-one thermal and night vision device for hunting? Read our full review of the AGM Guardian G2.

5. Choose the Right Weapon


a.    Crossbow 

Sighting in a night vision crossbow with a scope may benefit predator hunters who don’t want to exert more energy when shooting. Once it is cocked, they will only keep it at full draw while waiting for their target. However, a person’s size and upper body strength limit the size and strength of the night hunting crossbow and scope he can use. [1

b.    Rifle 

A rifle can hit long-range aspects and could even reach up to more than 100 yards when shot in open environments. Some calibers are perfect for coyote hunting in the dark, so they shouldn’t need to find a hassle to find some for their rifles.   

c.     Shotgun 

On the other hand, shotguns are better for close-range shooting. These weapons are best for hunts on trails or during bait sourcing. You can shoot a moving target at a close distance using shotguns. However, even just one shot from a shotgun may damage the coyote’s hide.


The best month for coyote hunting in the dark is from January to February. These are the months with the highest temperature, making it easier to hunt these animals. As a lot of hunters claim, winter is the best time for hunting at night.

No, a coyote rarely attacks a human. In fact, it would only be because of a territorial defense in the off chance that they did. This situation usually happens when humans approach their dens or pups with a dog.

Even after a few hours of extensive research, our team couldn’t back up the claim that human urine could keep coyotes away. The funny part is, even the urine of foxes couldn’t repel them.

Our Final Thoughts - Hunting Coyotes At Night

Hunting coyotes at night could be a lot of fun, especially when you are always looking for something challenging and heart-pumping hunting experiences. It could even help you improve your night hunting skills and help you control this animal’s population. However, it is always advised to take precautionary measures when hunting at night. Therefore, researching the techniques and tactics in nighttime hunting is a must.


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