5 Best Trigger Pull Gauges (2024 UPDATED) Read Before Buying

Best Trigger Pull Gauge
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When you are ready to dial in the preferred weight of the trigger on your pistols and rifles, you want to the best trigger pull gauge to ensure accuracy. We’ve reviewed the top options available today and these are our top picks. Lyman takes the top spot for our favorite digital trigger pull gauge, while Wheeler produces the best manual trigger pull scale. Read on to see which option will work best for you.


Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge


Wheeler Engineering - Trigger Pull Scale

1. Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge

Why We Picked It

The Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge is a very convenient accessory used to test the pull weight. Unlike any other gauges, you need to hook the gauge on the trigger and pull it, and then the easy-to-read LCD will display the results quickly. 

The accuracy of the gauge is incomparable as it is exact to 1/10th of an ounce. To get a consistent reading, place the rod in the center of the trigger before pulling it. No need to guess the weights as this gauge comes in very handy



2. Wheeler Engineering - Trigger Pull Scale

Why We Picked It

Wheeler Engineering is quick to use and accurate trigger gauge compared to other mechanical gauges available on the market. With the use of a sliding indicator, the gauge is painless to operate. 

The handle is ergonomic, and the 2-ounce increments markings are very visible, making it very easy to use.

In addition to this, the scale can measure from 8 ounces to 8 pounds with high reliability.




3. Birchwood Casey Trigger Scale

Why We Picked It

The trigger pull scale from Birchwood Casey is made from stainless steel trigger pulls and an anodized aluminum body.

It is easy to operate because either right-handed or left-handed users can configure it. 

Using this trigger scale, you measure the trigger weights from 0 – 11 pounds in 0.25 pounds increment. It is compatible with multiple pistols, rifles, revolvers, and shotguns.



4. Lyman Mechanical Trigger Pull Gauge

Why We Picked It

One of the most cost-effective ways of measuring the weight of a trigger is by getting the Lyman’s Mechanical Trigger Pull Gauge. The gauge comes with a T handle, rolling trigger shoe, zero adjustment wheel, and a sliding indicator to hold the highest weight of the trigger. 

It can read from 0 to 12 pounds with a 2-ounce increment, making the wheeler trigger pull gauge simple to use.



5. Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Pull Gauge

Why We Picked It

Wheeler Professional has an over-molded design with easy-to-touch buttons for comfort and a consistent line of pull.

It is a wheeler digital that can accurately measure the trigger’s pull weight with different functions like max, min, average and live weight. 

The electronic gauge measures from 8 ounces to 8 pounds with a load sensor that contacts the trigger.



Factors To Consider



The first factor to consider when buying a weight gauge is accuracy. Since your goal is getting the right weight to pull the trigger, it would be best to get a trigger pull weight gauge with accurate readings like Timney Triggers. An inaccurate gauge is of no use and may end up injuring your fingers. 

Weapon Compatibility

Some gauges are only compatible with specific rifles and guns. On the other hand, average gauges are compatible with multiple firearms, especially those expensive models. To sum it up, it is best to check if the unit is compatible with the gun you plan to use.

Weight & Size

It would be challenging for a shooter to bring a heavy tool, especially in outdoor shooting. With this, it is best to consider the gauges’ weight and size before buying one. Most digital gauges are lighter in weight and are smaller compared to mechanical gauges. Learn how to lighten the trigger pull on your AR-15 here

Portability & Safe-Keeping

A portable gauge is one of the added features when getting a gauge. Since it is portable, it would be easier for a shooter to carry it in the range or outdoors. Another factor is the hard case and foam-lined box that some manufacturers provide for safe-keeping.

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Ease of Use

Since one of the goals with buying your gauge is to do it yourself, ease of use is to consider. An easy-to-use gauge for your gun is a great advantage that can save time and effort in using it. A shooter prefers digital gauges for their gun because it is more convenient to use. 


Getting a strong pull gauge is beneficial to be able to pull triggers. Since some are heavier, a strong trigger allows you to use the tool easily. Choosing a stronger gauge helps you weigh accurately those with heavyweight and contributes to the unit’s durability. 

Gauge Type

When it comes to gauging type, you can choose between digital and mechanical gauges. A mechanical gauge is accurate, but digital is more accurate and precise. In addition to this, it is a lot easier to use digital gauge type since the weight will flash on the LCD display.

Materials & Durability

The materials used to manufacture the best trigger pull gauges contribute to the durability of the product. Some gauges are made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, which are light in weight and durable. Getting a gauge for your gun that is built to last will save you money since it is somehow costly. 


A gauge may be affordable, but there are expensive models with lots of features that most shooters would love to get. On some reviews posted on the internet, there are many high-performing and accurate gauges at affordable prices. 

However, if you want to invest in accessories like this, getting the expensive one would guarantee precision and accuracy.

Our Team's Selection Process

selection process

Overall Performance

Our team spent more than an hour each testing different trigger gauges to check for their measurement capabilities. The unit should be accurate enough to check the weights of the triggers to be effectively used. Get a gauge for a gun that is both accurate and made to last for years.

Weapon Compatibility

It would be beneficial to get a gauge that would work on multiple firearms, especially if you own different rifles and guns. Since some gauges are compatible with specific models and firearm types, checking out their compatibility is one thing we always consider. 

Product Quality

One of our top priorities when selecting the product is to check its product quality and reviews. We take note of the materials used, their functionality, and their measurement capabilities. 

The unit should work well as advertised and be easy to use. In addition to this, it should be sturdy enough to last for years.

Mechanical vs. Digital

When it comes to the best trigger pull gauges, digital are more precise and easier to use. Since the pulls are easier to read on digital displays, it would be more convenient for the shooters to use these accessories. The capacity is also not limited to 10 pounds compared to mechanical gauges with springs. 

The mechanical gauge reads nearest to two ounces, while digital measures as low as one-tenth of an ounce. Mechanical gauges can be accurate, but since it is composed of springs, it has limitations. May it be a digital or mechanical gauge, be reminded that when working with guns, make sure that your gun is unloaded. From 2010 – 2012, out of 32,592 people who died from gun-related injuries, 529 were unintentional [1].

Why Pull Weight Matters

The trigger pull weight is related to the accuracy of your shots. If you own a gun with an unidentified trigger weight, you may exert an extra force that can pull your gun out of alignment and miss the shot. 

Overly-stiff triggers can affect some related factors, and it would be challenging for the shooter to have effective gameplay.


No, a 2.5 lb trigger pull is not good, especially if used by novice shooters. It may be clean, smooth, and crisp; however, it would take a lot of practice to be effectively used. It would be best to use the ideal weight for good accuracy.

The average trigger pull weighs 5 – 6 pounds. It is smooth and easy to use, which is best for home and personal defense. The weight is manageable for beginners and expert shooters.

Yes, a trigger pull can be adjusted. An adjustment screw on the accessories can be turned in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction to adjust. However, if the triggers are too heavy, they must be re-adjusted using a trigger pull gauge because they cannot be pulled.

And The Best Trigger Pull Gauge Is…

The Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge is the best among the trigger pull gauges on the list. It is very quick to use and gives accurate results. It has no weights and sliding pointers which makes it easy for the shooters to use. 

With the Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge, you will no longer have a hard time guessing the weight of your triggers. In addition to this, it is equipped with a large digital display and can record multiple reads.


Our #1 Recommendation

Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge

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